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  1. The average (median) salsry is not that much more than the UK median. London's a monster. When it blows it'll eat everyone! Seriously - last crash (95ish) London went pretty cheap - 2.5 salary/hous price. Its beyond expensive at the moment - I doubt many places outside prime are selling. All one big bonfire, soaked in petrol. Ohh, most of London is pretty unlivable. Thats why all these mumsnetter type crowd around Richmond. Oh2 - London is full of nutters too - proper ones. Oh3 - and cockernees.
  2. All HBOS pensions hsould be capped at 22K - where they would be if the bank had gone bust. There's a one eyed tw.t hiding under the bed in Fife who must be wondering when they are going to come after him. There's letter in the FT from Pirc's MD boggling why the ex-head of KPMG, HBOS auditor, is allowed to decide whether HBOS's auditor should be investigated: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b5ac2584-a056-11e2-88b6-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2Q2RhRDih "We now learn that the new chairman of the Financial Conduct Authority, John Griffith-Jones, chairman of KPMG before and after HBOS collapsed, attended the Financial Services Authority meeting that set the terms of reference for the FSA’s own inquiry into the collapse of HBOS. The minutes of that meeting show the FSA not to be looking at the conduct of the auditors or the role of accounting standards. In Pirc’s opinion, both the presence of Mr Griffith-Jones at the meeting and the scope agreed at the meeting raise more questions." An incestious cabal of buffoons.
  3. Hard to get stats on 16/minimum hours working. Anecdotally, the 16h tax credit turned every low skilled full time job into about 4 part-time jobs. I would guess about about 30% of parents are doing 16h. Go to the porrer areas and its around 100%. Massive supply of dinner ladies, Tesco check-out workers. B.gger all people with any skills willing to work 40h.
  4. No. I strongly disagree with that statement. You are making quite a lot of assumptions. 1) Do you have finance on the house? 2) Maintenance can be very expensive esp. with an empty house. Ever been in a house where the pipes or water tank have burst and nobody has noticed for a few months? Ever tried getting rid of squatters? Ever seen the state of a new build thrown up in the late 80s? I have, they need knocking down. All houses eventually fall down. 3) Demand changes. Go to Grange Town in Middlesbrough (or Wakefied or Salford or Stoke or Basingstoke, etc). Companies and work move on. 30 odd years ago, the concept of ICI or British Steel not employing >10,000 in Middlesbrough would have seemed as unbelievable as the City of London not employing that many people in 2020, or China funding the USAs 7% spendign deficit. Things change, and not always for the better and to your advantage.
  5. Rentals always strikes me as a risky business. You are providing an expensive service to people who, on average, don't have much money. Unless you buy the house very, very cheap i.e. less than 2 times the local average wage then I don't think you've got much wiggle room. BTL, where people have been buying houses at > 5 local wage, strikes me as abut a good a business as suing people with no money.
  6. I'm noticing the length of voids at the moment. The 'Let By' signs are being left up for months which means either its not let (hangover from 'Sold' days), or they don't need another 'Let' sign. Neithers a good sign for a LL. I also noted the few half-ar5ed attempts at the normal Easter flyers - 'We can !!SELL!! your house. Buyers lined up, et etc'' only came to a couple of flyers. Nomrally I get a couple of day during the easter week. Must be the snow. The flyers also had 'We've can rent your house' plastered over them.
  7. And the Mail comes back: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2302545/Im-ducker-diver-Truth-BBC-welfare-victim-dared-Iain-Duncan-Smith-live-53-week.html IDS is a coq. Back to the man, the article shows that he pays 400/month is rent + more for utils. He's split from his wife. So we can assume the state is paying for his ex and kids. Why is he not in a shared house or somewhere cheaper FFS? And the other obvious fact - why are rents/housing costs so high if people have so little money? And the answer to hat is HB.
