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  1. The money belongs to her estate. However, the cleaning is a business cost/business risk. They can keep her deposit etc. If they cannot claim against the bloke then they lose 50%. A for the numbers - £4,555 for new carpets??? Really. £782 for dry-cleaning blood-stained curtains - [email protected] £2,100 - totally BS. How much blood does some-one have? The LL should be in the stocks for this: '£15,446.06 was attributed to ‘blight’' The grand-parents should have let it go to court. They should have been given a list of damages, quotes and the original cost of the furnishing. If the carpets and curtains were more than 5 years then the court would have told them to spin. The grandparents should have also stopped anyone moving in until the cae had been settled. Isn't the biggest shocker of this case that the ex partner is out already? f-cker should be doing a full life term.
  2. I read the article as: 1) I'm losing money on the houses. I either need to flog them off, or 2) get paid to tell someone how to 'make' money. I'm not sure he was lucky on his time - I think be bought loads from the 2002 onwards. He's was also not lucky in his choice of up + coming areas - Manc/Lpool. Both places are rapidly going back to pre-2000 prices. Combine that with having to pour money into maintaining and dealing with tenants - even paying for the management to deal with them. Lettings don't scale - an individual can manage 2 or 3 max. A company would need a few hundred to support the fixed costs. Just as well he's got 40 years of his football career left.
  3. Wont pay off, blah di blah, Promsie me it would pay forhouse plus holdai and car etc etc http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2288742/Ticking-timebomb-endowment-shortfalls-leave-400-000-facing-home-sale.html Thank christ Ive got an IO. Much cheaper than a repayment. House is mine after 25 years.
  4. Who said footballers are slow? Only 6 years too late. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/9909871/Ex-footballer-Robbie-Fowler-sets-up-buy-to-let-school.html Ex-footballer apparently, I guess he's soon to be ex-solvent too.
  5. I've seen a quite a few features on the local TV news. They are hardly making a good case for the reduction of housing allowance for additional bedrooms. One was a couple in their 50s. Bloke had 'health problems' Looking at the tanks it was emphysema. There were some ash trays on th table. Wife had to sleep in the 2nd bedroom. No questions 'Why?'. No probing. Second case I remember was a youginsh couple with 3 kids. All apparently with 'Autistic spread' conditions, who need to have their own bedroom, again for unspecified reasons. Anyone with kids knows that autistic spread is the term used to label pain in the a.se kids to shake more money out on tax credits.
  6. Investment bankers just doing pump and dump penny stock cr.p. Except now the money involved is billions. Don't buy an IPO. Simple.
  7. What do you expect when, outside of inner London, when there are so few houses transacting? Total zombification. 6 years in, real wages back to 10 years ago. No can afford to buy. No one can afford to sell. Finances getting worse + worse each year.
  8. I should add that the agent will be taking 25% upwards of the money. Even if you assume a IO mortgage of 160K @ 5% thats 8K IR per year for the finance alone!
