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  1. great - thanks - unbelievable how many are putting prices UP after failing to sell for a couple of months... not sure how reliable the dates are as pal of mine has had his place listed for a couple couple of weeks (on RM) and "initial entry" appears as 23/6
  2. do you think foxt ln could do ok in a more pronounced sell off on the back of an increase in transactions? (albeit with smaller comms on lower prices) - my worry is that, in the absence of a major shock forcing through sales, the market just seizes up a la 2009 and london sees only moderate falls - in which case short might work out - i am seeing a lot more coming on in various parts of london - i don't know whether these might end up being taken off again as an apparent change in sentiment gathers pace
  3. i have (under duress c. 4 years ago) - the question is do i go large (?) i am simply stating my concern - i could just ignore it, sell up and hope for the best...
  4. i was also of the view that long term prices must return to what people can afford (or at least borrow) - however as someone who wants to see big falls i am concerned that, having s seen a whole 'new' category of market participant join/increase their presence in the last c. 10 years or so (i.e. property investors of varying types from institutional players such as sovereign funds/pension funds/hedge funds etc. to the many amateurs landlords), it kind of makes sense to me that prices should have increased as a result and will stay high/increase so long as this support remains in place/builds
  5. A quick read of the register of interests for my local councillors tells a similar story (I was initially looking into a number of suspect planning applications and one thing led to another...) - it would seem that the MAJORITY have beneficial interests in multiple properties - some have upwards of 10, excluding any investments via companies (which I didn't bother to check out) – I find it hard enough to keep on top of the maintenance for 1 house (which I live in) - I’m surprised they have any time left for “councilling”
  6. you seem pretty aggressive - just out of interest, do you earn £100k? i confess that i felt that i had 'made it' at £100k in London it really depends what you you want to do with the money - £2k on mortgage and bills etc leaves you £3k to spend on whatever nonsense you want is pretty relaxing
  7. ironic thatcher nostalgia instagram party in brixton village - **** off
  8. jaay2

    London - Wtf

    I’ve been visiting this website on and off since early 06 and fancy a rant – I think it’s sometimes good to write your thoughts down and try and form a coherent view/asses your mental health Although I take an unhealthy interest but don’t really have enough spare capacity in my brain to properly think things through - I am far from being an expert so welcome the finding of flaws in some of my thought from those who have devoted their lives to the cause I was and remain strategically bearish on the UK as a whole I did however by myself a flat on the dip in 09 for 200k [because I liked it] -
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