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  1. Yep that was the last one to sell but it hadn't been touched since the day it was built - it's on the corner and I drive past it twice a day The owner has spent a small fortune on it - probably north of £40k If you look at number 8 - which is a 3 bed that sold late last year for £229K
  2. You probably didn't think I would reply Last time I had an eye test I had 20/20 vision I'm not sure I said I was an expert but I do live locally and fully admit on being more optimistic then some - after 5 years of recession it is about time It is a bit odd The 3 beds on Frosty Hollow sell for £230 - you can check on zoopla etc The local school has had a good Ofsted report (that does make a difference) So a 4 bed at that price isn't unrealistic but to drop it £20k in the space of a couple of weeks is odder still. Time will tell but there is probably a fair chance it will be taken of
  3. Interesting To be honest there is lot of sense here I'm not saying a big rise in house prices would be a good thing if anything over the short to medium term I would prefer for them to say level - some might say that would mean they have fallen in real terms by the time you factor inflation Into the equation. What I do see in NN4 is a rise this year As you say there are many issues still to be resolved some of which will take a long time: Interest rates will have to rise at some point - it will have to be very slowly When will interest rates get back to a more normal level - it could be
  4. So after the best part of 5 years of recession you would like to see more I don't mind if you think I'm an EA (might be difficult to prove) but maybe I'm just a bit more optimistic then some - after 5 years of recession a bit of optimism and goodish news on the economy is not a bad thing
  5. If we look a bit closer Number 1 is a large house which "had issues" and would have sold for over £320k if it was in top order - I drive past that place every day and the new owner has spent a fortune Number 8, 47, 16, 56, 26 & 37 are 3 beds - so no real comparison there Number 65 & 13 are 4 beds Time will tell I suppose but that house won't be around for long
  6. The rush to sell!!! Not round here The house next door to me sold 5 months ago at full asking price and the current owners hadn't found anywhere to buy, so the new owners took out a short term let on a place as they wanted the house - the sale hasn't collapsed and the moving date is all agreed That house you posted a link to is on a good street on the better side of Hunsbury and Harrison Murray seem to sell a lot there and sell them quickly You might think its worth £150k but it will either sell at full asking price or very close
  7. I'd love to see how that's going to work!!! Somehow I don't think any developer will allow them to get away with that
  8. Just generally seemed quite upbeat about things Mind you the company he works for nearly went bust 4 years ago Strangely one of the things he did mention was design quality and how that is becoming more and more important Some areas of the country are doing better then the others but all in all he was quite happy
  9. I was chatting to a friend who works for a very large house builder this week and he made the following points 1, Since Christmas they have been selling at pre recession levels across the country but with little price inflation 2, Local planning can still be a problem but unless the local authority have a sound 5 year plan they cannot decline planning permission as once it goes to appeal it will be granted 3, This Govt have eased planning guidelines considerably 4, Land supply is the biggest problem - Govt hold 35% of developable land so they want the govt to start releasing this for dev
  10. I think the access will be near the driving range and they will build a new hole 1 - 3 before they build on the existing holes But I suppose we will all know more when the plans are made public The proposal by the local residents alliance has one fairly large problem - the West Coast Mainline Building a bridge or tunnelling underneath will be staggeringly expensive, neither option will have change out of about £10mill, you will need more consents and approvals then you ever could ever imagine and working with Network Rail - well they move at the speed of a glacier, so alas no developer in
  11. So the new plans for this development will be unveiled this weekend So far we know the following: 1, Bovis want to build initially 1000 homes but have the land option to build another 400 2, Phase one will gain access only from Windingbrook lane and will be on land currently used as holes 1 - 3 3, Phase two will involve putting an access off Rowtree road and a small bridge over Wootton Brook and will be on land used as holes 4 - 6 4, Density will be 32 houses per hectare - which I do t think is too bad 5, There will be a new primary school - wonder when that will open 6, They intend t
  12. You must be referring to me I read the original version of your comments last night and notice it has now been edited by a moderator - I wonder why that was!!!! What are the words which have now been deleted - hmmmmm You accused me of being an Estate agent just like you are accusing this other guy - if you think I'm an estate agent - prove it You won't be able to as im not. I know i have a differant opinion to many on this forum but I'm fine with that as for a healthy debate you need different points of view I'm more then happy to listen to other people's opinion as last time I checked
  13. If anything I would think it could be worse in the village as that is closer to the junction where the traffic is stationary in the morning and where traffic getting on is accelerating. The main thing I think for residents is traffic which can queue for a good portion on Rowtree Road in the morning Anyone living round here who is anti development is being a bit hypocritical as not so long ago this whole area was farmland I'll be going to have a look at the plans when the exhibitions are on in a few weeks
  14. One thing I'm not is a NIMBY I have nothing against new development as long as it is done properly Air pollution levels are monitored on all major roads and other developments mainly in Collingtree have been turned down due to noise and air pollution. On the other thread I have said that supply is stable and it is. Bovis are looking for outline planning permission not detailed permission and as and when they get that they will have to get all the legal agreements in place such s the S278, 106 and 38 etcv etc then once they have done that they will have to reconfigure the golf course So a
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