  9. Almost on cue - a Yorkshire Post lifestyle mag poof piece: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/lifestyle/indoors/homes/good-prospects-in-whitby-1-5355621 Complete with readers comments. One anti - pricing locals out. Valid IMHO. Second pro - all those jobs for locals working in restaurant. Not really valid IMHO. As repeated earlier, UK tourism does not generate enough good (or even cr.p) paying jobs. Toursim is a pin money/extra. It cannot provide an income. Anyhow, she bought in Dec 2009. Quick google shows this is 2 Morrisons Yard: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/2-morrisons-yard/brunswick-street/whitby/yo21-1rd/26510964 Hats off to the person who bought for 46K in 97 and sold it to her. No sniggering at the back for the featured woman who paid 167K for it Dec 09. FFing nut. A quick like at the transaction figures for the whole borough show tranaction fell off a cliff from 2006 and have not shown any sign of recovery. Lets have a look at the blurb: http://www.yorkshirecoastalcottages.com/search/property/rooftops_cottage She's certainly gone to town on the decor. I recknos she's spent about 30K+ on the refit. Using a lot of her and family free labour. Also bare in mind she lives south of Doncaster, a good 2h+ drive away. 'While some holiday homes lie empty for weeks on end, Kate and her family have made the most of their cottage, spending holidays and three out of four weekends there. They have seen Whitby evolve since they discovered it 10 years ago. Alongside old favourites like Bothams bakers, there are new restaurants and a champagne bar.' She claims the refit took 6 months. That takes you thru to summer 10. They've had a single summer when they've not had to do any building work. Lets have a look at the availability: 1 week in March. 2 weeks in June 1 week in July!!!! All of August. 1 weekend in Sep. And a weekend in Dec. Wow! 'The couple have also fallen in love with another property, although they can’t bear to part with their cottage, which is why they are renting it as a five-star holiday let.' I cannot remember being in any Morrison yard house. Its behind Baxtergate. If you stand with your back to Boothams you ought to see the decking/roof thing. Onething to note about most houses in yards is that they are very dark and if not physically damp they DO feel very damp. Yard houses tend to get very limited sun light.
  10. There's a Barrat estate near one of my old schools. The estate wasbuilt when when I went there - 1980.Laurie even droppen in by helicopter. Typical Barrat of that era - wooden inner frame structure, single brick outer shell - pretend. These must be getting towards the end of there economic life. I'm constantly trying to find someone who livesthere who'll let me have a good look.
  11. I would guess an very underemployed builder, trying to make up for lost earnings with an with 'ambitious' pricing. I'm seeing a few of thee in various places. Old lady dies, house a virtual wreck. Sold to builder who comes in and guts the place - tends to be places with old and tired internals - even a desperate builder would not touch a place with structural problems. Shoves it back on for labour (priced at boom hours), material times 2. House's sits there for quite a while. There's a variation on this near me. An old pubs been split into 2, decorated and up for sale for nigh on 4 years. Empty! Bleeding cash with no income. Just google for it to post a link. Theyve been withdrawn. Neithers sold mind. Obvously re-marketing for the easter rush . . . or the banks re-poed it.
  12. I would guess the Algarve place is a villa with a pool too? Which makes the comparison even worse.
  13. 600/week for a flat in Whitby is just too much. Eddie must have made quite an impression on you ;-) There does seem to be a mindset of increasing costs and expecting holiday makers to pick up the expense - mortgage on the 2nd home going up, put the rents up. Fancy opening an office to deal with rentals? Put the rent up. The industry is full of f-tards they think Whitby and area is 'special' and people will carry on spending. By sepcial they mena its not Scarborough - which to be frank., its not. But then Whitby is not Florida, or Spain or the south of France. I reality, the squeeze is on. I'm seeing with the number of voids. FFs if you are running a B+B or rental and you are not full in August then quit now. You're doomed. Is the Algarve stay fully inc. ? I've seen quite of lot deals on the Costa Brava for 10 days, fully inc. for 2 at about 500 each. Rough a month out of peak - both sides of the summer hols.
  14. As you said, things change. The one of the big UK problems is the state is too big and too inefficient. How they can bang about why the UK's productivity is so bad and ignore that UKGOV takes ~ 54% of GDP in tax and then borrows another ~10% more. Jesus - just look at these long delayed reports on the NHS hospital. Good help them when they release the GP stats. Or the education performance.
  15. There's a lot of truth in this. It takes a brave person to to take out a large mortgage - and lets face it a UK mortgage is large - these days. People bang on about making mortgages safe by limiting the amount to 3 or 4 times earnings. But surely that should be 3 or 4 times average earnings to a local area? 40 years ago it would be unthinkable to think that there would be no mining jobs in places like Wakefield. Is the SE going to face a similar change re: finance? Ridiculous? Nope. When I started working in the SE - early 90s - Japanese financial giants were, well, giant like. Nomura, Daichi, etc.
