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  1. Hi all.

    I'm currently paying a mortgage each month. In March I'd my interest lowered from 3.04% to 1.99. Before I was paying £575 a month, and after april I started to pay £516 a month. Then I decided that I can overpay each month and I increased my DD up to £816. But my question is, why am I paying the same interest (around £190) even after I increased my monthly payment? I suppose the purpose of overpaying is to lower the amount of interest I'm paying each month? Or am I wrong? Please, explain me this. Otherwise I don't know why I'm overpaying.

    Please, have a look at the printscreen attached.

    Thank you.



  2. A quick update:

    They phoned me today and tolnd me that they will send the deposit and will charge me 114 for check out. I told them its not fair to charge me for check in as well as for check out. They just told Sorry, but nothing we can do.

    So it looks like I will loose 114 for this greedy company. Now I want to report them that they charge for check in and for check out.

  3. The check in charge was amended to FOC (free of charge) are they talking about a check out charge to inspect the premises and check the inventory on vacation?


    look, on the next page I found this: see picture.

    So may be they mean check out fee and they just lie me over the phone. And they don't confirm in written for what they gonna charge me 114.

    If this is the case is it normal to charge 114 check out fee?



  4. "Check in contribution" will have nothing to do with "cheque clearance". Do you see the difference in spelling? You need to ask them what the "check in contribution" is for.

    See file attached.

    I don't know English so good to understand difference between "clearance" and "contribution".

    Ok, I will mention this, but first I need an email from them with the word "clearance". I think they won't reply to my email.

    Can I say them that this table says "prior to grating occupation"? This check now is well after occupation. What do you think?

    Thank you



  5. The cost of cheque clearing is simple overcharging - an outrage. I should ask where you signed for it. If its in small print somewhere inconspicuous it may well fall foul of the Unfair Contract Terms Act. See Citizens Advice!

    Point 2. Why id the Landlord having to give 'the rest of the money' to the agent. A deposit should have been placed in the Deposit Scheme BY LAW. If that's been done wrong tell them you will report if all not returned and you dont expect to be charged for the cheque clearing either.

    Thank you for your reply.

    No, it is not in a small print. It clearly says in the document "guide notes for tenants" which I singed before I moved in. That was 3.5 years ago. That paper has a table

    "required from tenants prior to granting occupation"


    Check in contribution: £95+vat.


    Thats £114.

    Also I have a document from mydeposits, which says that the deposit is protected.

    So I don't know how to avoid this robbery :(. £114 for nothig :(

  6. Hi!

    My agents work through these guys http://www.glenmead.co.uk/

    So we moved out 3 weeks ago. Landlord told that he will keep £85 because he didn't like the garden. Ok. I don't mind.

    He sent the rest of money to this Glenmead. And they told me that it will take 10 working days to clear the check and they will charge me £114 to "clear the check". I was in shok! £114 to clear the check?! They say I singned for this in the begining.

    Even if I did, just wondering, is it ok to chage so much for nothing?! Its a robbery, isn't it? How to avoid paying them £114? Not the best feeling when such companies treat you like a mushroom :(

  7. Simple, get them to write the checkout condition on a piece of paper and sign it.. make sure you have a copy and dont accept any "we will send you one later". you want one there and then!

    Is there any sprecial frm for that? Or I can do that on any A4 paper (2 copies)?

    What if I will email now the agency that I will request to sign "condition of the property" on the day of inspection?

    Thank you!

  8. I presume that the landlord/agent will send someone round to do the checkout?

    If yes, then make sure that the paperwork is signed there and then - and that you get a copy!

    Any issues, refuse to sign anything. Whip out your phone and take pictures of the item in contention. Include the agent in the picture :)

    Thank you very much! I didn't know that I have to sign something on the date of final inspection and handing them the keys.

    What paperwork they will ask me to sign? And what to do if they won't ask me to sign anything?

