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  1. ARe the shops owned or rented? Pizza Express has always truck me as a leveraged type place, so I think they might be rented. Its possible the Chinese may find that the a big hole has been cut out of the compnay, the void sprinkled with lettuce and called 'Special low cal' version, and the then charged extra for it. I prefer Hut - Italian peasant food should cost italian peasant prices. And the salad bar is good + cheap.
  2. 'She won’t need £90 million to do that. How will they spend it? ‘I won’t believe we’ve got it until it’s in the bank, so let’s just wait,’ Mrs Wilson retorts, with characteristic caution.' I don't believe it either.
  3. 'When the Channel Tunnel was closed for four months for repairs after a fire, leaving many tenants whose jobs relied on the tunnel out of work and unable to pay the rent, he admits it was a worrying time. Twenty per cent of their tenants were in arrears, so their income barely covered their mortgages, and relief came only when the Bank of England dropped interest rates to 0.5 per cent.' Really? How many people work on the Chunnel? I can believe 20% of their tenants were in arrears, I would guess that is always the case with private rentals to people on low wages.
  4. 'Maybe so, but Mr Wilson doesn’t do a very good PR job. He frequently rants about his tenants, his bugbear being single mums, whom he evidently regards as universally ditsy. When he makes after-dinner speeches, their inability to perform even the most basic task, such as turning the immersion on, is the butt of his jokes, which cast political correctness to the four winds.' Would a small, new-build have an immersion? I think a combi-boiler would be more likely. Lying *****.
  5. 'He also spouts on rather cruelly about the tenants he has evicted — and not just the 200 benefits claimants who received possession notices this year because (understandably, you might think) he tired of them spending the rent allowance they receive directly from the council.' So that's a lot of mortgage payments missed then. Are we getting close to why 'he's' selling then?
  6. 'He cites the Guardian, which ran a story about one of its IT staff who claims he was summarily evicted by the Wilsons for daring to complain about a broken boiler. (Mr Wilson says he wanted him out to raise the rent.)' ????
  7. 'His wife looked jaded, too. She was more animated when discussing her grandchildren, and the blackcurrant jam she had just made, than interest rates. As for their hopes for a buy-to-let dynasty, neither Samantha nor Tanya, their second daughter, want the ‘hassle’, they said.' Wonder why she prefers talking about jam rather than interest rates. Wonder why her kids don't want their 'fortune'
  8. 'Buoyant then, their aim was to keep on buying and hand the business on to their elder daughter, Samantha, then in her mid-30s and also a teacher.But they tired of calls about faulty gas meters and plumbing problems.' In my 40 odd years of life, I've never had a faulty gas meter. Plumbing problems tend to be minor events, every 5 years.
  9. 'They are mightily proud of this self-grown empire in the Garden of England, checking their Eastern European handymen have done the repairs, and even spying through the window of one recently vacated house to ensure its interior décor is still magnolia and white, as their strict lease rules stipulate.' Why would a LL have to peer through the windows of one of his vacated houses? I would guess the he's no longer in possession of the house.
  10. I think the For Sale is for his wife. Anyone want a pop? O-levels, A-levels. £20 to go bareback.
  11. He's demonstrated that he ha no grips of the problems with the current welfare setup - and there's a lot of problems to choose from. He's shown he has total lack of ability to lead a project. Again, he's one of these thicko posh people who think computers are magic an they just need to hire someone to do the magic and !poof! done! If he was soo concerned about welfare, why did he not ask Frank Field and get a good grounding in what needs to be done. I think there's a strong chance we are going to move to a form of contribution based system a la the rest of Europe. There's too many of these type of stories: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2688663/Shameless-Slovak-mother-11-gets-handouts-430-WEEK-says-wont-job-stay-UK-forever.html It always suprises that a country that claims to be the most American/non-socialist has the most stupid, socialist welfare system - both benefits and NHS. I now a few mainland Europeans who would be regarded as lefties in the UK, they are actually more Social Democrats but that detail is lost on a lot of people in the UK. Their opinions of the UK benefits is that its a moronic, expensive system, designed to ensure a large percentage of the population remain on benefits and deny decent money to those who pay in. 'Why don't the UK implement a government backed, contribution employment insurance scheme' they ask. We do - National Insruance - expect its wasted on pet schemes and a client state. At the minimum, tax credits will be changed so that each adult needs to work 35h/week to qualify, and the top up will be 5h min wage/week.
  12. Good. Its just matter of making it a choice for the company, rather than a personal whinge. Again frame it : 'If you want to base the job in London then you need to be offering a salary £120K - much more if you have family. The reality for employees is that the majority of people moving to London are either young and of limited experience, very rich, or people claiming benefits. Or you going to have to recruit from people already there. They are not going to recruit from 2 of those categories. I've said it before and I'll say it again, for all the claims of how London is a success, the number of people dependent on benefits makes Middlesbrough look like a hub of enterprise.
