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  1. I didn't believe them about the offer....especially when they told me what the offer was. Just thought tipical games. We do really like th ehouse but I'm not sentimental. I wan t adeal in this market plain and simple. We never made an offer in the end. If it has sold then I think the purchaser has padi £15k too much with plenty of internal work to be done. Will be interesting to see if this one come back on.
  2. The house has now been removed from Rightmove so maybe it has sold STC........It's just all very convieniant. On the market with no interest for ages then within 24 hours of us showing real interest and looking like we'll make an offer....wham.....sold at just shy of the asking price....which is probably £15k over what others in the same condition have sold at in the last couple of years on the same road. Kitchen and bathrooms are also 13 yrs old. Original fixtures from when it was a new build.
  3. Would an agent mark a house as Sold STC on their website if it wasn't true?
  4. Killer Bunny.......Sorry but I just want to buy a house....I'm not playing psych games. What's wrong with buying in Feb? This happen to be when we found this house?
  5. Help me house price crashers!!! We're first time buyers are re-locating to Northamptonshire. Two weeks ago we found a house we really liked in Daventry.....a 4 bed detached that had been for sale for nearly a year and the price had come down from £230k+ to £222k to finally £220k. We did a second viewing last Friday night along with another house. It was fairly obvious we were very interested and at no point did the agent mention there was lots of interest or any offers. I asked questions about how motivated the vendor was etc and she said very because the property had been on the market a lo
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