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  1. Maybe some of their long hours culture should be cut....

    Depends where you go, and what job you look.

    Catalonia - Yes.

    Basque country and Navarre - Yes

    The rest - Nope.

    SOme of the long hour coultures are similar to what I witnessed in Japan in the late 80s. Yes they do turn up early but, like Japan, I lot were in no state to work - pissed, too tire, unprepared. Its was purely a culture of just showing your face then skiving off.

  2. > +lots. These public sector people with no skill,sense or perspective were unemployable

    Cousins GF is a case in point. Did not work til late 30s - just sponged/lived with her parents. Nuts I know, but she just messed around on their farm, breeding horses.

    She has no qualifications - bar O levels. No work experience.

    Parents died about 5 years ago. She then got a job working on 'helping' illiterate people write CVs i.e. writing them for them.

    Then she transfered to a full-time job with the council dealing with child protection. I really do not undertand what she does. Believe me I've tried. She seems to fill a whole made by the council just to get women of a certain persuasion into the dept. Its nuts. She goes to court and gets blasted to bits by lawyers. Its a bit like a a hybrid mumsnetter + local government middle management. Nuts. Useless.

  3. I like the construction and structural bits of Grand design. Wierdy I find watching construction programmes relaxing. Of course these are editted highlights. Watching real life construction is like watching paint dry - or rather a load blokes stood round looking at a load of bricks and drinking tea. The robot revolution cannot soon enough ...

    The finishing bit is pure mumsnet mania: 'Dahhlin I want Italian marble worktop the same shade as John Lewis green.

  4. > Learn to cook and enjoy it

    Agreed. And double agree on taking your own dinner into work. Sandwich's have a shocking mark-up.

    You can go a step further on cheap cooking and get yoruself a Remoska (google it), or a pressure cooker - esp. if you're a veggy.

    Pressure cookers cook food realy quicky - come home, show some veg in the cooker and 20 mins later its done. They're magic.

  5. I used to read Ms MoneyPneeys column in the FT mag. Got a bit bored of bit - think posh mumsnetter.

    When I saw she was on this programme I thought, Hmm whats she like? Posh horsey fit chick, bit a ugly but a go-er.

    My God!!!! She's like a mad old granny. I shall well purple indeed. Could not concentrate on the rest of the show as I was in shock.

    Not with yours, on the end of a stick, on the end of another stick.

  6. Interesting numbers on Sold prices in where I live (SW) and where Im from (Yorks).

    As far as I can tell - and the transaction numbers are soo feeble in both areas - they are both back to around laste 2003/2004. And that's nominal figures too.

    The SW area saw a drop/total absense of FTB from about 2003 onwards. BTL stepped into the gap.

    I'd say the peak of BTL was late 2006.

    At the mo, early BTL is showing no or low capital return.

    Peak BTL is down 30%+. Hammered

    By the number of empty rental - 5 on my road at the mo - voids must be a killer.

    I'd expect repos - both the BTL and the main residence will start hitting the market when IRs start rising.

    I'm starting to see a steep rise of new For Sales, joinging the signs tht have been on for a few years now.

    On a side note, I notice Property Ladder started in 2001. So, only about 3 years gains to show from that.

    All that will be left will be large, bad investment. Still, grreat pair - so worh it for that.

    Personally, I think we'll see nominal values back to the late 90s/early 00s.

  7. Para legal firms are gutting the bread and butter for the high street solicitor - and a good thing too as the firms tended to high price, low quality, all you can rup off from little old ladies.

    The cuts in Legal Aid are biting too, Legal Aid is nothing more than a public money to prop up Solicitors.

    And No-win, no fee seems to have sunk quite a fee companies. Kicking off dumb cases along lines of 'My client, Waynetta sliiped on Tesco's floor, preventing her from pursuing her career as a brain surgeon' etc - only to be kicked out of court when the CCTV showed Waynnetta was not there.

  8. Interesting to see what happens with bankruptcy terms.

    Since NuLAb slackened the punitive bit - in order to help entrepreneurs you know, no cause of the personal+ BTL consumption binge - you can be in and out in 18 months rather than 5 years.

    The new act allows for BR periods of 10 to 15 years but the vast majority just do 18 months -unless you were a compnay director and were caught doing something really dodgy.

    ITo discourage people jack it in, I'd expect the ConDems to nodge the OR to take into account personal debt + mortgage and come up with a punitive period - say 7 years. That would ensure BRs have to work their balls off to pay back the debt.

  9. The UK is sh*t.

    We've managed to create a society where (working) people have to pay for everything (the 'low public services ' of low tax/low public services US model) and combine it with high taxes (high tax/high service model of Sweden).