  13. Err its BTL loan. Do they mean 4.9 rental income? If they mean LL income, then, following the MMR guidelines - and I know BTLs are unregulated, they're going to have to discount any of LLS' current mortgages and debt. Would it not have been easier to say they are no longer doing BTL mortgages?
  14. So they're a bunch of idiots then. Like most financial disasters that have befallen on the UK over the last 60 years, the trigger will be external.
  15. Yep, if a bloke get past 30, he's good for another 60 years.
  16. Its is indeed. Today's breaking news from the Institute of Baeretics Surgeons: Gastric Bands for potential diabetics: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-28246641 So, rather than doing the safe, cheap option of handling type 2 diabetes - basically, losing wieght , dieting + exercising, we have are opting for an elective operation which is: a) very dangerous; its hard to calculate the gas for gas fat people and being fat makes the physical operation risky - and not just for the poor fcker who has to lift them onto the operation table. has unknown future health issues.
  17. Hmm, voids near me can be 2 months. I would put in 1 month void/year into the figure. The days of there being so few rentals that they cleared in a week are long gone. Christ, at the moment there are about 5 rentals To Let in the streets adjacent to me - that's a couple of minutes walk. Maintenance for a OOO house tends to be £100/month over the medium to long term. I
  18. Don't worry. The working man part of the Labour party has been re-energerised and are sorting the party out: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/jul/10/labour-party-fundraiser-500-thousand-antony-gormley Its beer and sandwich time again!
  19. The system is very complex. There are a lot of hoops to be jumped thru. A lot of people, esp. OAPs cannot handle the paper work - Gorddy wanted everybody to jump for his free money. Its sad how the world changes around a lot of OAPs. I had an Aunty in Wakefield. When she moved into her estate it was a really nice area filled with miners - this was one of the brave new world estates built during the 60s. Over the years the mines shutdown, the houses transfered from the NCB to the council. Over the housing policy was change from 'miners needing to be near work' to 'needs based' which is another way of saying 'the more dysfunctional you are, the more points you get'. The estate turned into a fkcing sh1thole full junkies and single mums. You ended up with OAPS - who tended to be at least OK if not nice - surrounded by scum. OAPs tend to depression. You do need someone t go and organise stuff and keep them active.
  20. Yep. All that money failed to even get close to beating a handful of bronze aged afghan hill billies and a scattering of disgruntled brummie curry house waiters.
  21. There's no anger. I have a shrug at the stupidity and expense of tax credits, and how the money wasted - because it is wasted - could left with the people earning it rather than wasted on bribing voters. Tax credits started from a good thing -Clinton's mid-90s benefit reforms. In short these were: work or starve. If you work then we'll top of your money by $100. If you don;t work - fkc off. Very American; very hard. Brown, who will be remembered as one of the worst politicians ever, took this system and fcked it up. Tax credits started in 2000. First, he got the figures wrong - tax credits were due to cost ~£600m. Rather than a simple system, Brown complicated it so no-one understood it - the claimants, the DSS, no-one. After 2 years, you had all these stories of single mums owing the tax 7k coz the system fcked it up. So Brown the fckwit boosted up the earning limits and reduced hours work to qualify. This started a rush to all join it as people worked out the scam. Then people learned about the self-employment scam. Tax credits now cost ~30bln/year - a bit higher than the estimate. Down my road, we have 4 tax credit families: online card designer (popular), 2 self employed graphic artists and an art tutor. In my daughters class, there are (all self employed): 2 perma-culture consultants 1 land scape gardener, about 4 avon reps Working 16h: 5 supermarket checkouts 2 leaflet deliverers 2 cleaner 4 teaching assistants Ant its not private sector taking advantage of these people. The public sector make jobs for a lot of them. What could go wrong? We (the UK) don't have the money. When I was growing up in the North, the local economy shifted from providing well paying jobs to easter leavers to providing nothing. My friends older siblings went from having a job lined up to nothing. As this was the early 80s, the system paid them off with 25/week and no hop to jump thru. With a bit of work on the sly, you could survive - in rough way, providing you had cheap housing - normally mum or relatives, or a cr.ppy shared flop house. Then the tide changed when the 90s recession started - there was no money. You then had a situation where loads of now late 20s, who'd never worked, formally, since they were 16, suddenly have to find jobs. Same thing will happen with tax credits. Loads of people have got into a lifestyle and an income which suddenly stops.
  22. That should have read: Having drinkable water from the taps and a good sewerage/waste system
  23. Its parents - be they single or a couple. The tax credit system does not care. If you are a couple you can split the burden of 16h by working 8h each.
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