  16. Unless you're in prime-prime London then thats pretty much the story everywhere - esp. in the North. No one's mentioned the outstanding number in this thread - lots of trolling,, lot of get-a-life-get-a-mortgage. The number of housing transaction has been at historical lows for about 5 years. The nationwide figures do not represent the national experience. The figures are biased by London property money laundering. Go outside London and the transaction are way below the probate. Its all zombies out there!
  17. Jolted from my slumber by this article: Council wins Leeds Arena damages case http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-21350136 There are other articles kicking around. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=240375&page=12 She tried to sue Leeds council for making her spend 70m on a development, racking up a few million in legal costs. Had a quick google for Kevin Linfoot. Missed the whole IVA kerfuffle: http://m.yorkpress.co.uk/news/9867347.Setback_for_York_property_tycoon/ http://www.bridgingandcommercial.co.uk/newsstory?id=2548&type=newsfeature&title=the_7_5m_hole_in_millionaire_s_property_empire There does appear to be some comments about whether he's hid any assets. Anyone know what happened to David Hattersley?
  18. The mine head is to be built near Sneaton. Its not going to visible or impact many people. The piple line will just go up the Guisboro road and turn off to Tees port. The chances of Sirus developing this mine is virtually nil. I assume they want to tidy up the rights and then sell it on to another company - assuming they don;t run out of money first. There's a lot of potash available in other countries much nearer China.
  19. I'm local. I have no object to the new mine. The old one at Boulby is OK. There was afuss a few years ago when there was talk of dumping nuclear waste in the old shafts. The new one relies on Potash prices staying very high. Sirius is a commodities boom play. Boulby has been on the verge on closure numerous times because the energy required to process the Potash is very high. Sirius does look like an attempt to extract money from investors rather than potash from the ground. The 1000 jobs is total BS. Mines are high capiatal/low labour companies. This one more so - its going to pipe potash slush to Teesport and ship it to the middle east for processing. Boubly does have a weak spot: There's about 8 feet between the rail and the UK's highest cliffs.
  20. Hats of the LibDems for rasiing the personal allowance. Now that's tax reform. I think UC has been hijacked as a means to roll back the 16 hours family tax credit. At least in its first few years. I would not cross my figures on it giving a good system. The benefit system is mainly about giving bossy, thick middleclass women a job - bossing unemployed working class people about. Try explaining it to anyone and they do no believe it. Even some people at my kids school who could claim don't believe it. All these claims about low-productivity,labour hoarding, low unemployment etc can be mainly explained by the WFTC, CTX, 16 hours system. Any family with 2 kids can have a good, middle-income for putting in a couple of shifts on the tills at Tesco. FFS, you could do one shift each, live in council funded rented and pull in 25K - this is where the 40K/year benefit figures come from.
  21. The comments after the on-line article are wroth a read, too. Spot the Santander employees.
  22. New post rather than shoving it at the end of the Santander thread. Nothing new to this site. Nice to have a bit of eyebrow raising in the MSM, although a lot of commentators on the FTAV site have having a pop at Santander for a few years. Worth using your free article quota or buying from shops for Sunday dinner read. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/57d8d5be-65bf-11e2-a3db-00144feab49a.html#axzz2J4a4ln75 I wet my knickers reading this sentence: 'In contrast to many rivals who have tripped up through the financial crisis, he has excelled at the two basic disciplines of banking – risk management and cost control – often delivered through top-notch IT.' Anyone who have experienced Abbey National's loan criteria, or been at the wrong end of Santander's customer service will have a different opinion.
  23. I'm outside of London. In Lodnon, retns are propper up be housing benefit.
  24. I keep saying this. The rent by itself is useless. Its the voids that matter Rents - on my rouhg like-to-like merteric are back at the nominal 2000ish price. Voiuds appears to running at 2-3 months after a 6 month tenancy.
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