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  1. Yes. A good EA is not just about photos and pricing. They ought to earn their money in getting the transaction completed. The problem is that although a lot of people may thing of EAs as useless they do not normally think the same of a local solicitor - of which a very large percentage are useless at best, corrupt at worst. Of course that's a good estate agent. Problem is most are not If an EA is under 35 then they probably do not have enough experience and will just waste everyones time.
  2. The water damage and fresh air add character. Rack up the price some more. The house is now priceless - the bad meaning of the word. Jeez there's an architect looking for a law suit. I wonder how many solar panels have been lifted off (with roof) today.
  3. For the majority of cases, a house is only worth what someone can get credit for. You could wait for a cash buyer .........
  4. [quote name='Davetolbooth' timestamp='1325500355' post='3221325' All credit to them for following their dreams - but they haven't thought it through. He's a plasterer and expects to pick up work easy enough. Let me guess 1) Lung problems or 2) Arthritis in his shoulders or elbow. To be honest, the immigration to Ox and NZ are pretty straight forward - You must have a lot of money or very in demand skill. Otherwise f-off.
  5. Town-gown??? Eye brows raising. There are some schools in the place - posh bird/hockey sticks type. Nothing worthwhile after 18. Nope. Winchester is about far West that the posher London commuters are wiling to travel. I'd re-phrase that line to 'town-train'
  6. I concur with Romsey. It's a nice, medium size town. WInchester if you fancy a bigger town. Yes I know its technically a city. B'mouth only has a few nice areas - and they're not Sandbanks. Commuting hell for where you want to go. You need to stay the Soton side of the New Forest. A do-able commute in Winter becomes a multi-hour stuck-behind-a-doddering-old-fart-having-a-drive-in-the-forest in summer. The majority of Soton is cr*p. Pmouth is much worse. I would not live further North of Winchester. No real towns; just chav-infested social dumping grounds.
  7. Less the goat curry, more the coconut - that caribbean lard. Oh and the normal lard lard in the fried stuff. And the fritters.
  8. I last rented a house 12 years ago. Then there were very few rented housing and the quality off some was terrible. They had voids of a couple of weeks. Now, there about 8 sides in the local paper. This is in area where there is not lot of demand - not a lot of employment being created. Actually, its the reverse - more jobs being lost than created. The voids are now measured in months. There are a couple of places near me which have been empty for over 4 months. Most tenancies don't last more then 12 months. Some don't even last 6 months. Do you know what a similar house costs to rent now compared to 12 years ago - the same, £600/month. Anybody who's taken a BTL since 2002 is f*cked.
  9. "How to beat the mortgage famine" http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ianmcowie/100013997/how-to-beat-the-mortgage-famine-in-2012/ Normal collection of twaddle written by a PR who bought him 10 pints in the pub. The only interesting bit is: "First-time-buyers will also find it more difficult to obtain high loan to value (LTV) deals or interest-only mortgages. New options for them to consider include shared–equity arrangements such as the government–backed First Buy scheme. Priority is given to Armed Forces personnel and those coming out of social housing but household incomes must be less than £60,000 to qualify." Ex-squaddies are a bad financial risk. With 3 brothers ex army, I can tell you squaddies are walking Titanics in civvy street. The army takes people who do not have a lot of drive or sense and puts them in an environment where they really don't need to think too much and develop and sense of being to look after yourself- it houses and feeds them, tells them what to do. Squaddies also develop a 'P*ss it up the wall' attitude. Seriously, I was constantly trying to talk sense into my brothers that its not a good idea to blow all your wage on pay day - most went on cars, stereos and beer. On the second, surely you'll need an income of 60K to be able to come out of social housing in most places?
  10. I've been in a Brighthouse. I've done the sums. Nothing is hidden. The APR is therre is big, flashing figures. Even if Brighthouse was obliged to print 'You are a f*cking witless moron taking on this lease' on every contract the people would still take them. The people who use Brighthouse make the people who play the lottery look like genius.
  11. Behind everyone defaulting debtor is a stupid creditor. I would split the blame 30% debtor/ 70% creditor - remember its the companies money. If it pisses it away. In the case where they someone has advanced a loan to some one on benefit to p*ss away on cars and holidays i.e no asset then its 100% creditors fault.
  12. House prices have never been about house prices; they do not exist on their own. They have always been about the amount of credit extended to people buying houses. You might need to think about that.
  13. Did you read the article? The bulk are going to Oz. The loss of 'right to work in the EU' is not much of a threat. Very few countries in mainland Europe generate a large number of well paying jobs worth travelling to. The only time I can think of is Germany in mid 80s (Auf Wiedersien) and then after re-unification. France? -Ha, I spent the early 90s (and now) working with young, French people who just threw in the towel and came to the UK to get a job and improve their English. Spain? - Two months selling time-shares on a commission-only basis. Portugal? It has an economy? Italy??? - Its like France but more corrupt and nepotistic.
