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  1. Thanks for the replies. Absolutely no intentions of smoking in the house, whether the LL chose to believe that is another question - I guess all they could do is not renew the contract right? Renter's sure do get treated like children!
  2. What does one law abiding citizen do if they start smoking mid-tenancy when the advert for the property initially stated the usual 'no smokers/pets/DSS etc'? Although smoking is STRICTLY outside (rear yard or front public street) does one come clean to the LA/LL reassuring it'll NEVER be inside the property or simply keep schtum? Could the LA/LL evict?
  3. Thanks for all the replies, some useful info & advice for us to consider.
  4. Girlfriend & I looking to buy first house after rent contract expires end of April. The mainstream media are portraying this message that people must buy NOW because house prices are increasing at a record rate. But then people are saying be careful because if/when interest rates boom we'll be left with an unaffordable mortgage in a couple years time. Is that true? Neither of us earn particularly high wages and are being stretched each month as it is renting. I'm no expert in the field but do have common sense. Whilst we'd love our own house I'd sooner rather put up with the 'renting is dead money' brigade for a while longer than buy a house and find ourselves in an impossible situation further down the line. My question to the experts here is....is the next 6 months the right time to buy or not? Thanks in advance.
  5. Previous tennant of the house I now rent came round the other day to pick up some post. We kind of know each other as we grew up in the same area and so she tells me, when the letting agency finally returned her deposit by cheque recently (which was also posted out to the previous tennant before her by mistake), they'd deducted a 'checkout fee' of £60 for supposedly visiting the property in between her moving out & me moving in to 'check' the condition of rooms and that she'd left everything in working order - which she did (apart from the odd job she'd requested be looked at when she first moved in but went ignored). Yet the itinerary report that the agency gave me when I moved in matched the exact report sheet that they'd given her (the previous tennant) a couple years ago, which resulted in me having to add to the listed itinerary of faults/stains/dents etc AND take it to their office (maybe I should have charged a moving in fee eh) - in other words I don't believe they'd even been to 'check' the property or they'd have clearly noticed the addtional points I'd made on the report. I only learned about this 'checkout fee' whilst having the conversation with the previous tennant, never once did the smiling agency owner mention it when he wished me well at the door before driving off in his sparkling new BMW. Obviously it's stated in my contract and will apply same as the previous tennant, it just makes me laugh how they continue to get away with it unquestioned - 60 quid for doing naff all. I have made the house my home so won't be going anywhere just yet, but I'll certainly be disputing this fee when the time comes. Maybe I'll invoice them eh for the jobs I've done around the house off my own back that the previous tennant had repeatedly requested be sorted but fell on deaf ears. No wonder letting agency fees has hit the news this morning. Quicker I can afford to buy the better...then a new can of worms opens haha.
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