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  1. FB will have 'consilidated' their infrastructure - because that will be something that sounds good to their management and might save money. Anyhow, it sounds like a 'thing' they an do. They might also have rolled out some form remote administration - those expect+ tools like Chef etc. So theyve got all their services running off the same kit, administered by an automatic tool. They want to roll out a firmware update - or a config change, to reflect some change to their network. So they give the task to someone who doesnt graps what they are doing and rather than updating the boxes in a subset of geographies- just in case - they roll it out across everything. The time of the failure is significant - bets practise means you never change stuff at the weekend- unless you are splashing out on OT. So, someone comes in first thing Monday, California time and rolls it out.
  2. Taxes and property prices are too high, esp in the UK. Anyone starting out will find they are running still, so give up and work minimal hours.
  3. Demand - and pay -for medical staff is not infinite. I know of several nurses who, maybe by being selective on where they want to work, are waiting for the right position to become open.
  4. You work youre contracted hours. If someone wants to work x hours during the evening or weekend then fine. In terms of software n whatnot, theres a lot of work than I can pretty much do without thinking too hard. And stuff that I can whiz thru that may take a less experienced person 20x the times, assuming they actually finish. Activity like consulting can be very lucrative for an individual and save the company 100s if not millions. Getting someone with experience in for a few days spent, pointing out the shortcomings and pitfalls in a plan/design/strategy before an org commits. Of course, you then run into the problem of getting that experience/wisehead rather than a bullshitter. Nothing is easy or free or cheap.
  5. Why do you need medical cover if you are in the UK? And why info do you want to spend time with other 60+? 50 is stupidly young to stop earning. You said subsist. You really need to look at living. Not cruising the world, just having the cash to do stuff.
  6. Siezing property that he - or the company - have mortgaged becomes complex and would require bee laws. Far better to ban them from letting property, which they can do. Then all the shit n fallout falls on them n their daft banks. The system needs to be moving so all tge hassle n cot falls on the LL/bank, do tye banks starting pricing btl loans much higher - or all away from it.
  7. UKGOV cannot - or should not - seize property off people. However scams like this one should be met with proportional fines. Also need a fit n proper hurdle for LL. End of day, they are housing people. LL licensing - registered with LA. Pubs/on license premises are. I see no difference for rentals. In this case, license to rent out properties out to be removed. Let the scammers n their banks deal with fall out. Ditto goes for that fat ffer Fergus
  8. https://www.lmslgroup.com/team/ Massive fine, then ban them from letting property.
  9. To add to his portfolio he borrowed money to buy four flats in the stylish Leeds Dock area – only to discover to his horror after the 2017 Grenfell disaster that apartment blocks there were sheathed in flammable cladding I'm surprised it took so long. Prices of Leeds dock flats plummeted ages ago. And it sounds like hed not even worked out s24 taxes. And a nhs manager doing vague stuff for big money to boot - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tom-mansell-99656554
  10. Oh .. more detail ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10044723/Location-Location-Location-couple-pay-25K-budget-three-bed-house-Lewisham.html Software product managers Jess and Zach were renting a home from Jess' parents, and with the sale of Zach's home in Sheffield they'd managed to amass a hefty deposit, which with their mortgage took them up to a budget of £700,000. So, not ftbs. I think theyll find people have been exiting London at a rapid clip since covid. And its South London ffs. Plebs! And they might want to rethink that mortgage when jess gets knocked. Or later, when they visit the local state schools.
  11. I always Google, to see if the talk adds up - average couple, scratching does not make good TV. And journos, TV types, just make stuff up. Take this one - Londoner, 29, bought £550,000 house by giving up takeaways and Ubers Ellie bought her Clapham home by cutting back on unnecessary spending - but still goes on holiday several times a year https://www.mylondon.news/news/property/29-year-old-londoner-bought-21112066 Quick Google- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9799783/Blogger-gives-millennials-advice-save-money-defends-splashing-silly-things.html A millennial money blogger has defended splashing a 'significant amount' of cash on things other people would deem as 'silly', claiming spending shouldn't be such a 'super judgey topic'. Finance coach Ellie Austin-Williams, 29, rents her home in Clapham, south London and works freelance in marketing while running her popular This Girl Talks Money blog. ... Ellie quit her job at a London law firm in 2018 and started working for a brand and marketing consultancy before founding This Girl Talks Money in May 2019. The blogger's interest in finance began in her final year of Southampton University, where she studied Modern Languages before heading to law school to undergo her LPC I read that as - went to Uni, failed to get job eith non vocational degree, stupidly did a lpc course - Cos there arnt 10,000s of under employed law grads, did a few years paralegalling, then jacked it in to do liw paid, self employed journalism.
