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  1. I can amake some assumptions - upmarket flat, dead mother, implying old, high service charge, to me sounds like an over 55 residents plot. These are very high to sell. You think new builds are over priced and take a massive hit when sold? Well, OAP flats are even worse - the service charges are total nuts. They are sold on the premise of 'safe' i.e. no huddies muggers. Where the reality is the OAP is mugged on the 1st of every month when the service charge comes in.
  2. Hopefully the blogs readable by non-subscribers. http://blogs.ft.com/ft-long-short/2012/09/06/more-on-transatlantic-property-bubbles/#axzz25lMVpD1W So, the debasing of our currency bailed out a load of chinless London EAs. Just a shame that the rest of the UK has had to put up with inflation, toilet paper currency, etc. Cheers Merv you pr1ck
  3. Just for Eric. A comment from Buttonwood's blog on the same paper: http://www.economist.com/blogs/buttonwood/2012/09/economics-and-markets-0 God knows how the BoE is going to reverse QE. Remember - if the BoE is smart enough to manage QE than they would have not got into the position we are in now.
  4. The NHS has two very large faults - very inconsistent quality and its a monopoly - and behaves like one. You always get two types of letter to the local papers: The NHS is great, and, I was left rotting on a ward. The recent news story on exporting teaching hospital was interesting. The large, teaching hospitals are very good - they ought to be as they cost a fortune. However, its a different story when you get away from the large, well run places. My local region, Scarborough, is a nightmare. There are a large number of GPs who are grossly incompetent. As a kid, my GP was a falling down drunk - literally. The local hospital is basically a dirty death trap full of people who appear to have took their training from Dr Nick in various 3rd world countries. The average nurses takes about 40 days of sick a year. Unfortunately, the number of people and places in the latter exceed the ones in the former.
  5. A connected post from FTAlphaville: http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2012/09/04/1145111/jim-reids-journey-into-the-unknown/ End of a 36 year credit binge. Almost my age.
  6. But it certainly gives Joe Public a false sense of security - OK we've had 2 years of austerity, now back to spending . . . Its bat crap mental!
  7. A great post from a columnist who I thought was wavering on the increasing public spending just to get some growth. Nothing new. Just a re-statement of the obvious. Refreshing after hearing the paralympics cheering of that odious tnuc Brown. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/jeremy-warner/9518883/For-how-much-longer-can-we-keep-kicking-the-can-down-this-road.html "Unfortunately, there is a sense in which Britain has not yet had a proper recession. True enough, output has collapsed but households and businesses have been protected from the full consequences of the adjustment by ultra-low interest rates and continued deficit-spending by the Government."
  8. Backing away from the BTL-poster-poke-fest, From an asset diversification point, unless you are very rich - say > £1M in liquid assets - then you should probably not own more than one house. Here 'own' means mortgage - be it for OO, BTL or that little get-away in Greece. Its different if you inherit a house. I know people who will not sell their relative homes. They earn a p1ss poor return but hey - they're sentimental, there is no finance on the house, more things to life than money etc etc.
  9. Here's a photo of your average BTL investor circa 2006: Sorry just had to share that.
  10. On the subject of HFH, does anyone find the logo - a Teddy bear with a bandaged leg - a bit too dumb cutesy for helping injured soldiers who are getting their legs and other bits blown off from an illegal oocupation (Iraq) and one where the majorityr do not want them there (Afghan).
  11. I should they raise their money nationwide. Have a google for Help for Heroes funding.
  12. No. I know where HFH is based - I travel by the building at Downton most days. The Brin bloke used to live in Alderbury. Everyone under 25 in Salisbury appears to work for them. HFH is a charity to help injured soldiers - be they in or out of the forces. Its not to prop up the stately home in Tidworth, or only help those in the SW. One you leave the Army with an injury you're back to live with your Mum. You don't stay around the Plain.
