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  1. I think - and Whitby whispers are like chinese whispers without the verification - Harrisons stubbed up the land and Ed provided a lot of time and maybe some money. They are well fking ugly - solid, tall wall, right against the pavement. These have been done for how long now- 5, 6 years?? Chubb Hill - there's a few on the go. The biggy is the functional english building (remember the Karlicks?) I believe these are listed by virtue of being old + near the park. I think the people are too late and have bitten off a lot more than they could chew. 50K is rich for Loftus. These places will go back to there normal earning multiples - about 1.5 wages, so about 25K. As far as holiday park whitby - saltwick bay's always full. What are the places from the 80s, just beyond the viaduct? These places are permanently for sale - the lease species they can only be occupied for 10 months. People cannot afford to keep the mortgage on a holiday home, never mind buy one. You'll see the traditional double dip, which always follow the double up in holiday places. I think this goes back to the old Wessie thing. (I have some wessies in the family - Ive still got a lifetime supply of NCB waterproofs!) After the war, wessies were the higher percentage of visitors to the region. They also had full-time, well paying jobs - trust me, by the 70s miners were in the top 10% wage earners in the country. People on the coast, in the main, did not. There was a lot of snearing, mainly from people who were not miners. In the main, most wessies don't have a pot to p1ss in now. Sooner they scrap the free OAP pass the better. Oh and don't get me started on 'boro scum. I guess Ed would have visited as a kid - he was what 60ish, from Hebden. So that would tie in. The traits pretty common in the natives too. I knew a girl from eskdale who was as rought and loose as f.ck at school. Sometime in her 20s she became Hycnyth Bucket after having a job for a few years. Now she's back on benefits full - some made up sicky like ME. All before she's 45 FFS!
  2. She was annoyingly vocal rather than a big player. She's a few years older than me so we've our paths never crossed. But she does seem to be very very over leveraged. Just curious thats all. Still I guess people like her can always fall back on her Potash shares . . .
  3. I think he worked for RIchardson + Son during the 80s. I guess he got laid off in 93/94 - I don't anyone would be have stupid enough to start a new EA then. But he was nuts . . . He had his names to various schemes. Its murkey if he ever had skin in the game. He obviously was nuts deep in the Whitehall thing but that seems to be scamming of his ex PILs. There's no record of any sale but there has been a lot of work done there. http://www.whitehallwhitby.net/about.html http://www.yorkshirelife.co.uk/homes-gardens/property-market/whitby_39_s_landmark_whitehall_building_celebrates_its_220th_birthday_in_style_1_1570893 (You can google on this. The Northern echo had some poof piece) And I think he was involved money wise in the good awful new stuff at the top of Pannet Park. You don't like Whitehall either? They are a bit err vertical. They spoil the view to and from the river. I dislike those scammy cottages (engine shed) built on the other side more. They're like a terrace of sh1thouses. And spoil the view from Esk Terrace, which is one of favourite streets in Whitby.
  4. I understood his claim that they'll pick an IR level and put it in the calculation to determine if he person qualifies for HTB. I'm guessing the HTB numbers will be somewhere south of 5,000.
  5. Incidently, as you're from the west side, have you ever run into Ms D F-H? You'll either know who I mean or not - I don't think the town has that many double-barrel names yet.
  6. Bare in mind he set us on his own in 94-ish. The Whitby market was still cr.p then but not falling. In fact, compared to today, the number of transaction in 94 probably look booming. EAs make their money on the number of sales, not the price of those sales. Sounds like he was pretty off the scale manic/OTT. I read the poof piece as a 'Look at this! Look at this! (Dont look at that)' piece. Forget what it was for - Best award for an EA beginning with A and ending N type.
  7. Collector item plates from back of Sunday supplements? Static caravan in Skegness?
  8. Yes. There are some very crap GPs out there. For the cost of the NHS/GP system you'd expect there would be some sort of qulaity control. There isn't. An insane mix of meds killed both my Grandad, over the road neighbour and up the road old bloke. All the same GP. Sometimes your best of googling. Meningitis is relativly easy to diasgnose. All you've got to ask is 'Is this a parent who turns up every time the kid has a cold?' If not and the signs are there, off to emergency you go. This is one of the very sad results of the NHS IT system being a failure. The NHS kills loads of people due to lack of basic information. If the NHS organisation cannot sort a system out then the NHS should be sacked. FFS there are off the shelf HL7 system in use all round the world!
  9. That's just applications. Nothing more f-king annoying than being stuck at the supermarket behind someone who's entire wallet full of cards are being rejected. Politeness stops me from tapping them on the shoulder and pointing to Iceland.
  10. The NHS started as a means to fight sickness, mainly infectious diseases. A quick trip to your GP or local hospital will sow is 80% an old folks day care/health care. Sort out what and how much you are willing to spend on OAPs and you'll fix the funding issue. My mum works at an Old folks home. The amount of unneeded, high risk operations they subject the residents to is a joke. The OAP does not benefit - the shock sends then dolally. Its just surgeons practicing (at best), or just padding out their hours (at worst).
  11. Incidently, I had a flyer from First Direct in the last week. 95% mortgage. No fees. ~3.60% over BoE base rate. I did wonder if that's a hint of spreads to come.
  12. What's driving that then? Higher gilts - a by connection - higher funding cost. Or .. having to compete for less and less money as people spend/withdraw their cash? You don't know if there's an easy way to find out how much a banks capital base is savers cash, and how much it changes year to year? At the mo, I don;t know people are putting cash into Nationwide - seems an awful lot of risk for very little return at the mo.
