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  1. Reports that Morgan Stanley will relocate 2,000 UK staff to Dublin or Frankfurt are "utterly false", a source close to the bank has told The Telegraph.
  2. Slightly off topic but didnt Millibrain look like a tit last night. Spouting off rubbish. God knows why I voted for him last election
  3. Somewhere I hear the sound of flapping wings coming from a black swan....
  4. Bruce where can you get an up to date feed on the FTSE. BBC? Thanks
  5. 630K ahead. maybe time for a few hours sleep now. Think its in the bag.
  6. One of the things I am glad of is that people haven't been swallowed up with Facebook remains and celeb backers from Becks to Branston. Its a vote from the Northern powerhouse, Midlands and Kent and other places that enough is enough. I am glad people have seen though the thin veener.
  7. Big one from Oxford came on there - 70% remain. I guess from Unis there.
  8. Got work tom but aint quitting. I really think BREXIT can do this.
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