  12. This is a much much bigger topic. I know people (school mates Dads) who started the apprentice, night school a level, degree route, starting at 16, getting a eng. degree, slowly, in their late 20s. I asked how many typically made it down this route- one or two a year, out of a large apprentice pool - for many once school was done, that was it. Took some time, took some effort and some scafrice - mates Dad said ut was just a matter of giving up a few week nights and football on Sat or Sun afternoon for 8 years. However, these were vocational degrees, with skills transferable between irgc, not that many had to. I dont think I've last at a single employer long enough to make this viable, moving every 2 to 3 years. Thats more down to hiw companies gave changed, copying tgat audit crook, Jack Welsh, working n being promoted as a means to earn more being replaced to leaving for more money. Companies are finding tge downside with tge latter as they become much smaller, so less likely to have spare, skilled, capacity. And more complex - I lot at some companies, their products and the afe of their rapidly reduced workforce and think - Youd only have to poach a few key people, - rarely cxo types - and the whole lot will crumble. Again, Jack Welch fcked western orgs, with his bent accounting n creative finance.
  13. 15m-20m The benefit bill and public sector have grown too. The tax revenue hasn't. Removal of free access to public services and benefits and 90% will leave.
  14. A 40 year is very here. The only reason to take long mortgages us to push the repayments down. 40 years is exposing yourself to a lot IR risk. Again, you are assuming - Uni, nurse job. It just doesnt work out like that in places like Cumbria. It's very much dead woman's shoes. She has a house for 210/m - plus tge extras - maintenance, tax, utilities. Shed have non of that extra spend uf shed stayed at her parents or a house share /lodge. She has not made an obvious good decision. Houses in Cumbria have gone nowhere.
  15. I dont think she has. She could have stayed with her parents - Im assuming hes training in Maryport - and saved her money. Houses cost a lot more than mortgage4 repayments. Then ,after shes qualified and moved up a band or two, she could have bought the same or better hosue for less money. https://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_report.htm?location=maryport&startmonth=01&startyear=2000&endmonth=07&endyear=2021
  16. That's ********. Shell be looking for a training place followed by employment. I know plenty of nurses who are looking for jobs. Sure there might be vacancies in London/SE but in places like Cumbria your options are limited.
  17. I dint think they exist for mortgages, not in a way to make the mortgage cheap n multiples that high. Heres habito, one of the dodgiest going. https://www.habito.com/mortgage-calculator Max 54k, which is around 4.5, top end of MMR limits. And the repayments for a 40y 90k mortgage come back at 350ish.
  18. They, whatever colour ukgov, are just bobbing around in the sea. If fee raises, then they raise. Ukgov is at tge mercy of the cost of money. Raise IRs or collapse the pound.
  19. If you scratch around the dodgier end of banking they are, but they are not cheap. Habito claim to offer a 40y fixed at 5.35% I say claim as a dont believe Habito. I think the business is a con. Long mortgages are 9k - for a short period. Treat them like an almost io loan. But you've got to throw extra cash at them.
  20. One, its Cumbria. I dont think shes privileged. Two, taking in a 40 year mortgages isnt buying a house, it's taking on a huge fcking long run risk of debt. Three, £107,000 house, 17k deposit, “The maximum I could pay in was £200 per month, so that was my target.” The teenager, from Dearham, Cumbria, now pays just £210 per month for her mortgage and says she couldn’t rent a room for that price. Isabella’s basic salary is currently just £12,000 per year but she takes on regular overtime to add to her rainy day fund. That's a 90k mortgage then. That not possible on 12k - 8x income. No bank will touch that multiple. 90k at 2%, which would be pushing it for a 90% ltv, is about 200/m. Theres no repayment. The story does not add up. I'd like to see the mortgage details.
  21. All depends in when you were born, the town / region and the area of work. 1979 to 984 wa pretty fringing n miserable for anyone doing manufacturing/export in North. Equally, 89to 94 was brutal for any youngish leveraged person in the South. And, although noone has really noticed, as inwork bennies are high and zirp IRs, people who rode the vast expansion of the finsec,mainly south, from 1985ish to 2008ish. Tootling along, expecting to cash out the house. Wont happen, jobs n incomes are gone.
  22. Covid has been big rupture to a lot of people 9 to 5, 20 to 65 routine. It'll have been a bug wakeup to a lot of people wholl have had a stark work example of how much they are being taxed and spending on commuting and, frankly, on how mortal they are. I know several people who have scaled back their work, stopping travelling, earning 50% less. However due to tax n commute n general work cost have found out they are not that much worse off - 30% down on income but saving 3 days of work. I doubt the whole 1h - 2h London commute will ever fully come back. WFH has reached critical mass.
  23. I presume Goves job is to tie him up, keep him out of mischief.
  24. Its occasions when I read articles this and think oh ffs, are economists morons? All they had yo do was gather the lending stats and LR data. Economists dont seem to grasp banks and debt A long-time cheerleader for deregulation, Greenspan admitted to a congressional committee yesterday that he had been "partially wrong" in his hands-off approach towards the banking industry and that the credit crunch had left him in a state of shocked disbelief. "I have found a flaw," said Greenspan, referring to his economic philosophy. "I don't know how significant or permanent it is. But I have been very distressed by that fact." I agree with the article. Heres a recent article for an economic commentator, whose words should count for nothing as hes a moron. Inequality is behind central bank dilemma Stagflation would create devastating problems for weaker borrowers, notably heavily indebted emerging economies https://www.ft.com/content/1b65d2c0-251c-467d-b924-42f0c78c3d34 They have a midel/abstraction, which they are using to drive long term policy. Yet they fail to grasp the model is wibble.
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