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  1. I'm for pool! Where in Guilf? I'm pretty crap too and I don't even have my own cue, but I guess I could bring my daughters mini one!
  2. This thread has been like reading a photo story! What a mess! Does anyone have any good experiences of council estates?
  3. Yep, I run them for people like yourself. Btw, you use quotation marks "too much". I bet you laugh at your own jokes too....er...actually, no, you probably don't laugh. Gotta dash...See ya later mum xxx
  4. Christ, I thought you were my mum. You know there is a real live group therapy approach to your anger/low self esteem issues that you might want to check out. It's not necessary to take out your frustrations on a forum associated with house prices.But then again, it takes all sorts.
  5. A. rairly..(sic) at leats I'd get my coleige naim rite.... and there is such a thing as simple proof-reading, and also spell-checkers! B. So I didn't pay attention to his precise age.. near enough as dammit! Put your glasses back on and have another read Edna, I present exhibits A and B. My PhD was in Irony actually, which beats your GCSE in ironing, I reckon. There's a love, go and put the kettle on. How was the line dancing tonight? Oh yeah, in your case I think sic may well mean 'sanctimonius, irate, confused'.
  6. Note the above contradiction. Simple proof reading indeed. The abusive and aggressive nature of your posts suggest you have a right old chip on your shoulder.
  7. Each point adressed - well said! Yep, I made a typo too, can't be bothered to correct it - got a degree in Linguistics, shame on me! But then, wouldn't the council policy be to give illiterate scum like me further housing list points?
  8. And what's the deal with not being allowed to put an offer in? Do they do this wth all NB's? Or is it just S/O NB's? I was told to like or lump it, even though their valuation is a year old almost. Well, I lumped it! Ha!
  9. Decided today to pull out of S/O altogether..and especially in NB estates...and especially NB's that are 8o% from the housing register....and especially as the houses/flats haven't been relaesed yet, making the whole estate an unknown quantity, I figured it was too much of a gamble. I felt good doing it, now feel a bit worried I did the right thing....hope it was, think it was.....
  10. I admit I have no experience of Leeds, so maybe my comment is irrelvant. I do get out, a bit. Maybe it's just the same everywhere, but the surely density of a chav culture is connected to major cities? This suddenly seems like a class war! Didn't mean that to be.
  11. But don't you think different areas differ, no disrespect intended, but isn't Leeds quite different from Surrey? This is is a serious question, I have to say yes or no pronto!! The house is okay for a New Build, big garden, parking in drive, etc. How bad can the neighbours be allowed to be?
  12. Hmmm.....now please don't freak me out on purpose, but I'm thinking of a new build in Surrey, 20% S/O, 80% social renters, a mix of approx 80 houses and flats.........this post scares the hell out of me.
  13. Cripes! You thinking of a solitary outpost in the Outer Hebrides - or what??? No teens, no supermarkets, west facing garden.....how about sheep? Noisy birds (or are they also something that 'can't be fixed'???
  14. Solicitor, lawyer - professional liar by any other name, it's all the same. The word 'lawyer' actually comes from the Latin -'to lie', which is actually why 'lawyer' sounds like 'liar'. Bet you didn't know that. (I just made it up, so you couldn't have) Anyway, I've decided, after reading this thread and several others in this forum, that I am going to 'do something'. I'm going to start up a resistance movement based on the power of 'No'! If enough people refuse the shite we're being spun, things will have to give at some point. Vive le resistance!
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