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  1. Agents asked me to bring them copies of the keys. To be able to get into the property "to fix hot water", as they told me. But the last to plumblers they had sent told that to boiler needs to be replaced because its relly too old. I don't know what to expect next.
  2. Thanks for quick reply. This is what i'm thinking. I'm trying to be as fair to them as possible. We have done all the repairs they asked us to do before the end of tenancy. Such as paint the walls, clean the carpet on the stairs, remove stains, clean the gaps between tiles in the bathroom.... But I'm thinking simply to switch off the standing order and loose the deposit. I don't trust them. Are there any chances to be taken to the court or have my credit score damaged? Ps, agents say they keep the deposit and its protected. But I have no any paper confirming that. Thank you.
  3. Hi! Sorry if this was disscussed 100 times before. My tenancy is due to end in the second part of Apr. I told agents that I'm leaving at the end of contract. Soon I have to pay for the last month of rent. But all this month there is no hot water in the property(kitchen, bathroom), there is heating though. And agents keep telling me the problem will be sorted.... What if I won't pay for the last month? Just because I have no hot water in the property. Is it fair to do this way?
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