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  1. Gordon Brown's generosity?????? I'm going to be paying for his generosity, even though I absteined from the greed that led to this problem!!:angry: . How about I steal a few grand from Gordy's wallet and buy everyone at HPC a drink? Oh, sorry...that would be theft wouldn't it.
  2. Just tried to make an appointment with my business bank to open a new account to deposit some funds. My 'relationship manager' can't fit me in this week because they are so busy "due to people desperate to see us because they have money problems in the current financial climate." I mentioned the bulging town centre, and the RM gave a quiet laugh and said "no, there's definately a recession on and a lot of people are struggling." Seems there is a two tier effect happening as a previous poster pointed out. The Wealth Creators are in trouble, while the spongers are not seeing any difference, apart from Gordon's propoganda machine telling them to spend more as a consequence of the reduced VAT, and not to worry about honouring your debt to the bank (RBS) for at least six moinths because no repossession action will be taken. Wealth Creators will then be hit by bigger taxes to pay for it all! A kick in the teeth for decent, honest, hard workers I say!
  3. Sorry chaps....showing my ignorance, but what does the TLA "TFH" mean???
  4. Sorry chaps....showing my ignorance, but what does the TLA "TFH" mean???
  5. Parallels with countries that still have strong religious beliefs. Worshippers killed in the stampede etc. Sunday shopping at The Mall is the new Church.
  6. I think all surveys and statistics are flawed. Remember a few months ago when inflation was 2.5%, when at the same time fuel costs were increasing by 20%? The figures are selected as a means to an end. If I was to be very cynical about this, I would say that this situation is being managed by a small group of extremely wealthyand powerful individuals for their own personal gain. Why else would the price of sound businesses plummet and suddenly bounce back for no good reason?
  7. Gee. Didn't realise I lived in such an impoverished area Come to think of it, there is a greater proportion of Chav element wandering the streets, and when we went for Sunday lunch at an upmarket hotel we were the only ones in there apart from a well dressed elderly couple who spoke like aristos, so you could have a point.
  8. For all the doom and gloom, shopping in Shrewsbury is hell. People everywhere, queues at the checkouts, carparks full. Doesn't stack up when you see all the doom and gloom in the media. Is this phenomena unique to Shropshire??
  9. This is the green light for the scroungers and insurance policy abusers to live rent free for 6 months plus with impunity. Why did RBS have to publicly announce this, rather than offering it in private to deserving individuals after branch consultation?? Reason:- It's another New Lab spin story to make it look like they care. Reality:- It exposes RBS to be a weak, poorly governed institution, obvious to any astute investor.
  10. Like most others on here, I avoided BTL like the plague. Looks like I'm involved anyway now, because as a taxpayer I'm going to have to bail out B&B and their greedy landlord customers!!
  11. Ahem...I did. And cheap wooden flooring because Carol Smillie told them to do it.
  12. Thick gullible people who trust the opinions of others (Sarah Hasbeeny, piers, the TV) rather than working it out for themselves. Hence loads of houses with cold, noisy wood-lookalike flooring, hot-tubs, plasma TV's (B&O say the quality of CRT still surpasses plasma), a different colour "Amercan Style" fridge every year. MDF stuck to the walls, and .... overpriced houses (investments???, remember when they were homes?). Good rule of thumb...if everyone is running in one direction, check what they're running away from before you join in.
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