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  1. Ok. So I will continue overpaying and will see how long that will take me to free myself from mortgage-jail. Thank you very for explantions
  2. I see. Thank you "25 year mortgage 8itch". Now I understand. Am I right to say that the best way to save is to shorten the mortgage term and then overpay each month?
  3. Going down? But its just couplenof quids. Its nothing. I was expecting some 50-100£ diference
  4. Hi all. I'm currently paying a mortgage each month. In March I'd my interest lowered from 3.04% to 1.99. Before I was paying £575 a month, and after april I started to pay £516 a month. Then I decided that I can overpay each month and I increased my DD up to £816. But my question is, why am I paying the same interest (around £190) even after I increased my monthly payment? I suppose the purpose of overpaying is to lower the amount of interest I'm paying each month? Or am I wrong? Please, explain me this. Otherwise I don't know why I'm overpaying. Please, have a look at the printscreen attached. Thank you.
  5. I did pay check in fee. FOC is next to £100.25. Not next to 95+vat. So I payed it. But even that makes no difference. Sad, very sad. Thank you guys for your help!
  6. A quick update: They phoned me today and tolnd me that they will send the deposit and will charge me 114 for check out. I told them its not fair to charge me for check in as well as for check out. They just told Sorry, but nothing we can do. So it looks like I will loose 114 for this greedy company. Now I want to report them that they charge for check in and for check out.
  7. Hm.... look, on the next page I found this: see picture. So may be they mean check out fee and they just lie me over the phone. And they don't confirm in written for what they gonna charge me 114. If this is the case is it normal to charge 114 check out fee?
  8. See file attached. I don't know English so good to understand difference between "clearance" and "contribution". Ok, I will mention this, but first I need an email from them with the word "clearance". I think they won't reply to my email. Can I say them that this table says "prior to grating occupation"? This check now is well after occupation. What do you think? Thank you
  9. Thank you for your reply. No, it is not in a small print. It clearly says in the document "guide notes for tenants" which I singed before I moved in. That was 3.5 years ago. That paper has a table "required from tenants prior to granting occupation" ..... Check in contribution: £95+vat. ....... Thats £114. Also I have a document from mydeposits, which says that the deposit is protected. So I don't know how to avoid this robbery . £114 for nothig
  10. Thank you! For now I emailed them asking to confirm what amount they gonna charge and for what. So that will be just another confirmation before I will report them to Trading Standarts.
  11. Hi! My agents work through these guys http://www.glenmead.co.uk/ So we moved out 3 weeks ago. Landlord told that he will keep £85 because he didn't like the garden. Ok. I don't mind. He sent the rest of money to this Glenmead. And they told me that it will take 10 working days to clear the check and they will charge me £114 to "clear the check". I was in shok! £114 to clear the check?! They say I singned for this in the begining. Even if I did, just wondering, is it ok to chage so much for nothing?! Its a robbery, isn't it? How to avoid paying them £114? Not the best feeling when such companies treat you like a mushroom
  12. Is there any sprecial frm for that? Or I can do that on any A4 paper (2 copies)? What if I will email now the agency that I will request to sign "condition of the property" on the day of inspection? Thank you!
  13. Thank you very much! I didn't know that I have to sign something on the date of final inspection and handing them the keys. What paperwork they will ask me to sign? And what to do if they won't ask me to sign anything?
  14. the landlord sent me a cheque for 6 days without water. But I was actually 20 days without water. Last week in the property now. What should I be carefull with when handing them the keys? Just to avoid troubles after. We have done all the repair works they asked. Any recomendations? Thank you.
  15. Hi! I had my boiler broken month ago. Landlord installed the new boiler after 20 days. And he payed me 6 days of rent. From the day 15 to day 20. And took me a lot of emails to make him do something with this.
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