  13. Yes. No joke. Best way ahead would be to create a wolf-filled forest next to each practice and sit the OAPs in there. Vikings - a bit of bad PR but they knew how to treat the old. Seriously, the quote about 7 appointments per head is correct. But that probably accounts for about only 5% of the patients; 50% of which the GP probably never sees in a decade. Another good, serious idea would be to have a nurse led clinic weighing people every year. Go over obese and your tax contribution goes up. A lot.
  14. an old car jacked up on a load of bricks: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2439131/Inside-James-Hunts-6m-seven-bedroom-home-complete-swimming-pool-landscape-gardens.html Did he sell it to the Beverly Hills hill-billys? Looking at the interior - and Im no designer - money truly cannot buy taste.
  15. The inquest report has made it to the WG website. Normal type of comments from these sort of things - his family blame the wife and ignore the fact he was unstable and was heading for a fall. They mention the car crash - which i thought only broke his arm, death in family and 'business concerns' and fear of 'public embarrassment'. What do I make from it? Sounds likes a manic depressive who was way over leveraged. The EA business is still going - for now. Let's see how events pan out - bits of it sound like those idiots who kill themselves for their family to claim the life insurance without realising that suicide cancels the policy.
  16. Yes. London is less about profit, more about laundering cash.
  17. There's meant to be an offloading.insuring of the free bit. I've still seen no sign of what's in place. I would have guessed that the cost of insuring 20% of a mortgage for someone who cannot afford, would cost more than the IRs at the moment.
  18. Has anyone seen any numbers on how many people they are doling out free* money too? I ask, as when you see the actual numbers they amount to b.gger all. Less a scheme for helping people; more a scheme for public sector workers trying to justify their existence. * help for 2 years, on your own for the next 23.
  19. The UK's 'key' workers are the ones working in export industry. Seriously - we're quickly heading to a debt/currency crisis. Public sector? Essential!! Nah! So many of them, so un-productive. The fire strike is a bit of a a farce. Outside of RTA, the fire service has been at a bit of a loose end since the end of coal fires and chip pans.
  20. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/fc4d500e-26ce-11e3-9dc0-00144feab7de.html?siteedition=uk#axzz2g21NLCYp blah die blah. BoE given 'brake'. Looking at reducing guarantee etc etc. Looks like it was a bit of a confidence trick. Bit of Jedi mind control from Gidiot.
  21. Yeah which ones POF? Do they offer group discounts?
  22. I think buying B+B is a hiding to nowhere. I post on the Yorkshire board about Whitby, which has more than its fair share of B+B, guest houses, holiday lets. The majority don;t make money. B+B are particualr bad as they screw up your start (breakfast) and end (dinner, arrivals) of day so you cannot get a job to get more cash. You need 2 people to run the place plus help. I was down in Weymouth (just down the line from Gilly) for a few days this summer. I like Weymouth - its clean (esp. compare to B'mouth) and not obviously on its ar5e - like Blackpool definitely is and Scarborough is in places. The B+B was OK, if a bit small, right at the front and cost 90/night for 4 of us. I had a city break in a 4* marrioit for the same price - massive room, hughe breakfast, pool. The B+B had vancancies. In August!!! God knows how the sh1tholes away from the front were doing. Badly I guess by the state ofthe places near the train station. Oh, you only have about 4 months to make your money. Any business that involves financing UK real estate is bound to fail. ps. there's a cracker of a new place opened in home village. Just stumbled on it recently. Only noticed as a new name popped up on the local news site coming up with loads of nutd ideas of increasing tourisms to the area - we've got loads of it, problem is few have any spent left after the petrol. First time house has sold out of a family for 90 years. New owners have the place gutted, OTT 6 months!!! refit. I shall sit in the background observing this one play out. Incedently, a new CBBC series has started about a B+B in Scabby. If this bares any resemblance to real life expect the nice families staying in summer to be replaced by kiddy fiddlers, ex-cons and junkies.
  23. I took an interest in the UK legal sector a few years ago. I was more interested if there was any money to be made from it. AFAIK I could not. My SIL is a lawyer (now) and one of my casual drinking associates is a partner at a local regional company. SIL qualified 4 years ago. Did her LPC and - just - got her placement - whatever it is - working for a years or so for b.gger all. Now she qualified from one of the top 3 UK university for law. Out her class of ~40, only about 5 went onto practice. The Lawyer website claims that only a small percentage of law grads go on to practice! My SIL classmates struggled and gave up. God knows how people from less respected do - I guess they don't. The drinking buddy I was chatting because of the smaller solicitor had folded/packed up shop - at one stage there were quite a few notices in the paper along the lines of 'Mssr Bullshitter + son have ceased to trade. All documents are with Mssr B.llox and co'. Bloke said work really dried up. Too many companies chased CFA cases (conditional fee agreement) - 'After a family celebration, my client was walking along the pavement and tripped,resulting him not being able to pursue his childhood dream job of being an astronaut.' etc etc. Very few of thee paid out. They ran up huge expenses pursuing them. Then there was the change from parternships to LLPs. Small companies got dreams of grandeur and scaled up their operations. Look at the likes of Halliwells. Even big firms Deuey + Lebeof. The Lawyer website is well worth a an occassional read. This week's Economist had an article of how the wider 'professional services' group are in sh1t - law, accountancy, management/business consultancy. Seems like they've all hit massive structural (computers) and cyclical (cash too short for the month) problems over the last 5+ years. Law really doesnot seem a worthwhile career choice fro the forseeable future.
  24. Hmm,another body to the sales grinding machine. Job maybe EA, TV sales, insurance sales, bond sales, share sales ,whatever. It does matter that much; the script is the same: Fresh recruit turns up. Told they can earn $$$$$$$$$$. Stats job. Earns $/8 Sacked/leaves. Next! I'll believe this EA Poof pieces when I see any in the offices down my local EA stretch. Its not all Rightmove. B.gger all sales so b.gger all work so b.gger all money so b.gger all EAs.
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