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  1. Funny you should say that Her indoors has got a stinking cold.... Nope that's not Nowok (??). Basicaiily you sh1t and puke your guts out for 24 hours. Then feel like death for another 2 days. You could sell it as the Scarborough diet to fat munters.
  2. As far as I can tell, the only way the Grand makes any profit is getting first goes at any gold rings on a dead old ladies fingers. Seriously - the business model is bust. They stack em high and sell em cheap under some sort of illusion that they'll make money. They never do.
  3. They don't. They get paid a fixed sum. They are obliged to provide a level of service - x buses an hour type of thing - which they do. Think it through - ift hey were paid per passenger then there would be a bus every 20 minutes. There is not.
  4. Oh and before any says 'But they spend money ...' Do they f-ck. I used to work in varous cages/hotels/bars. 'Can we have a pot not tea and a large jug of hot water?' No, f-ck off. Never ,ever, ever kids yourself into relying on OAP to spend money. The old dears spend it all on cats, donkeys, and trying to claim winnings from Spanish loterries.
  5. Ahh the 93. Been there. Stood there. Same goes for the Coastliner. Free buses are nothing more than a expensive way to get old people to vote for Gordon Brown. Should be banned. Whitby's problem is that its by the coast with a large hinter land - Middlesbrough, York, Leeds, etc. As far as paying for it - they don;t the funding is allocated on heads/population. The funding for the late night buses has been cut because the free bus travels sucks up most of the travel budget. The 93 is a joke. You are letting rich old people park their cars up and trave l for free, leaving poor younger people trying to get to work stood at the stop, You have people in the poorest area of N Yorks paying for rich people to ride their buses for free which they cannot get on. Basicaily, Gordy needs to have his ablls tied to the back of the bus and be dragged by it for the rest of his life. If they are to continue then they need to put a maxium number of seats on the bus for free travellers - say 30%. ps. I'd avoidthe grand. Its like a lab for breeding the winter flu bug. They carry OAPs out in strechers from their.
  6. Your assuming the sole reason for IRs is to control inflation, or maybe the economy. They are not. The base rate is just the over night rate between banks and the BoE. The rate for mortgages is how much it costs a bank to borrow the cash + the banks operating costs. The last few years gas shown that the cost of capital to banks esp. for housing must be a lot higher - houses are illiquid, credit must be charged at a much higher rate for non-liquid assets. The whole Norther Rock business model - mortgage rates at less than the BoE rate will never be repeated. The UK has been lumbered with a 400M loss plus whatever dross is left on the books of the bad bank. The government is looking at how to exit the banks at profit. Here's an idea - shove 3% on all the loans. Trust me, people who borrowed from NR, HBOS etc since 2002 are not going to get another deal. Squeeze them.
  7. No the 70s were the best. Pong - classic!!! Technically, now should be producing the best games - fantastic graphics, cheap hardware, etc. It isn't because the industry, apart from Nintendo, is hopeless. This won't last.
  8. Interesting following the comments on various articles on the BBC. Apart from the odd 'I only earn 4k working as a heart surgeon' type, most of the higher rated posts tend to blame Brown and Balls. Interesting to see what will happen in the next election. The cut backs will go on for about another 10 years meaning that even if Labour get in, they will have to carry on cutting. Imagine if Labour had got in last time.
  9. I've started looking at Right Move a lot recently. It's quite enlightening, even without property bee. Although I look at a number towns, Scarborough is the most extreme. As far as I can tell only a handful of houses transact every month. About 70+ come onto the market - ignoring the re-listing that Property Bee flags. The low-transaction/high number of 'motivated' sellers is giving rise to situation of nice larger houses in the nice areas (sixth form/hospital) being grouped with the not-so nice areas (Eastfields, everywhere not near the 6th form) not so big houses. It most be brutal trying to earn a living. I guess the EAs must be earning their cash by blowing off tramps in the park. They certainly are not selling houses. For a (rough) comparison, York has has about 4 to 5 times the population/housing as 'boro but Rightmove lists the same number of For Sales.
  10. All b*lls really. Look at the big knock on effect of QE at the moment - company pensions schemes struggling with low bond yields, causing companies to divert money from invest and growth. The BoE really did not think that through. Economists are not scientists. They are are giving much more credit and respect than they deserve. Economics should be slotted somewhere between astrology and reflexology. End of the day, Qe as a tool requires vast skill, very dynamic oversight and the ability to gather +process large amounts of data from the economy. But if a central bank was capable of this then they would never need QE as they would not f**k up. The other problem with QE is how do you stop it? If QE lowers yields then no-Qe surely raises them? Ah, but we are in exceptional times you say. We are not. We have arrived at an economic situation that was pretty predicable - eventually a country that keeps borrowing runs out of creditors - or at least credit at a payable interest rate.
  11. Sooo you're smoking 40 a day, drinking 5 bottles of buckfast and you're worried about radiation from a glow-in-the-dark dial???? Same thing in the North East. A large number of people claiming for various health problems associated with heavy,dirty industries. Thing is a large number of them never worked for any length in the said industries.
  12. You sure the house was not like that before he moved in? The front photo does not look like Kensington.
  13. This thing happened in the past. Worked well with working class kids who's parents wanted them 'earning' not learning. Its works because it ties work and education together i.e. you learning about what you are doing. You don;t get the situation where someone says ' OK, got my History degree, what shall i do?'
