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  1. Funny you really hit the spot with everyone of those! I actually began to accept recently that there is no future where I currently live as I will never be able to afford to buy here. Next year will be my final year where I currently live as I'm sure my rent will increase.
  2. He may have been unwell mentally perhaps they just pushed the wrong person........
  3. What I fail to understand and this goes to those effected by HPI. It really hit home today even though I didn’t need convincing. A flat I saw today according to Nethouse Prices was last sold for £42950 in mid 2000. The flat is in a very poor area and not somewhere I would feel safe living. The asking price for the flat now is £91950 A rise of £49000 114%. If Food and other utilities had increased by 114% we would be saying abit more about it I feel. I think its now time for action! I personally have had enough of this country. :angry:
  4. I don't know it didn't stop them listing the shoe box I saw this morning for £91950 up 114% since mid 2000.
  5. he he I just rang the estate agents concerned and told them of my disapointment! I said I'm not prepared to get involved in the current market and asked them to remove my details from their database. I even mentioned my findings on nethouse prices and the 114% price rise since mid 2000. I bet they hate those websites! I'm sure they don't care but also I don't think it can hurt to let them know anyway!
  6. Well this is my response to my first time viewing a property. The property in question was a top floor attic flat very similar to the one I currently rent (although this was smaller). Anyway the estate agent was a little late but friendly enough and showed us up to the flat. I was surprised it’s a similar sized building to where I currently live and there are three separated flats within. This building had a total of seven flats some being studios. The attic area was as I unfortunately thought had been separated into two flats. There was one kitchen/living room and a separate bedroom with an en-suite shower room “cupboard”. The estate agent happened to mention that the previous tenants did actually lay a double bed down as though it were an added selling point bizarre! A double bed would indeed cover the width of the bedroom floor. The kitchen/living room was also very small and square shaped with a dubious laminated style wooden flooring, which to me felt uneven underfoot. The kitchen units were also in need of updating. The heating was electric, which from my experience is more expensive. The flat had a share of the freehold but also had a lease? They were awaiting details of the charges. The asking price for the flat is £91950. It’s in a very poor area indeed. I’ve worked in this area many times and there is a major drug use problem. It used to be a very nice many moons ago until some bright spark decided it would be a good idea to start housing drug addicts in the area. Infact the difference between where I currently live couldn’t be more night and day and it’s only separated by a couple of miles. I enquired as to whether the flats were owed or rented and he said they were a mix. I have the feeling many are let by private landlords (btler's) The estate agent also said the expected on how one bed flats and studios are selling very fast in the area. Basically I wouldn’t wish to live there atall. I wouldn’t actually feel safe going out and I never enjoyed working there either. Infact at the bus station waiting for the bus home we had to move twice because of open drug use and drug taking. It was still a worthwhile experience but also a rather depressing one at the same time. I checked nethouse prices and this exact flat last sold for £42950 in mid 2000. A rise of £49000 114%. Thankyou Mr Brown for your so-called miracle economy.
  7. Good article! I don't suddenly feel so fedup. By chance I’m going to view a flat tomorrow just looking really as I’ve never viewed a property before. I will write down my experience.
  8. This has been on the evening news they couldn’t show all of the footage as it was so appalling. To think that two of the three assailants could be walking the streets in five years is beyond belief. My heart truly goes out the victims and their families. This country is an absolute f**cking mess.
  9. Why can't this actually happen. I think after years of reading this site its about time. How about pinning this and perhaps we can start the email. THIS HAS TO HAPPEN AND NOW!
  10. I read it that way as well. Tasteless I admit..........
  11. Future? I don't think I have a future in this country............
  12. Check it out.............. http://www.economicsuk.com/blog/
  13. Ok I'm back I'll take me coat back off for now. Not that anyone will notice. I mean I've only been coming here since the first days launch... and I still can't afford a home.........
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