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  1. Absolutely. Which is why we silently watched this thread for a while to see what the general consensus on the feature was and to give people a chance to openly express their opinions on its removal.
  2. We'll respect your wishes to not quote private correspondence, but its frustrating to see us being baited into a response for the purpose of public consumption on this thread.
  3. To be fair, my response was a lot more reasoned than the above paraphrasing.
  4. Yeah, it does. Not a technical issue per se, just that Google happened to have crawled that page during a time when it was removed. (and subsequently cached our Oops page). I get you now. Yeah, the wayback machine is a nifty bit of kit for that sort of thing. Have you used Evernote before? http://evernote.com/ - great way to grab pages from a point in time. I use it myself to grab information that I'm worried might disappear or change. One other tool to add to the arsenal.
  5. How do you mean? Have you got an example? We haven't done anything differently with the site which would prevent the Google cache from showing (assuming that is what you are referring to). You can use the cache: operator within Google to go directly to a cached page. e.g.: stick this into Google: cache:www.propertypal.com Is that what you mean? If you've any examples, I'll take a look into it, Paul.
  6. Possibly. There are speed considerations here particularly for the homepage, that have to be considered for mobile connections as well. If its a list of recently added can you not just perform an open search and use the sort by recently added feature?
  7. I'll address the critique as best I can, obviously we respect your opinion, and indeed welcome it. Either publicly or privately. The homepage is obviously our shop front, we've upped the size of the photos in the listings, and these are again being used on the home page. We believe the trade off in clarity in contrast to asking the user to scroll is worth it, and with amble white space, gives a calmer feel. Users, ultimately are there for a visual experience, and we are still trying to hammer it home to the agents that bigger photos equates to happier users, and more enquiries. You can see t
  8. All good points. We open the door for the EA to market to the customer via traditional mediums if they so wish with point 3, and tbh, if I was in the Estate Agency trade I'd be keen to include a beautiful covering letter, envelope, business card etc. and touch base with a potential vendor as there is something personal about the post; however, that's just me, and yours is a valid point in that many of them fire out a PDF for convenience. We'll have a look at the enquiry form checkboxes discussion internally again, and see if this should make the list for the next set of amendments. Some of
  9. The popularity algorithm doesn't currently take ratings in consideration. It's worked out by our own algorithm, again which we can't discuss.. Ratings is a private thing that is not publicly displayed or used as a ranking factor. Paul.
  10. Certainly looks strange. We are reporting this as a bug, and considering the walls have ears, I'm not going to discuss how its solved. Paul.
  11. So it does. Will give you a shout back via PM when it is fixed, looks like a bug.
  12. When it goes sale agreed, think it is still there. e.g.: http://www.propertypal.com/14-somerset-park-coleraine/221907. When you get the "oops, property no longer available" that's a taken off the market / complete removal by the agent. Whilst we could display information on that "gone" page, we don't typically as the property is no longer being marketed, Paul.
  13. Just checked there. Was already in our system previously, and changed status from Sale Agreed to for Sale. Paul.
  14. Hmm. Interesting, will look into that one and get back to you. Could be a glitch at our end, they don't add manually, so if there was a problem collecting price data from their site could have caused it. Let me trawl through some server logs. Paul.
  15. Ok, so looks to be fine. Spoke to a dev there. It is by design. The blue text indicates any detail of the property has changed, however the recently updated sort that you are using only sorts by the last price/status update. If you look at the price history on the detail page you will see the dates there are sequential. That is there to prevent agents from cheating the system and just making tiny updates to get the property bumped up the list. In other words they need to make a price change or status change for it to be "really" updated. Regards, Paul.
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