    Putting the load on the individual is OK (not perfect but acceptable) if you have a low-tax take - say 30%ish.

    How the f**k can justify the state taking 50% of GDP and serve up the public sector dross in the UK?

    It's like paying Gorndon Ramsay prices for MaccyDs.

  10. My screw up on the wages. I've confused Tussell with Alabare, another Salisburu based, Christian org.

    I shouldadd that I'm not against what Tussell do.

    My biggest gripe is that the state takes 50% of GDP and fails to provide timely, adequate support to when people need it.

    Ideally, individuals should have a state privide welfare fund which is topped up when you work.

    Welfare needs to to provide more money when you lose you job and taper out over a few tears, say 5.

    It should be automatic - compnay lays you off then Ping! DHS notified and you get your work-funded NI subs paid out the next week.

    You'll need some back up for the scammy companys or those that go spectacular bust but its very possbile.

    What the UK has is a stupid system that requires people who have worked to jump thru hoops for very littel money but provides more, more money

    the longer you are on benefit. Thats is wrong. That is not what Bevan set out to achieve.

  11. Hmm, this is the Trussell Trust. Based in Salisbury.

    My points, in no particular order:

    1) The charity is a business itself. There are a lot of people drawing money from it i.e. they don't work for free - think chuggers. They get the majority of their funding from government. Its probably going to be cut. They are making a fuss.

    2) There was a local TV news item on them last week. It's not that people cannot afford food, its that they spend there money on ready meals. A good bit of organisation is teaching people how to cook cheaply. I know WTF - the UK has bred a bunch of f*ckwits - but there you go, even a f*ckwit has kids.

    3) They concentrate just on food. Thats wrong. They need to drop in budget people people to basically slap people around the head. I'm with the earlier poster. If a couple have worked for 15 years and then run out of money for food a few weeks after being made unemployed then they are f*ckwits. The budgeting people need to basically get the people to agressively downsize their spending - house, car, sky. The earlier BBC story about the women driving to the food bank in a posh car is typical. Stupid bint driving a gas guzzler across town. She would have spent more money on petrol than the food cost. Why not bus it - they go from town to bemmy heath every 20 mins.

    At the end of the day, the Trussell trust appears to be propping up peoples lifestyles - spending and housing - as well as pulling a large salary for its own workers.

  12. Went thru that Moon + sixpence place the othe week - lookign for toilet for my 6 yo.

    There are some very 'open' comments from both sides - restaurant + LL.

    Can you really run a restaurant when you are living in France??

    Restaurants can only work when the owner/family can put in the extra labour at peak times, otherwise costs get out of hand.

    If he had a percentage of turnover deal than the LL really was bending over backwards (as much as they do) for him.

    I'd say the the Keith bloke scr*wed up. The LL now have another destination business - jamie Oliver - so the previous 'pet' has been been put down.

  13. I did say back-of-the-envelope...

    The 2001 fails to capture the surge of old people from the SE moving to all places SW during the mid 2000s.

    The UK population as a whole is 60% working age - 18-65.

    When you look at the usual suspects - seaside towns - that figure shows a noticable scew.

    The university makes Bath appear younger than it actually is.

    And again, the last 10 years Bath has had a lot of people drop out of the workforce to go on benefit full or part-time.

    Again, these are very rought figures. I'm not saying Im right + you're wrong. Just that the figures that look quite bad becode a lot worse when you apply a little deduction to them. spy - speaking from living in the SW for the last 15 years).

  14. Revisit your sums. Welcome to back-of-envelope-ville.

    I'd guess 50% of Bath are retired.

    Figure jumps to 3.5% of the working age population.

    There are a lot of people of benefit in Bath - not the nice bits but the scummy out-burbs. And this is ignoring Trowbridge ...

    I'd guess there is a 50% labour market participation. This is a high cost, low-income town - like a seaside resort inland.

    Figure doubles to 7%

    Of course you do get people who come into Bath. And people from bath who commute out, mainly to Brostol - which is pretty much on its a*se.

  15. Um ...If they bought in 2003 they would still have equity in the house ? ...isnt it?

    Wierd that. A couple of places I've looked at are now probably attemting to shift at around 2003 prices.

    (N Yorks).

    In these areas the number of sales fell away after 2004 - the prices just got too high.

    At the moment, asking prices are about 30% off 2006 prices.

    Assuming that offers are going to come in at least 10% then they are well down.

    There's just not the mortgage credit in the area any more.

    Houses have gone from being prices using 'Price @ 2006 + 10% = 2007 price'

    To now being priced to 3 x salary MINUS any unsecured debt.

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