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  1. Eco-tastrophe! How MPs in the pay of subsidised eco-firms set insane new carbon targets that send your bills sky-rocketing... and drag us to a new Dark Age -MP Tim Yeo was paid £135,970 last year by three 'green' companies -He has moved an amendment to the Energy Bill that would set a crippling target for the amount of carbon dioxide by generating power in 2030 Like all MPs, Tim Yeo is paid £65,000 a year. But he never has to make do with just that. Last year alone, three ‘green’ companies paid the Conservative MP for South Suffolk £135,970. For this, he usually did just a few hours’ work
  2. At some point the Central Bank will be forced to defend the pound and hike rates. They cannot escape economic law. They may think they can but they can't...
  3. They can only push against economic law before so long. Sooner or later the bank has to make a decision... Will they take the medicine and raise rates? will they defend the pound ? and at what level does it have to fall against the dollar before they start raising rates ? $1=£1 ? how high should inflation be before they raise rates ? 5%, 10%, 15%? If they bank raises rates think of the interest the gov has to pay on the enormous debt. I think it's already 50bn which could easily double when the rate increases come and Osbourne always bangs on about rates being "historically low" without
  4. This is an important article... when will the British so called journalists start noticing the pound's decline? ************* The Pound Gets Pounded Peter Schiff As the global currency war intensifies, the majority of attention has been paid to the 17% fall of the Japanese yen against the U.S. dollar over the past few months. The implosion has given cover to the sad performance of another once mighty currency: the British pound sterling. But in many ways the travails of the pound is far more instructive to those pondering the fate of the U.S. currency. Japan has a unique economic and dem
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