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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience or view as to the state of the market for houses in Derby and surrounding areas? My partner and I will be returning to the green hills* of Derby (*aka dirty damp town with horrid Westfield shopping centre & immigration issues etc ). We will be looking to buy and fortunately we have been able to save a good deposit from working abroad for 2+ years. We are 30 and first time buyers so this will be quite exciting! Any thoughts are welcome! cheers
  2. Hi all! I am a llllooooonnnngggg time lurker whom has now decided to step out from the shadows. I almost bought a house with my partner during the financial crisis only for it too fall apart last minute as the 'mortgage product' got pulled (after we had an offer of a mortgage in writing) - leaving no 90% LTV mortgages on the market. This mean we had to find a deposit increase from 10% LTV to 25% LTV. At the time there were many tears, as FTB we thought we were purchasing a lovely new place which I thought I had negotiated an awesome deal on with the developers, down from 220k to 167k
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