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  1. Sit tight and wait for a suitable property to become available. Your landlord sounds too cheap to pay for court fees and bailiffs so I reckon nothing will come of the section 21.
  2. I hope the next steps will be local councils compiling rental indexes which can be used for rent increase arbitration (don't councils already have these indexes for calculating housing benefits?) and coming up with a way to stop landlords abusing the right to sell or move in themselves as a way to evict (2 months rent compensation per year of tenancy would be a juicy solution!).
  3. But seriously, how can anyone prove ownership if it's secret? Has there ever been a case where someone squatted in one of these places.
  4. Just to put all this doom into context have a look at this. I wonder how salty BTC Economist is now. Perhaps he spends his days on forums telling everyone how stupid bitcoin is. BITCOIN WILL NEVER REACH $20 AGAIN. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=27348.0
  5. No? Anyone who bought some bitcoins between autumn 2014 and spring 2016 made huge gains. During that period you would have been laughed at for buying bitcoin. It was the absolute emotional low. Daily warnings of worse to come and no hope of price recovery. Now look where it is. Even at the current low you would still have made 20x gains. Remember that bitcoin isn't a company. It has no debts. It can't go bankrupt. The mining algorithm adjusts to the mining power behind it so it will keep chugging along no matter what.
  6. You'll never make any profits with that philosophy. The way to make stupendous bubble gains is to buy when the asset is getting flushed down the toilet and people think it's game over. That's right about now for bitcoin.
  7. Yelims isn't Irish. His location says Eire but Irish people never write that when writing in English.
  8. The only use I can see for Debenham floor space are low rent market bazars or charity shop superstores. None of the big names are in a position to take on so much extra retail space.
  9. LLs can no longer give section 21 notice at the beginning of a tenancy. They need to wait four months before issuing it (that's why the minimum AST is six months in length). Going into a rolling contracting or entering into another fix term contract really depends on your situation. Tenants shouldn't feel forced into signing up to a new contract but for those who want some peace of mind for another 12 months the rip off renewal fees are the lesser evil.
  10. Presumably the house is a dump and she'd struggle to rent it to non HB tenants.
  11. I explained this before. Shor's Algorithm can theoretically calculate a private key given the public key, but bitcoin private keys can remain hidden by sending all change outputs to new bitcoin addresses. A bitcoin address is a hash of the public key. There is no theoretical algorithm in existence for reversing a hash function. The public key is only revealed when coins are spent so if all change outputs always go to new addresses you'll never see a public key with any funds to crack.
  12. Sounds like complete rubbish. The killer app for blockchain technology is digital cash. End of story. People who act like that isn't enough of a big deal don't understand what Bitcoin is all about.
  13. Don't know if you're trolling but I''ll bite with Russia, China, Italy, most of SE Asia, all of Africa, Brazil, etc the list goes on
  14. Satoshi made Bitcoin somewhat quantum proof by making bitcoin addresses the hash of public keys. The public key is only exposed when bitcoins are spent so if all change outputs are sent to new address no public key with funds need ever be exposed. Quantum computers can theoretically find public keys private keys from a given public key quickly but reversing a hash algorithm is not theoretically possible yet. Also I like your optimism about the advancement of quantum computing. The stuff corporate guys are playing with at the moment are still at the novelty stage and anything slightly more powerful than that requires at least 6 post docs and a lab full of equipment to operate.
  15. Either do nothing or offer an extra £10 per month so he can save face. Unfortunately when renting you always need to be prepared to move or else the landlord will keep taking liberties.
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