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  1. Yea, I decided against it due to oversupply of new-builds around there. Couldn't really see that there were any nice-enough second hand properties. It's either new-build or ex-local around there. I know ex-locals can be good for BTL but I don't think the prospective City/Wharf worker for that sort of area would find the ex-locals attractive.
  2. It is Foxtons indeed. Which should perhaps warn me...
  3. Yea, would definitely be interested in what prospective tenants think. I work in the Wharf and my colleagues are fairly split as to whether they would consider working there. My bigger concern though is if I want to trade in 4/5 years whether I can get some good appreciation on the property. There are quite a few new builds in the area and so suspect my asking price will be constrained by what the developers are then asking for.
  4. The breakdown doesn't look too dissimilar to where I currently live and I've never felt less than safe there. This would be a BTL opportunity though mainly for young professionals in the Wharf/City. Areas are a bit more than their crime stats though surely. Would those figures suggest to you it's not a good area to buy?
  5. Hmm, that sounds bad at first glance but checked where I live (Oval) and there were 1500 incidents in December but it's a much better area than Devons Road!
  6. Not meant as an advert at all - just slightly worried about buying in the area and would appreciate any advice from wiser heads than mine!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but was wondering what people thought of the Axio development in Bow, E3? http://www.axiolondon.com/ Estate agent is telling me that the developer would accept an offer of £275k for a two-bed with a balcony (about 750 sq feet), which would include legal fees, stamp duty and a furniture pack paid for by the developer. Seems like a good deal to me. I know the area isn't exactly uber-prime but with the expansion of Canary Wharf, redevelopment of Bromley-by-Bow and the transport options into the City/Canary Wharf, seems like good value, especially compared to the "gentrifying" parts of East London. Any thoughts? Trizzle
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