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  1. I caught a bit of the OBR briefing after, and they mentioned that income tax receipts had dropped off by far more than expected in the past couple of months (maybe in the last month). I can't find any figures on this though anyone found them? If so then that doesn't look good at all for GDP in the first quarter and the deficit. Not a surprise at all to most here though as we know giving up a full time job and going part time for tax credit reasons makes a huge amount of sense for many but kills the public finances.
  2. The person on 12k would also get 2800k a year working tax credit on top. Not a lot though and still barely worth it. As said, the big money is in tax credits for parents rather than JSA ( which is less than 4% of the entire welfare budget)
  3. In how many EU countries could a couple with 2 children working 24 hours between them receive in-work benefits (tax credits) up to 10k plus immediately? Then there's housing, and registering as homeless the local authority legally has to house them. Does that happen elsewhere in the EU? I genuinely don't know.
  4. Well there hasn't been much incentive to save in recent years. Pension credit guarantees a top up to state pensions for anyone who hasn't saved so a good option would be progressively spend savings from 50+ on 5 star holidays around the world, home extensions, giving money away to kids, and any other ways to spend big and enjoy life. Then claim poverty and get pension credit at 65. Selling a house and spending the money or getting new mortgage isn't a bad idea as after retirement could go onto SMI benefit for life or rent a nice place and get housing benefit to cover it. Then when care is need
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