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  1. Tell you what then mate, I'll buy this 3 bed river view apartment on Westferry road for £239k ( well I'll probably get it for £220 ) then sell it to you for the £365k that you seem to think you need to pay for a 2 bedder, hows that mate? It's a steal at that price http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-103...pa_n=2&tr_t=buy
  2. That's what I was thinking. Look guys, I've got to move back into Docklands for a new job, not sure how long I'll be there for and I'll need a place to rest my weary head during weekdays, under 20min into work would be nice too. And if it's not too shabby to drag the occaisional inebriated female back to that's a nice bonus as well. I figure for £600-50pcm ( which is what I'd offer ) that's fair enough.
  3. Oh Iv'e rented worse, at comparatively worse prices too. Certainly can't see anyone buying the millstone off him that 's for sure. If I could be arsed I'd wander along to Nethouserpices to see what he paid for it.
  4. Sure here you go..... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-686...a_n=2&tr_t=rent
  5. I moved out from that area in 2000, had a mate who was buying then he paid around £160k for a new one bed, today 2006 I have been looking at a 1 bed rental, £800pcm, or buy it for £160k ( asking ) hmmmm someones BTL not working out there then. My point to the estate agent, why on earth would I want to buy it off him, he's obviuosly having to subsidise it at that rental but got no choice as the markets saturated. LOL, tell you what mate, you buy yours for £200k, I'll buy mine for £155k.
  6. No demand does not always outstrip supply, look at the area around Docklands right now, you can get a lovely 1 bed flat for £150k, or a nice 2 bed for £200, not cheap....... but no more than they would have cost in 2000. Why haven't they gone up? Well they did quite a bit, na dhave come straight back down due to over supply. Only so many people want to rent their and when people buy they tend to want to live away from work. Oddly enough
  7. Devils advocate hat on here. Given that oil supplies are at a 10 year high, and that the likely impact in the next 18mths of the past 24mths of high oil prices is likely to be sharp deceleration in economic growth.....and a reduction in demand for oil. I can quite easily see room for the oil price to 'collapse' back down to $40-45 a barrel, still high historically, but nothing like the current level. Alot of the current price is to do with stock building ( US inventories are at a record high ) and a heavy dose of hedge fund speculation. When everybody, including the Sunday papers agrees
  8. This bull market is being driven by takeovers not earnings growth, every day seems to being another bid. It's not at all sustainable and IMO is entirely dependent upon the ability of foreign buyers to access cheap money in order to take over UK companies, it is infact a fine example of our old friend the carry trade. As Bubb says anything could happen, were takeover activity to cool I would expect the market to fall sharply back to the 5000-5250 level.
  9. Agree with all of the above posters. Stop whinging Seriously, AIM is an illiquid market with low volumes, you have to renumerate the brokers for making a market in those shares, AIM stocks held for more than 2 years are cap gains tax emempt, and given good stock picking over time can make some spectacular capital appreciation....... but they are NOT for short term trading. To trade you want a large, liquid market with tight spreads, but a reasonable amount of volatility. And there are plenty of markets like that. FTSE 250, springs to mind.
  10. Oh I don't know, I had a lovely spree shorting Billiton once it started to go last week, and it's been see-sawing like a good-un today. Over the pond Google has been a lovely short too, though it seems to have levelled off for now. Golds also good for shorting everytime it gets towards 565 at the moment and buying back at 535-40.
  11. Yes, also note that jewelry buyers seem to be coming into the market to stock up whenever the price hits around $535, that's what's nice about commodities that actually get used for something.
  12. because institutions make money on the spread between what they lend at and what the pay depositors in interest. So the nice bank has just lopped 0.5% of what it pays savers, that doesn't mean that it won't be raising the rate borrowers pay it. Infact they most likely will, why? Because they have to make a profit, and the pool of lenders in total has to make up for the cost to the bank of the small number of defaulters who fail to repay their loans.
  13. It's certainly had a good run, but are you not a bit concerned by the more concentrated exposure the smaller 250 stocks tend to have to the UK economy? I've been switching into cash for the past few weeks, just keeping a relatively small speadbetting portfolio going as I can go short in that.
  14. But looking at the reason why it's outperforming, will you be going short or long the index ;-)
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