  14. I've umm'ed and ahh'ed about yoga. What the men/women ratio? Are all the women all over 50?
  15. And where will the housing associations get the money from? Seriously, HA are one big disaster waiting to burst.
  16. A real world example of 'its pay to wait' would be my brother + gf. Rushed to buy this year - not sure if it was wedding, 'won;t fall anymore', etc. Anyhow 90% mortgage 180K @ 7% = 1K/month IR repayments + repayment Its a house in Scarborough, where its hard to work how fast prices are falling as so few are transacting. The town is becoming a forest of EA signs. Seriously, house sales seem to have stopped in 2005/2006. You could be conservative and put 10% in. So, his position after 1 year of being a happy home owner he's down 12K IR payments + 18K price fall = 30K He would have paid off ~ 5K of the mortgage mind. Leverage is a bitch when you're on the wrong side of it. Nuts really he could have waited a year and thrown 10K into savings account, got a much better mortgage rate - you really should not do mortgageswith LTV over 70% - and he would be able to have bought the same house.
  17. The word is technically. We are technically out of a recession. We, meaning wage earners, will not 'feel' we are out of a recession until you see wages increase by more than inflation for a few years. Home owner's will not feel out of recession until there house prices start rising. Both are unlikely for 5 years, maybe 10.
  18. "The immediate area has a number of places to eat and drink including Restaurant Cornelius, The Ferry Boat Inn as well as ....." [drum roll ...] "a Pizza Hut" Of FFS. Why not add, 'slightly further afield is Ahmed's Souten Chiken [halal].'.
  19. One very noticable change that has occurred since Bevan is that Labour changed from being the party of 'the working man' to being the party of 'the public sector worker and client state'
  20. Don't think I read thid. My comment on teachers i baed on my experience up to my O levels (84). Our town had one school -no 'good' or 'bad' split, every one went to it - a handful who went to a very small public school. I was in the top stream i.e. doing 7 O levels. Of my teachers, 30% should have been sacked then and there. It was embarrassing having to sit there and watching them fail to read the course work nook. When the inspectors bang on about preparing for lessons they at least mean remembering which chapter you were reading - and which book/subject. Nothing more than register tickers. Another 30% might be OK for tutorial type classes- with some intensive retraining - or just reading the s*dding course book. 30% were OK to good. Bear in mind these were O -levels i.e 150 hours over 2 years, you are not talking anything really complex or hard. I started to pick up during A levels because I'd given up on lessons and just read the books, which brings me to the point - How many teachers add any value above the course book? Why not find a good teacher, video him/her teaching, chuck in some good course books and pay the students to pass the exams? I've made these comments to teachers - I hesitate to say peers, lets say same age group - and I get some waffle about 'soft' culture growing up etc. What a load of w*nk. ps. Don't get me started on FE colleges - nothing more than a job creation scheme for the intellectually sub-normal.
  21. Don't get me started. I used to get through xmas with a bag of rice and a box of dried lentils.
  22. I don't want to sound too much Colonel Telegraph, or Mrs DailyMail but I've just seen the news, leading with the stabbing incident. There's was not a single pasty, white English face in the clip. A hefty bunch of asian (chinese) and various burkas, I hope tis was gang related. Who wants to be killed for a pair of trainers FFS.
  23. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2078600/House-prices-slump-3-drop-2012-fifth-year-running.html Oh dear. "House prices 'will slump by 3% as they drop in 2012 for the fifth year running' " Oh dear, dear "Many homeowners will face an impossible struggle to find a buyer if they want to sell" Oh dear, dear, dear: "'Sluggish' economy, rising unemployment and 'pressured' incomes are to blame" The highest rated comments are all very bearish. I think I detect a trend. The article is only being read by sad renters who have spend all their money on iPads (a new one every month I hear) and going out and stuff, rather than saving for a deposit to get on the ladder. And they are sat in their 1K a month bedsit (owned by an enterprising 'go-ahead' LL) in Scunthorpe with their cheap Russian bride. Whilst homeowners are at home in their warm bed, with their beautiful wife and children. No iPads though. Of course if they want to sell their house they'll not give it away ....
  24. Climate (in the Northern bits) Yes. Plentiful farmland. Not really .Most of Spain's landmass is not suitable for farming. Boundless solar energy. Nope. PV cells are just not that efficient. Fresh water. Absolutely not, no way. Spain is parched. They make a big fuss about golf courses in the South but the big problem is country wide- bar Asturia. The rain in Spain falls mainly in Ireland.
  25. +1 I think the UK employment figures are total BS. My home town of Scarborough appears to have 30% of the population on benefit and another 30% providing service to the 30%. Its nuts. The other 30% are expected to pay for the 60%.
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