  14. One of the biggest, unspoken disasters at the moment is the number of former technical colleges that have turned into sixth forms for the non too bright. They offer a wide range of pointless A levels which are absolutely useless in getting you into a good university. I mean, what sixth forms thinks offering a student As in English, psychology and business studies? Typically, about 15% offer traditional vocational courses. The rest is just job creation for cr*p teachers. The second shocker is that tech colleges use to offer a small, good range of night course - maths, english, accountancy type stuff. No its all hopi candles, head massage.
  15. Most accountants are crap. You pay top rates and the work is given to an unqualified book keeper.
  16. And before you have a wazz (blokes). I won't make that mistake. Laid up all night, dipping it in yogurt - honest, she didn't have thrush or owt.
  17. In 18 years time, the baby boomers will be hitting peak death! Seriously, in about 20 years time there will be a large demand. 20 years times China's population will have crashed and they will probably have had a revolution or something. If only they had not put all their earnings into Tbills ... Not sure about India. My guess is that India needs to import people/talents not export them. They need hack their civil servants more than the UK does. Aim for 8 GCSE - base of maths, english, a science. Bar Spanish and Mandarin, modern languages have very limited use. Play it safe at A levels - maths, physics (or chemistry) and a simple subject. Keep you options open.
  18. You're making the mistake that most people are - assuming that the 'cuts' have all happened. Public sector spending is due for quite significant reductions over the next 4 years, each year - which is the furthest ahead the government to. There will be cuts next year, the year after and the year after that. In reality, the scale of the cuts will be increased. No choice. And they'll go on for the next 10 years - give or take 3 years. This all assumes that a UK government is in charge of what is an orderly default. If we default - and thats the most likely outcome (80% deficit, increasing at 10% a year) - then the outcome will be grim.
  19. When I was 18 (1986) in Yorkshire, a bottle from the off-license cost a few pence more than a pint in a pub. The rational, as explained to me, was that you were paying for the bottle and convenience. Now, a bottle costs about 1/3 of the price in the pub. Now I'm paying for the ambiance of the pub or so Ive been told. On pubs closing. I do not think its wholly down to the smoking ban. Maybe yes for working men pubs - does anyone who drinks in a working mens club work anymore? Not in the ones near me. I think the outrageous price increases forced out by the pubcos turbo charged the decline. One place - not a pubco but a boutique hotel managed to beat £4/pint. Ow that hurt. Our Wetherspoons does good business. Our real pubs do good too. And they've not had to spend 200K making the pub look like a whores boudour. In fact, the kit out cost for my local was about 10K - 16 years ago. Pub's have lost the under 30s. The girl at Tesco who I chat tells me her and her friends just have dinners in - one cooks, the other bring drinks. The mass acceptance of internet dating means you don't have to go to the meat market anymore. Seriously, plenty of fish has damaged the pubs more than the smoking ban or tescos.
  20. Groan. Another person confusing life expentancy statistics with a crystal ball. I don't know how long you'll live. I don't know how long I'll live. The stats give me a good guess that 80%+ of todays 50 year olds will live to 85. Of course we could get hit by a astroid and go all dinosaur. I know a woman who's pension plan is drink and eat so she'll die early. That is her considered plan. I've pointed out that it'll just make her poor and unemployable. She'll still live to 80 odd - probably. If dying early is your life plan that I can point you to Beachy Head. Not that has a 100% chance of death - as you are so keen on sure things.
  21. And still they don't sell. We've had 5 years of the very low transaction. There's probably 2.5 years of supply kicking around in the channel. To that you need to include the large number of ill-advised BTLs. The few remaining solvent mortgage providers - remember 80% of the banks that provided mortgages in 2007 are in some form of bust - have very finite capital. At the bets of time, housing liquidity is poor. For the for-seeable future - 10 years - its going to look even worst. Even if BoE rates don't go up - and they will - the mortgage costs are going to rise. There are a lot of people chasing very little money - rules of supply and demand. I should add I'm seeing price compression in a number of areas - nice big houses in better areas on at the same smaller houses in worse areas. This is a sign of a liquidity pile-up. It will be a race to get houses old - cut or stay on the market for years.
  22. Interesting news on Richer and the wider retail market. I think Julian Richer lives in York now, I remember reading an article in the local paper about his wife opening a boutique little tat shop in Scarborough. Part of the article - and other stuff I'e read - said Julian Richer has gone massive on commercial real estate. Think RBS//HBOS lending to all those scottish 'billionaires'. I think he focussed on secondary + tertiary sites. Oof!
  23. Jessops is not still in business. The original Jessops - floated 2000ish - is no more. The equity was wiped out in a debt for equity swap. The shops remaining are zombies owned by the creditors.
  24. You'll talk us into a recession. I thought she'd diversified into handmade cluthe crap. Taking inspiration from her, I went a bought loads of handmade clothes - from Primark, handmade by 8 tear olds in Sri Lanka ... She has shacked (not married) a properdee developer. Im looking forward to the eventual results on that.
  25. And Ryanair. When I was at uni (86-90) abroad was expensive. Now getting the the train between UK towns is expensive. Flting is cheap. Of course, posh kids parents can't drive their volvos to ahlls anymore ...
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