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  1. http://www.peteralan.co.uk/property/WHITPTP10524/ Have a look at this one, next door (same house) sold for £443k August 2007
  2. I found this forum by accident via this linkhttp://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=20041 It may be out of date but closer to the actual


    Been looking in Cardiff off and on for about 3 years, currently renting, went to see a house in trendy Plasturton Gardens, almost £500K, not sure if this is the one but No. 14 sold for £492500 in Oct 2006 and again in Jan 2008 for £455000, thats a drop of 7.6% not including the stamp duty paid £14775, plus fees and "doing it up a bit" I would estimate a £70000 hit. Also this does not include all this year's reductions. Prices are sticking but when they actually sell there are reductions--and bigger ones to come. http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php?co...gToSearch=17680
  4. For all of you with a sold to rent fund or an accumulated deposit in an internet instant access account, beware. Most of these accounts have a limit to the deposit in the millions and you think you have access to it all at the click of a mouse--think again. If you try and transfer large amouts- £10k+ from some accounts you will not be able to do this on line--why?--security reasons. Are the restrictions itemised to the terms and conditions--NO. So if you have doubts about any bank, find out about transfer restrictions on line or you may be caught out. They will transfer larger amounts if you ring them up, but presupposes that they will answer the phone.
  5. Speaking to someone over the weekend, said his daughter had been identified as a fast track key worker in teaching-future potential as one of the leaders of eduction in London, she had been given £100000 towards a property purchase two years ago. I said that was ok but my son was also working in London as a trainee engineer and I had to help out with his living expenses. Anyway it transpires that the daughter is now working in the "private" sector of education in Hong Kong, what about the flat I asked--oh a few friends are in occupation and more than covering the mortgage. This must be illegal, I am paying towards my son's expenses and Mr Brown is giving my tax money to subsidise inflated house prices for someone who is not even contributing to tax and NI--middle class benefit fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. My son and his wife live in a very nice flat in a very nice part of Edinburgh, just had a little boy and decided to look further out of town for a smallish house with a bit of garden, they found one, offers over £350k, they did their sums and decided they could offer £408k, only two bids, theirs and the winning bid of £460k--the house needed a lot of work-this is absolute maddness--but if a house finds a buyer at a price, that's the market.
  7. I could'nt agree more, I am Welsh, sang Welsh hymns at school yet I feel a second class citizen because I do not speak Welsh. Administration, media etc. is dominated by the Welsh language where the skill set for a key position is the ability to speak the language. Claims that 20% speak Welsh are wildly misplaced and anything associated with Welsh is heavily subsidised. I rent in Cardiff (2 years) and will not pay for grossly overpriced property of doubtful quality, I cant see what is holding up the economy and supporting such high house prices--many properties we have seen have been on the market for well over a year--also I found this site by accident when I stumbled on this link--read it and weep http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=20041


    Been renting in Cardiff for two years with no rent increases. Keeping an eye on the market and intend to buy at some point. I agree that the majority of houses for sale have been on the market a long time, some as long as two years, agents change or they go to rent. Asking prices are reduced by less than 5% so houses are sticking, this must mean that the sale is not "forced" so the vendors hold out for what they are told the house is "worth" I have been in several estate agents in Cardiff, enquired about a few properties, told them I'm a cash buyer and they have let me walk out of the shop without taking any details from me-unbelievable. The housing stock in Cardiff is quite poor with many older properties needing considerable refurb, I dont know whats keeping prices so high for so long.
  9. More interesting is the element of council tax for policing and their pensions, I phoned them and the amount allocated to pensions was about 38% and had increased by 14% (2005/6) They would not reveal the amount paid for sick leave, a quick calculation would indicate that given the current level of council tax and police pension increases in about 8 years all their increase from council tax would be allocated to pension provision, I wonder how many years before other public sector pensions will take all the concil tax increase? ps spoke to a public sector worker recently who had retired in 2004 and had been given 8 years pension enhancement I said if I took my pension 8 years early I would loose 48% (also dont forget his official retirement age was 60)
  10. We rented one of the "luxury" apartments for 9 months--thought it might be time to downsize so we tried one. I absolutely agree, no community, many of the flats even in the "older" developments are empty, look for the lights being on in the evening to give you an appreciation of occupancy. The quality of the build is poor, service charges are high with no clarity of how increases are applied and its one room living with a tiny kitchen. The Bay area is ok but very small in area, several decent restaurants, no "luxury" shops and many, many retail units not occupied-oh and try walking from town late at night down Bute Street or Dumballs Road. In a few years time the pressure on housing will be so great many of these flats will be social housing and rightly so.
  11. 58, and I have thought about trying another country, one of the benefits of my position is that I can go and try it for period, its still apossibility.
  12. I'm not looking for sympathy, the reason for selling was emotional, I,m not begging for a crash, the point of the post was to indicate that once you sell your house the costs of buying and selling make it almost impossible to buy it back and to give others an insight into the actual numbers involved.
  13. This is "house" money which I am not prepared to risk--had no approaches from the bank
  14. Started renting a typical BTL apartment that was furnished, our "stuff" was in storage costing quite a bit per month, now renting larger unfunished house with our "stuff" out of storage for about £30/month more
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