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  1. Last posted about a year ago when we were just about to relocate to Belfast from Canada. A lot of sound advice which helped us immensely. We’ve now been here a year and have been renting a lovely house in Lisburn; we’ve also settled in extremely well and love the Province/ City. Here’s our problem: We are looking to buy a house in Lisburn around the $350k mark and have £100k to put down. We also have (non-business) income of around $43k per year. However, new rules in place from the banks we’ve visited will not take into account my Canadian Business income, or income from the business I’ve
  2. Although i'm of a generation where home ownership seemed a natural state (first house bought in 1986) it appears that ALL factors lead to renting a property in the medium term Unrealistic house prices in the Upper/ middle range (some i've seen RV +50%) Political pigmies, both in power and opposition Increasing Debt Interest rates only to go one way High probability of more house price devaluation Stamp Duty 3%!!! Very poor Real Estate systems/ regulation. Lack of mobility with a house that in the future may not sell The list seems to be endless. Can anyone put forward a case to buy a
  3. Back from a week in Belfast Specifically in relation to Real Estate, a couple of points: Tried to book a viewing of a property (425k) and the vendor couldn't accommodate on the day we wanted, so had to fly back without seeing a property we were specifically interested in, as cash buyers. Second property (new build 360k): Appointment was made with an onsite foreman (lovely chap) but no detailed info on prices/ process etc, etc- no follow up by EA. The Real Estate company seemed very disinterested. Is this normal? I would understand more if this was a fishing trip- house to sell etc, but as
  4. Are you suggesting that there are not many enclaves of LU supporters dotted around the city Just got my power/ leccy/ heating bill in for two months here- $1500 (1000 pounds)- looking forward to, shall we say, more competitive prices in NI.
  5. V Funny For some reason our sons (who moved over here when they were 2 and 9) have retained their 'British' accent; this may be the comboination of my wife's NI accent and my Salf London accent. Anyway, we see many brits/ Irish children who lose their accent within weeks here but for some reson this hasn't happened to us. Canadian and UK passport but not a hint of the 'twang' that usually goes with extended stays here. Last time i was in Belfast was around 2000 so i expect there will be lots of changes. Hopefully a combination of Golf/ Red wine/ footie will break down most barriers (althou
  6. Although moving to NI and buying a property has many economic factors, it also has a large emotional element. We certainly do not feel/ want to be considered as speculators in any way, and I suppose just want to pay a fair price for what we can afford. My view is that we are buying into the future of the province. A relation recently said that we will struggle as we are not big on religion,and that we will find it hard to integrate, as a consequence. Anyway, off to the airport tomorrow for 8 days in belfast; see a few houses and take in the whole thing....
  7. We've built twice in Canada- third time might be pushing the marriage vows a bit too far.
  8. I presume the premise of renting out (even at a loss) is in the hope of price stability and a change (even slight) to a buyer's marker again an dincreased prices- the impression i get is that this is some way off Funny enough, one house that i was intending to view whilst over, has just been let for 3 years. I suppose time will tell if this was a wise decision.
  9. Hi We're looking around the £300-330k range. We've been very fortunate with the exchange rate (which was 2.5CAD$ to the pound when we came out and is now around 1.6CAD$ -£). Looking around the upper malone/ north east Lisburn area. In Canada we have been heavily involved in the Real Estate/ relocation/ immigration sector (and can continue to do so from NI); selling our house won't be a problem as the market here is very robust and sales usually only take 4-5 week from offer to completion (the 'exchange of contracts' is at the beginning of the process, unlike the UK). As you suggest, i've h
  10. Many thanks for your sound advice and especially for the links- very informative. It appears that the rateable value does undercut the listing prices and is a more realistic valuation: Please correct me if i wrong. One of the things we will have to get used to during a possible house hunting trip (although, as you say Deccos, renting may be the short term answer) is the difference in Real Estate care/ service. Am i right in saying that the system in NI for house viewing is that a time is arranged by the EA and the property is shown by the vendor (this seems very strange after our Canadian exp
  11. Yes we emigrated 8 years ago and have had a wonderful time but it's now time to come back. We have consifered other areas (Scotland/ North of England etc) but family around is a big draw. We're also lucky in that we can continue our business in NI. One of the things i will need to catch up on is the Real Estate system in the UK as the North American System is so different. Here, buyers and Sellers are usually represented and fees are quite a bit different as well. For example a buyer will pay a Deed Transfer tax (usually 1.5%) and Lawyer fees, but that is it (no stamp duty), whereas the selle
  12. Hi New to this forum. What a wealth of info. Anyway, I won't bore you but just the basic facts. My wife (originally from Lisburn), myself (English) and our two boys are moving back to NI after spending the last 8 years in Canada (NS). Too long to have any detailed knowledge of how the UK/ NI works but short enough to kinda think we still know a bit! Seems like a few things have been going on in the property market since we left........ It"s funny, being in North America for so long certainly gives you some perspective on what many may take for granted in the UK (god please give me a M&am
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