  9. Thank you! We have decided to pay the last month.

    Quick update:

    The boiler has been installed on 20.03.2013. Its all ok with hot water. Agents promissed me that the landlord will compensate me the days without water starting from 15.03 till the date boiler is installed. Which happend on 20th. I asked them to confirm on email when exactly I will getthat compensation. They emailed me that will be at the end of this week. Today is the last working day in this week. I emailed them asking for money. No reply. I phoned them up and they told me the cheque has been sent today. I asked to confirm that in email. No reply. I emailed them again. Still no reply. :(

  10. Quick update:

    Got a phone call from agents on Sat. They told me that the landlord will pay me back all the money from last Friday till the day new boiler will be installed(hopefully second pard of this week). I asked them to email me this information. They promissed to do this on Monday (today) morning. And no email. I switched off the payment. Its no good to live without hot water for 18 days so far.

  11. Do not pay last months rent, if it is the same amount as your deposit.

    Landlord will scream and shout but it`s not worth their while taking a claim out on you..

    Thank you.

    Yes, the deposit is 1 month amount.

    By the way, one year ago they sent me letter asking to pay £30 fine for "late payment", otherwise it will be deducted from deposit. But I never changed the standing order, it stays 5 day before due date. And that month standing order payday was not neither friday, weekend or bank holiday. I emailed them with my bank statement and asked them to proof "late payment". Needless to say there was no reply. At that point it was clear the agents are dodgy little bit.

  12. Half a year ago I changed the worktop around sink in the kitchen. And the sink as well as all the pipework under sink. It was terrible conditition, water was leaking, worktop was looking worse than a pavement in the garden. I took the pics before and after work. I spent money, I simply didn't want to tell the agents about the problem because I know they never care if there are any problems in the property. So we done all the work, told them later. And nothing, no one told that I will get that money someday. I have no receipts.

    May be that was my fault, because now no one will consider the jobs I did in the property. :(

  13. Are you indoors? if so the visit is an opportunity to see whats going on, if not then its up to you how you play it, someone coming "NOW" to see the boiler will only need to come once, so make sure you dont let them come again

    But generally, yeah they are taking the piss

    Edit, didnt see your "not home post" before i answered, my advice would be - phone the agent, tell them the visit is fine as you want it fixed and that as a result of the visit you expect action to be taken to remedy the situation within 48 hours or you will be contacting environmental health

    Thank you! Good idea :)

    What if I will tell them that I will contact environmental health and also I won't pay for the next month untill the boiler is replaced? Is it a good excuse to stop payment?

    I know I'm starting to think like a bad guy, but its really no good to pay the rent and take a shower at friends.

  14. The simple test of reasonable would be what would apply if you were an owner occupier, so 24 hours is not reasonable as you need to arrange a plumber, be in from work to let them in etc and this might not be possible that fast.

    However within a week would definitely be considered reasonable, i would imagine a judge could "probably" be convinced 3 days would be a reasonable amount of time but for the sake of caution would go with a week

    According to a quote from Interesting link maybe? "We have now spoken to the local Environmental Health officer who has advised us that a home that does not have heating or hot water is, in fact, classified as ‘unfit for human habitation’. Clearly this is an unacceptable situation."

    So why not go down this route!!

    Also take a look at Landlord and tenant act 1985 section 11, the bit which says "©to keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the dwelling-house for space heating and heating water."

    Hope this has been some help


    Thanks a lot!!!!!!

    Thank you everyone for your help!!!

    Just got phone call from agency. They informed me that someone will visit the property "now, to see the boiler". It looks like they are simply showing the property to future tenants. With half an hour notice! They take the piss out of me promissing about the boiler.

    Should I change the locks? As far as I know, I need to be informed about visitors much earlier than half an hour.

  15. Is the property already advertised for re-letting?

    If the answer is "yes", then I would be very wary - could be they just want access to show prospective tenants round.

    Oh!!! I just cheked! The property is for let again. So it looks like they don't care about the hot water. The only reason they wanted the keys - they just want to show the property to future tenants. What should I do?

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