  8. Coming from commuting distance of 'boro, I've got a bit of over-lap with your experience. But I agree with Ayatollah's later post. These people - including a good few of my family + friends - were like this and affected. But they were all betting on a one or two industries (steel, coal, chemicals) which, when you look back, really only about 20 glory years - lates 50s through to the late 70s. Those days, you could be an easter leaver (quit before taking any exams), turn up the Monday and get a job that, although dirty + heavy + needing 10 hours overtime, would give you a good living. I remember my uncle (miner, Wakefield) telling a about going to spain - 75-ish. These were the days of capital controls - ours and theirs. He could only take about a weeks wages with him. (By the 70s, miners were in the top 10% wage earners. Sh1t job mind.) He couldn't spend it all. He came back with a straw donkey and a preserved bulls c.ck which looked like a sword. By 79, union over reach, general lack of profit, high oil price etc had killed off most of those industries. It wasn't Thatcher - at least in the main - look at Germany where similar industries in the Ruhr valley have gone the same way. Wierdly, 'boro (Middlesbrough), which I remember Ay.Bug having a connection to, is repeating the cycle. The major employee (outside of local gov) is now the ex-poly. Back to my comment, some branches of my family ended up having dad, sons + daughters all working for the same company. Nuts. Another branch fished up the coast. Even these, the dumbest, had a system of risk reduction - max of time family members in a single boat - to avoid getting wiped out. Mind you, they did not have a risk-reduction strategy for fishing all the fish.
  9. You're looking at my sister's facebook page. Go on, admit you stalker. They're not stupid if they're asking and the government is giving. They are stupid if its pretty obvious that the whole scam hit a wall - see various articles today along the lines of 'Won't anyone think of the poor|||'
  10. Its is if you've paid for it. If you have a mortgage then, nope. Bit like my Mum: 'Oh <insert_tw.t> must be doing well for himself, he's just got a new car' Me: 'Credit and.or finance?'
  11. There's no need to do anything really OTT. Rule 1 - No council tax relief for 2nd homes. You pay the same whether you're in it 4 months of the year or 12. Trust me - a house sucks up money + time. A barely occupied house can suck up and enormous amount of time and money. There is a reason home insurance has a clause that insists a house is not left unoccupied for more than 4 weeks. Me and my brother once had to break into a 2nd home to turn the water off as a pipe had burst and it had started to flood my cousins house. Rule 2- No small business tax relief for holiday lets. Holiday must pay rates - council tax multiplied by about 4. Most people need to be dissuased from buying 2nd homes for their own financial good.
  12. Neither was I. I would guess Gidioet would have been briefed with a ball-park figure. As far as Merv's beady-eye, watching out for banks not lending . . . I'm guessing its the same beady eye that watched over about 80% of the banks + building societies go bust or into some form intensive care. Thing is, gilts are rising (a UK bank is not going to borrow at a lower rather then UKGOV). The Cyprus fun will put up the cost of deposits - banks are going to have to compete more + more for them. Christ, whats going to happen when the base rates start ticking up? Or the bond market goes nuts - or even the QE ends?
  13. Welfare reform is best done when the economy is growing. Attempting anything when the wheels are falling off is going to be disaster. Another reason why Gordon should be in the stocks. Not sure about CI. You're just looking at the money spent on welfare and dividing it by the population. Unlike Alaska, government revenues come mainly from taxation, not resource extraction. I'm for NI being what it says on the can - insurance. You loose your job you get a payout proportional to how much you've paid in. UK welfare has evolved into nothing more than a client state where the likes of Gorddy is the daddy and gets to choose the 'poor and deserving' and hopefully 'vote for me'. Let durham, I come from an area (north North Yorkshire) where what was the a large percentage of the population has evolved into a client state. Its not just a northern thing. The same situation is around the country esp. London, and costs a ff-ing fortune and achieves nothing - 5+ years on welfare and you're unemployable. In my home town, its really hard to get employable people - the majority are on benefits and will not come off them - unless its cash in hand. Running any form of non-cash in-hand business is pretty impossible, so business fail, or do not start, or just become small, family affairs. Resulting in less jobs, more welfare, less jobs, more welfare, etc. Forget redistribution. Have a hard stop work-fare system. Cap claims at 5 years in you life time. 2 years on welfare and a job will be found for you - even if its pushing a broom.
  14. Half of the welfare-dependent scroungers work for the DSS. Lumpen, unemployable, money grabbing, unemployable, clipboard holding dross.