  13. I saw this a few months ago. Catching on. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2186015/Help-Heroes-slammed-troops-subsidising-building-projects-helping-injured-veterans.html I thought then - Why??? Why spend soo much money on a posh old pile in the Soth West when the majority of Squaddies are Northern. Still, nice place for Officers to have a hol.
  14. Sorry No. I was living in Wokingham - v. boring apart from the house. Betwixt Gatwick and h-row. If it makes you feel better, one was really ugly.
  15. Hmm, pissing around wth 3nd hand beds. Want to save money renting then: 1) Rent less house than you need - bunk beds for kids, forget the garden, make sure you rent where you can get rid of a car or two. 2) If you're single then share. I once shared a house with 3 kiwi air hostess who walked around topless. Life has been a disappointment since.
  16. I once bought a 2.50 cup of coffee. Never again. I got up 1 hour to soon when the clock changed and had to hang around for an hour for Tesco's to open. It did come with a free cup mind - at that price I assumed the cup was mine. Maybe I should start smuggling in a flask of coffee so I can hang around with the cool kids.
  17. I like mumsnet. Not sure what they are complaining about though. Everyone else cannot get a buyer whilst mumsnet posters manage to sell their homes multiple times. Shame mumsnet posters have a different understanding of the word 'sold' than I do. Bit like the one's driving 4x4 outside the school. Reversing without looking whilst talking on your mobile and sorting kids stuff out. They have a different meaning to the words 'good, safe driving' then I do. Still. They can paint something with some Farrow and Balls paint - whatever the **** that is.
  18. Not this d1ck again. This story has been on R4 daily whingers programme for a bit. He's not a farmer he's a landlord FFS. He benefited from a temporary relief. The relief applies to all LLs; its not just 'farmer's'. He's not really a farmer - none really are - they should call it Subsidising. This Knob does anything but - he has a social farm or something where people with 'issues' come and work on farm fro free and he collects social payment from the government. This guy is a total kn0b - have a google on the name.
  19. And still the Santander - Is it bust? question rolls on . . . Lex on San + Llyods. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/3/e6f6142a-d706-11e1-8e7d-00144feabdc0.html#axzz21hsYd2mb San are finally admitting how much cr*p its got in Spain. And Brazil, its 2nd biggest market, is tanking. Daily mail article on same news: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2179274/Europes-largest-bank-Santander-sees-profits-cut-half-toxic-property-loans.html The comments are good on this. Santander are certainly not winning friends with their 'efficient mode of operation' read half witted spanish MBAs screwing stuff up.
  20. Different disposal spends. Boomers spend their cash on LPs. You'll be lucky to find anyone under 40 who spends much on music. Or going to a pub.
  21. Ane people expect to sell their overpriced houses to them? Let me know how that works out.
  22. This is the Trussell trust. They seem to have appointed themselves the go-to charity for food banks. Every BBC article on poor food banks have them popping up. There's a lot of BS in those figures. Salisbury is a small city - about 30K in the city boundaries. 4K would mean its feeding almost 15% of the population. I call BS. The trussell are/were based on the poor side of town - Bemerton Heath. I would guess what's happening is the following: A large number of people have spent their future income stream already - mortgages, credit cards, car loans, sky subs.etc. Their benefit goes out before it come in. Rather than providing free food - FFS if you give stuff for free then people will take. The trick with charity is to ensure the most needy get what is very a limited resource - the charity would be better off sitting down with people and seeing if they get out of that sky contract, or need to go bust. The earlier comment about the alchy is true. Me priorites are: food/shelter, transport to work, rest of stuff. Six Ace's is: cider, cider, cider. Charities that blindly hand out a very finite resouse are just p1ssing people's goodwill away.
  23. Got this on order: The Passivhaus Handbook http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Passivhaus-Handbook-constructing-retrofitting/dp/0857840193/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1342636975&sr=8-1-spell German construction tends fantastic. All well thought out. They have to cope with a much more extreme climate than the UK, which is just temperate and wet. And UK construction, which is just get it put up as cheap as possible by the most stupid i.e. cheapest person.
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