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  1. And still the Santander - Is it bust? question rolls on . . . Lex on San + Llyods. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/3/e6f6142a-d706-11e1-8e7d-00144feabdc0.html#axzz21hsYd2mb San are finally admitting how much cr*p its got in Spain. And Brazil, its 2nd biggest market, is tanking. Daily mail article on same news: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2179274/Europes-largest-bank-Santander-sees-profits-cut-half-toxic-property-loans.html The comments are good on this. Santander are certainly not winning friends with their 'efficient mode of operation' read half witted spanish MBAs screwing stuff up.
  2. Different disposal spends. Boomers spend their cash on LPs. You'll be lucky to find anyone under 40 who spends much on music. Or going to a pub.
  3. Ane people expect to sell their overpriced houses to them? Let me know how that works out.
  4. This is the Trussell trust. They seem to have appointed themselves the go-to charity for food banks. Every BBC article on poor food banks have them popping up. There's a lot of BS in those figures. Salisbury is a small city - about 30K in the city boundaries. 4K would mean its feeding almost 15% of the population. I call BS. The trussell are/were based on the poor side of town - Bemerton Heath. I would guess what's happening is the following: A large number of people have spent their future income stream already - mortgages, credit cards, car loans, sky subs.etc. Their benefit goes out before it come in. Rather than providing free food - FFS if you give stuff for free then people will take. The trick with charity is to ensure the most needy get what is very a limited resource - the charity would be better off sitting down with people and seeing if they get out of that sky contract, or need to go bust. The earlier comment about the alchy is true. Me priorites are: food/shelter, transport to work, rest of stuff. Six Ace's is: cider, cider, cider. Charities that blindly hand out a very finite resouse are just p1ssing people's goodwill away.
  5. Got this on order: The Passivhaus Handbook http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Passivhaus-Handbook-constructing-retrofitting/dp/0857840193/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1342636975&sr=8-1-spell German construction tends fantastic. All well thought out. They have to cope with a much more extreme climate than the UK, which is just temperate and wet. And UK construction, which is just get it put up as cheap as possible by the most stupid i.e. cheapest person.
  6. [How about making the EA guarantee any negative equity? This make the buyer confident to buy a house and ensure that the EA is pricing property correctly. What? They're not keen on that as it involves someone else spending their money? Who'd have thought that ...
  7. You're wrong. 50% subsidy land. There is very littlle famrland in use - bar arable. Most of the rest is some old bloke pottering with some pets that eventually get eaten.
  8. These wierd little UN posts are poloitcal bones. Mugabe was thrown a small bone for allowing the MDC to join his government. Gorddy did give a LOT ofmoney to poor countries. The juries out on whether it'll do any good. I'm skeptical. The lions portion of 3rd world relief ends up at arm fairs and the like. Keep in that useless tnuc was after one of the big important jobs - World Bank, etc. He spoiled his pitch by claiming to know nothing about economics as the UK economy fell to bits. He doubly spoiled as he could not get any support from the Coalition - he is really hated by both Parties. But he's also really hated by most of the Labour leadership - bar Milliband and Balls who were in closely involved with his little plans. This job is the equivalent to a special needs kid coming into a work placement, being given a '#1 worker' badge, and told to sit in the corner and don't touch anything.