  15. And looking at the various stats, London morgagees are balls deep in IO mortgage. No equity, no movee! As far as London having regions, well, I've always found Slough and Fitzrovia to be pretty much the same.
  16. I used to think that until I realised its just the UK generates a re large number, of big fat munters. The food bank BS on starving makes me laugh. Come back when their BMI is under obese.
  17. There is a need for food banks, or rather some sort of emergency food programme. Food stamps maybe? However, the Trussell trust is taking the p1ss. Basically - people who make money from food banks says there is need for food banks (please give us money). Jesus, if you give stuff away there will be demand for it. I noticed the spin the local from the Trussel trust has changed. Its gone from 'people are hungry' to 'people making poor nutritional choices' FFS. Its probably come about as the nice people who volunteer to help out have found themselves handing out biscuits to lard-asses.
  18. If it lasts. If it ends - as it looks likely this April + summer then they are screwed.
  19. Thre was a feature on nail bars in Today R4 (Mon 25ht mar) about 1 hour in. Changing face of the high-street and all that. There are sod-all fishmongers now but 1000s of nail bars. Normally probing journalism i.e. give someone the mike, let them spout cr.p. I know of a couple of nails-bars. One is full of chinese workers of varying immigration status. The other is full of women working to get te tax credir hours. Its visited by other women p1ssing their tax credit away.
  20. The property/DIY thread tends to be balanced. Like life, you get some people who are thick as sh1t but the other posters tend to guide them back to reality. The 'Am I being unreasonable' thread is another thing totally. Total bat sh1t. Read that at your own risk. You'll turn gay - if it wasn;t for the fact most gay people I know make the mumsnetters look sane re: property and spending. As far as dating info. Nah. Mumsnetter - think dumpy mum lates 30s.
  21. I had 3 months relocation for my 1st job. I got a flat on a month-month basis. As soon as the relocation ended I moved into a shared house. My rent went from 400/month to 150. There was 3of us in 4 bed place. Even with the extra bedrooom, the rest of the house was much biffeg. The other 2 people had a similar setup. We moved out of 3 seperate, small flats into 1 house, saving about 800/month. HB just encourages people to p1ss taxpayers money away. About time.
  22. Do you remember when Frank Field was tasked with 'thinking the unthinkable' after 97? His unthinkable was a contribution based scheme, as planned by the original Labour party after the war and as implemented by most of mainland Europe. You pay you play. You can understand why he was booted out. Gordon Brown's client state - for it is his - is the most odious, ruinous social policy ever put in place. Its bled the welfare money dry, scr.wing over people who work and should get better - say 50% salary for 2 years, then workfare. Its made almost a generation of people unemployable - I know 35 year olds who've only done 16 hours low skilled in their entire working life - no skills, no work record. Its turned out monsters like the odious c.nt who burned his kids to death.
  23. When I was a kids - North East, late 70s/ealry 80s - you'd get families who'd spent every penny of their then quite low benefit on the catalogues. Stuff like toys bought at 80p a week, jackets at 50p week/2 years. We used to give a kid his tea every other day as hid mum had spent the budget for the next 2 years. Wierd how thins change. Who'd have thought the same people would be spending their now quite high levels of benefit on TV. I read somewhere that 30% of Sky's subs base are on benefits of one kinds or another. It was flagged as a material risk.
  24. Looking at what's been annoucend - more childcare taxs credits, higher tax free earnings, etc, I'm expecting UC to be gutted come summer. Im with Durham - the tax credits are a great big con. Gordon's client state bribe. Expect the money given out to be slashed, the qualifying hours to raised to 45 per person.
  25. Oh and the Swedish social model -read this week's Bagehot in the Economist. Basicailly, the state will support you going back to work, even if the support costs more than tax yield. Bare in mind most people only need help for 10-15 years with kids. A persons working life is about 45-50 years. The problem the UK has is you have a large pecentage of the population popping out kids to avoid work - no, Im not on about teen mums. These people coast then come up with some cr.p excuse for not working when the kids are no longer dependent: kids -> bad back brigade. They're kids have a tendency to do the same too. Repeat for a for a few generations, mix with employment changes, and you get places like Middlesbrough. Portsmouth, etc.
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