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  1. Germany is seemingly footing the bill for all these failed country's Why don't THEY just withdraw from the eurozone and convert to the deuchmark again ?
  2. Cut housing benefit ? What will you do when millions of people are forced out of their rental properties as they can't pay the rent anymore ? Or is that ok ?
  3. Only 30% of GDP is exports, so surely its really not worth worrying about. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/exports-of-goods-and-services-percent-of-gdp-wb-data.html
  4. Sterling WILL collapse if we continue as we are, civil unrest will get worse and nationalism and fascism will also increase as they are anyway. I'd rather UKIP had a big say as we head in to the inevitable abyss, than these joke liblabcon parties that continue to desecrate the Uk with these open borders, political correctness, privatisation, outsourcing, you name it
  5. Why wouldn't the Swiss relationship with the EU work for us ? Surely the blueprint is allready there ready for us to adopt ?
  6. UKIP investment in agriculture would allow us to become less reliant on imports of meat and veg, whilst generating employment The problems with the uk identified by ukip are so basic, its school boy stuff. Their whole manifesto is so simplistic. Basically under a liblabcon government we are headed for failure, a social and economic disaster. The only choice we have are UKIP, and if we the people fail to get them a good standing in 2015 then God help us
  7. That's ****** tho. Devaluation of sterling would make our exports more attractive and investment in uk cheaper. £54 milion a day saved on the EU. Repatriation of illegals and eccomonmic migrants would free up many public services, welfare strain, nhs, the list is endless
  8. Good riddance. Worthless human beings who offer nothing of note to our struggling economy. They should have done something benifitial at uni like medicine, at least then we would be employing a few more of our own people rather than the pharmacist from the Middle East who speaks pigeon English for instance
  9. Exactly, and now they're filling their pants
  10. This is utter utter sense, completely pragmatic. You must agree with everything he says ? http://youtu.be/YYxqIQ_jh-g
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