  9. yep 2013 typo http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9330574/Get-a-job-Iain-Duncan-Smith-tells-parents-on-the-dole.html uni-credit is still not set in stone. i guess the detail will be announced in late 2012
  10. CTX WFTC - otherwise known as on of that f-ing tnuc Gordon's clever ideas - get everyone working for the state. What could possibly ho wrong? Like must mumsnet topics, 90% of the response make you question female emancipation. Then you get one that's sane - the accountant saying that the reason the earning limit is so high - 25K - is that the HMRC f-ed up major they had to add a massive margin of error - and then double it. All those headlines about someone having to pay back 10K in errors. Fast forward 5 years- Gordons out, UK out of money so the big clawback starts now. Unless you have kids under 10-ish then you will not realise how the tax credits have distorted the entire low to middle job market for people with kids. Its resulted in 1 full-time job being turned into 3 part-time jobs. Its resulted in people who, in normal times, would have worked hard and moved up the salary a bit (or a lot) falling into low-paid, dead-end jobs. I meet people in the mid 30s who, in my opinion, spend the last 10 years doing what I;d call a summer job for a kid - 16 hours doing p1ss all. You should see the fear at the school ages as people start rushing for those extra 8 hours and trying to pad out their CVs with what they've been doing for the last 10 years. And 2012 is the easy year. 2012 sees uni-credit come in with a minimum 35 hour work requirement.
  11. Hmm, want to comment of topics. Ill do it in seperate posts. Classic baby boomer would have been 20 in 1968. The (rough) birth range is 1956 thru to 1965, but the bulk of the boom is 45-55. The number really do fall off 55-65. The pivotal moment in a boomers life - at least in my experience, being Northern - is the 70s, 3 day weeks and all that. The decade that saw most of the employment and companies being p1ssed away by 30-40 year old boomers - both workers and bosses. The 80s and 90s saw a large number of Northern boomers either signing on the sick,or joining the local council for *cough* work *cough* Hardly matches thjs self-sacrifice of storming the beaches of Normandy. Boomer demographics are very very interesting. Especially now when the big bulge have started to retire. There will be a huge number of people looking to downsize - willingly or unwillingly. There is not the number to absorb all those houses. Or solvent banks to fund the mortgage. I think the boomer tipping point is contributing to the low number of transaction. There's only so long you be willing to hang around and wait for someone to pay stupid money for house. The reaper will start driving transactions.
  12. I think you'll want to revise those rainfall figures... 3 floods in 2 weeks. Apparently Noah's been spotted in the High Street. Just wait til he finds out his two of every species are all wimmin. Hope he packed a turkey baster.
  13. Missed this. I cannot remember the story being posted. Just read an article in the FT about Ireland trying to Irish bankrupts doing the bankruptcy in the UK. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/1a29ba22-c681-11e1-963a-00144feabdc0.html#axzz1zplzyO7j Tom McFeely http://www.rte.ie/news/2012/0615/tom-mcfeely-has-british-bankruptcy-overturned.html ' The former provisional IRA member claims to have lived in London since 2008 and hold a British passport. In court document he said: "The appellant wants my bankruptcy conducted in the south of Ireland because she knows it will place me in greater difficulties securing a discharge. "I maintain this is a breach of my human rights and that it is objectionable to expose me as a British citizen to the punitive bankruptcy laws of another country." ' Makes Mr Anthea look honest.
  14. I like HNDs. A good one is great as you can get a lof of information of a subject that normally has some practical value. I like the OU modular qualifications - you start at Diploma than keep going to get a degree. I think the snobbery mentioned relates to people looking down at people doing humanity degrees whilst in jail.
  15. The degree gives you a start in life. It does not determine how you'll do. A degree lasts 3-4 years. You'll work for another 45-50. A good degree gives you a lot of choice and opportunity at 22. Then you have to work and prove yourself. In my experience, the better Universities/grade give a better yield of good workers. It does not guarantee. I've worked in places where people with Poly degrees have been kept and Oxbridge let go - and not cos they were cheaper. Strange you should mention the Big 4. Accountancy firms use the vague promise of 'good graduates' as a reason to pad out there fees on what is normally mundane transactions - or complex stuff that falls to bit. And I'll stay quite on MBAs and management consultants.
  16. I'm up the train track in Salisbury. Quite a few people from Salisbury have moved to Gilingham (Dorset) -cheaper housing and all that. Gillingham does not appeal to me - bit too country and dull - Yes I know I live in Salisbury and all that. Anyhow, your point on the number of house sales stands. They are some houses selling but the numbers are really really low - probably less than 10% of a normal market. This has been thae case since 2005-ish - 7 years ago! This is not a good thing. Houses need to transact - death divorce debt etc. All that's happening is there is a massive hidden backlog of transaction that will pop the market when mortgage rates for existing borrowers start going up.
