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  1. It's a shame to see Blitz closing, but it doesn't particularly surprise me if I'm honest. It's one of an awful lot of UK companies that previously developed for the middle-tier level of games - not quite your blockbusters, but solid titles that filled the gaps between the triple-A released, and sold at a decent price. That market is now dead in reality, replaced by mobile games, indie games etc developed by much smaller teams, and sold for considerably less. Plus, most triple-A titles drastically drop in price a month or so after release. The fact that Blitz managed to secure enough projects
  2. I actually ended up spending a weekend in a caravan a few months back in Seawick, which is just to the west of Jaywick, and we happened to walk along the coast to Clacton passing the streets where the photos were taken. It was like a shanty town. Most of the little brick cubes had boarded up windows, half finished abandoned little extensions, and looked mostly deserted. Only one of two looked like anyone actually lived in them. We assumed they were mostly just abandoned holiday homes, we didn't think people actually lived in them. It really is bleak there.
  3. Well that's what i thought at first, but if you search Visums properties on rightmove property bee says some of them were listed as far back as Sept '12. Plus, some of those 25 listings even say 'currently tenanted', the majority either don't have photo's, or they're very poorly taken photo's, or they're photo's only of the outside of the hours. Just seemed unlikely that 25 different vendors would all put up properties in the same short period with the same online EA. Just a theory though, and you may be right.
  4. Yeah, looks like a budget way to list your house on right-move basically. I suppose what really piqued my interest was that there's around 25 or so properties, all of a similar price (£110-£160), all similar size (3-4 bed terraced/semi's) all in similar areas, all listed on the same day. Makes me suspect it's a landlord selling up his stock, perhaps motivated by the recent introduction of the benefit cap? I don't know if this is actually a symptom of the cap coming in, but considering they look likely to be rented to social housing, and they're on the larger size so perhaps provided to bigger
  5. Just done a quick right-move search to see what's new in Northampton and noticed something strange in the sub-£160k range. Looks like about 30 properties all new listings awaiting details/photos, all from the same online estate agent. Is this a slum lord selling up?
  6. Haven't Legal & General been going on about investing in the town for years, but actually done nothing of the sort? Now they hear that an out of town shopping center is being considered and attempt to throw the toys out the pram with threats that they won't invest in the town ('oh no!') and rumoring they'll sell up. I say, let them sell, no big loss. If they actually WERE investing in the town I be more concerned, but it's all just promises of future investment that never materialise. They don't even bother to maintain their facilities, they only ever seem to have about 2 working lifts in
  7. EA's do re-list things, which previously wasn't a major issue as unlisted properties could be saved and revisited with the old history still there in full to view (there are a few I'd been following that way, and I always laughed when the new listings say things like 'new to the market', despite having been sat there previously listed for 6 months) Unfortunately there seems to have been a change to Right Move that means now when a property is unlisted is doesn't link up with the history, so it has no history at all. There's a post of the property bee forums about it, and it does make it harder
  8. +1!!! I get a weekly phone call from the same EA fishing for viewings of anything new they have on their books, even though they don't even slightly match my criteria. What's annoying is, I only gave them my details in the first place to view a property that then went off the market before I could even go and see it. He must compare the properties he has to my check-list and think: 'right location? nope, right size? nope, detached? nope - i'll give him a ring anyway'. What's even more laughable is they refuse to provide an actual listing/images, because, y'know, it apparently takes them FIV
  9. This is the housing equivalent of that DM article while back by that woman going on about how incredibly attractive she was, how men fall at her feet, and how every woman in the world is jealous of her - but she was actually an old aged munter. But this article really is entry level click-bait. "You’ll need a lot of paint to make that look nice,' nodded one neighbour as he strolled past to collect his morning paper. But I knew I’d prove him wrong. I hadn’t spent the last year watching back-to-back episodes of Property Ladder and Grand Designs for nothing." Fnar! They're as transparent as pa
  10. Yeah, that definitely tallies up with what I'm seeing. I think there's a massive disconnect between vendors asking prices and reality in the detached and semi detached market (in the £150K+ kind of region). From our experience of viewing, it seems like most vendors trying to sell these types of properties have bought within the last 5 years or so, massively overpaid, and are hoping someone will come along and bail them out of their mistake. Other than that it's mostly probate sales where they're happy to let it sit around for months rather than take a lower offer. Wish they'd jack up the int
  11. The irony of it all in my area is that these estates are on the outskirts of the town, a good 10-15 minutes drive by car to the town centre, and more like 40-50mins on the winding slow bus routes. So you have cramp, high density housing (often described as 'town houses') surrounded by fields, with a poor provision of public transport (that is also rather expensive to use), and a desperate under provision of car parking space. These properties have nothing going for them at all imo. It's not surprising that when I see then being sold on a couple of years after being built, they appear to be B
  12. Another issue with new build estates in my area, is how greedy the developers have been in cramming in too many houses to the detriment of the estate in general. Not only are the houses small themselves, but the plots are tiny too. Back gardens little bigger than a postage stamp, often no front garden at all. You're lucky if you get a 1 car driveway, more often it's a parking space you can't guarantee won't get used by others, and a garage in a block, situated behind the houses (which you usually navigate to by driving through a shared car-port type gap in the housing). The roads in these est
  13. Thanks for having a look. I've found that where the listing is 'Property is not currently on the market' the history is still there, but where 'Property removed by the Agent' the history is now gone. Had a search on property bee forums and someone else is getting the same thing. Hopefully they'll sort it out
  14. Ooi, is anyone else finding that property bee no longer shows history of unlisted properties? I noticed a few weeks ago you can use the sidebar to go to the full pages of unlisted houses and still see the old history - particularly useful for keeping an eye on properties sstc, but subsequently re-listed. I'm now finding when i go to these unlisted pages the property history isn't there. Thought i'd check if anyone else is encountering this first, before posting on property bee forums or something?
  15. Ah i see. Is annoying as harder to track changes with PB :angry: Search is going slowly. Viewed everything we liked the look of and haven't found much worth offering on. Still a lot of overpriced dross on the market, and it seems like there has been an upward jump since xmas on asking prices on the kind of properties we're interest in - but I've yet to see any sold figures or LR details that would lead me to believe that it's anything more than overly optimistic vendors/EA's. A fair few properties going sstc or under offer at fairly high asking prices, but don't seem to be completing very
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