  17. Is that the Australian natural resources multi-billionaire? She's probably the most attractive woman I've ever seen. Make's Megan Fox look like a dog.
  18. No one's said it but our old favourite Gorddy was a significant contributor to this mess. All that rethoric about 'hard working doctors and nurses' then he doubles GP wages in 2005-ish. The fundemental problem is the non-funding of pensions. You want a public service? FIne then pay the full amount that year - salary plus fully funded pension. DOn;t rely on the magic fairies i.e. the kids of 2060 to somehow be 5x more productive than the people of 1970-2010 to magically fix the gap.
  19. The UK population owe's it health and longevity to the water companies (fresh water in the tap; wastes away), Tesco (putting cheap food on the table) and the likes of Alexander Fleming (anti-biotics) and that french bloke (vaccines) i.e. basic primary medicine. The contribution of GPs and the NHS is low at best, or quite damaging - the number of people I know who've come out of hospital in a worse state than they went in is qute high. The damage caused by incompetent GPs prescribing quite dangerous combinations of drugs becase they have not checked current prescription is very. The GP system does not have a system where the crap ones are sacked. Ditto hospital - consultants, nurses, surgeons.
  20. Doesn't this act reveal a lot about the leftist parties these days. Like UK Labour, the socialists are not a party for the working man. They are the party for the public sector working woman.
  21. Spendthrift! Go to your local Asian shop/super market and you can get a 5K sack for a few quid.
  22. [i heard this story on the radio this morning. I knew it was ****** as they quoted the guardian and reference Cambridge to prop the story up. A read of the article just confirms its a load of islinginister ******, 'Will someone think of the children (and appoint family rental officer (women only need to apply. FatLALezza exclusion to the Equality act) in the local council)'. Title: 'Renting to be way of life for young families' Followed by: 1) 'Price rises are blocking ownership, new study warns, with trend 'set to continue for a decade' Followed by: 2) 'says that if the British economy remains stagnant, just over one in four people – 27% – will be in "mortgaged home ownership" by 2025' First open goal is: If 2) applies how does 1) remain? Bar prime-prime London, which is only a few 1000 (if that) number of houses, they are falling. The article hinges on a a comment about families i.e. mum, dad, kids living in private sector rental. It then makes the link to prices rising. Surely the number of families in private rentals reflects a number of factors: 1) Lack of social housing, or rather social housing being blocked by aging boomers who no longer need a 3 bed council semi. 2) A large number of immigrants esp. Eastern europeans piling into the UK over the last 10 years. Normally, immigrants tend to be young + male. The UK has seen something totally new - large number of family units moving. 3) Unwillingness to live in social housing with a family. Labour pursued a social policy that rewarded the dysfunctional. A lot of LA estates are hell holes. People are very reluctant to bring up their kids with a load a AHDD (sorry *****s), Somali war brats etc. 4) Families are in rentals cause prices have falling and mortgage finance and transactions have contracted. Blessed is the person who manage to complete their chain. Most people who bought in the last 6 or 7 years don't have enough equity to move. In my hometown, prices are down to 2004 levels. Let me help the guardinistaswit he maths - thats no real increase in over 10 years! And prices are still almost 10 times average earnings. End of the day, the banks are bust. They have gone from lending 8+ times salary/100% LTV to 3 times/70%. 90% of houses are bought with a a mortgage. Mortgage credit determines house prices. Banks are not favouring LL over OO. The money normally loaned to OO has not been channelled to LLs - ITS NOT THERE!; banks cannot rise capital cos they have no money!!!!
  23. Err. Get a hotal in Reading (or Essex if your going the other way in) and train it.
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