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  1. So, what...major foreign policy decsisons affecting the lives of millions should now be based on the vague concept of how something "comes across" and knee jerk reactions? Oh, sorry, thats what we're already doing isn't it. If you'd read my article properly you'd understand that it does not make any claims as to who did or did not shoot down MH17, rather it is a caution against judging the issue on "how things come across" when there are still many unanswered (unasked, even) questions like, for example, why did air traffic control in Kiev re-route the flight north from its intended flight plan (into an air corridor already known to be unsafe) and ask it to fly lower? You might like to read what I wrote again: http://wp.me/p4mCVX-uS
  2. Exactly. I'm not quite sure why this journalist has resigned over what she terms as "Russian" lies: it seems to me that the lies are as likely to be coming from the West regarding who shot down MH17 as from Russia. Certainly the rush to place blame on Russia has been suspiciously quick, contrived even. In reality, if you look at the whole matter from the perspective of "cui bono," you would have to decide that it's far more likely that the US and Ukranian governments are behind the downing of the plane...theres also a whole list of other interesting but unanswered (unasked, even) questions about this tragic flight which you can see here if interested: http://wp.me/p4mCVX-uS
  3. McDonalds and Burger King in the States (maybe here, too) now bulk out their burgers with wood pulp (or micro-crystalline cellulose as they prefer to call it). Food price inflation is indeed alive and well, and more of it is inevitable. We're now in the final stages of the plutocrat money grab. Our economies are hollowed out shells, stock markets are a hugely over valued, rigged farce and governments are bankrupt. The only option for the One Percent to steal wholesale is now direct, unashamedly and nakedly, from ordinary people. Over the next year to to two years expect essentials like food and utilities to rocket in price, and look out for the government raiding your pension pot (as happened recently in Poland) and taking money directly from your bank account (as happened in yesterday in Spain with a 6 month, retrospective 0.03% charge on all bank accounts). We're in the endgame, complete social and economic collapse (barring some kind of massive political change, unlikely as our current crop of child abusing MPs serve only their plutocrat masters) is horrifyingly near. The One Percent are aware of this, but blinded by their greed to the probable consequences, which they believe they can weather, anyway. http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  4. The idea that in the 21st century an individual should be accorded status, wealth and privilege on the basis of the fact that they were squeezed into this world from between a pair of "royal" legs is morally reprehensible. The Royals are inbred, braindead, thieving, aristocratic parasites: http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/15/
  5. I can't help but come to the conclusion that the time really has come to drag the politicians and their one percent paymasters out into the streets, strip them of everything they own, lock them up and throw away the key: I no longer see any other hope for society other than total revolution, our democracy is a farce which serves only to shuffle chairs around around the plutocrat pig trough, the "free" market has been debased into communism for the rich and civil society is being systematically deconstructed to release capital to pay for the greed, incompetence and criminality of the ruling classes. http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/the-greedy-one-percent-who-wanted-it-all-and-destroyed-eveything/
  6. But...but....Nelson Mandela was like Jesus...you can't say that, it's obviously the fault of the white people.
  7. George "I Love my Offshore Trust Fund" Osborne. What a tw*t. What "free" market would that be then? Would he be reffering to the rigged property market, the rigged banking industry, the rigged stock market, the rigged utility supply business etc etc, or would he just be reffering to communism for the rich in general? Because a little bit of Everything is always Good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  8. Let me say this very simply and clearly for all the strange people on this site who, like spoilt children, automatically throw their toys out of the pram when somebody expresses a view that they don't aree with it: high property prices in this country are an obscenity, they distort the economy and ruin lives. BTL is a particular social evil. if I had my way I would tax BTL landlords out of existence and then string them up from the nearest lampost. That said, I will not delude myself into thinking that there is a going to be a sustained and significant fall in house prices when the enviroment to encourage such a fall does not exist, and I will not look upon the prospect of such a crash (much as I want lower prices) with glee as I know that the lives of many decent, ordinary people will be badly impacted: if that makes me a compasionate, empathetic human being then I can only apologise. You said: What you really mean is that just like some commodities at some times. Your inability to think with any depth and connect the dots is a bit depressing. Correct, some commodities at some time, and whilst we have a legal and tax regime that so favours BTL and whilst thier is still a chronic shortage of housing combined with immigration running at 250,000 a year plus then that demand for housing as a commodity/BTL speculation will remain and will act as a safety net under housing prices. I don't like it, you don't like it, but it's a simple economic fact. Because a little bit of Everything is always good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  9. Lazy groupthink. I don't agree with you. That'll make me a troll, then. Yawn. Because a little bit of Everything is always good... http://www.itsarando...com/2014/03/07/
  10. You assume you're right, you might not have taken all into account. You could be wrong. Because a little bit of Everything is always good... http://www.itsarando...com/2014/03/07/
  11. Exactly. Housing has become a commodity, an investment class: only fundamental reform and massive housebuilding will lead to sustained and sustainable falls in house prices. Because a little bit of Everything is always Good.... http://www.itsarandomworld.com
  12. Ooo...you are soooo in trouble, the HPC nasty brigade are going to eat you alive and try and get you banned!!! I agree with you myself, property prices are stupidly high but that will only be solved by building more houses, getting a handle on immigration and reform of legislation relating to rental. Whilst such things are not done any fall in property prices will be shallow and short lived as in a falling market the BTL brigade will simply move into to buy what they percieve as "bargains" so that they can further exploit those unable to buy. Wishing misfortune on others is absolutlely not going to cause house prices to fall. Because a little bit of Everything is always good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/07/
  13. Thats a naive viewpoint and, I'm afraid, very wrong. Whilst population growth continues and physical housing stock is restrained what you'll actually see is more property purchased by wealthy individuals and businesses for the purpose of making a profit from rental (as has been the case in the USA over the last three years). This deliberate attempt to restrict mortgage lending is simply another step in the commoditisation of the property market, it won't cause prices to fall as demand lost from FTB or second steeper purchasers will be more than made up by more BTL demand as more people are pushed into the rental sector which will cause rent to rise which will make BTL more profitable etc etc ad nauseum. HPC will simply not happen in the UK until there is a fundamental review of policy re the rental market, changes in taxation relating to owning and buying property and a massive housebuilding boom coupled with restrictions on immigration. Judge for yourself how likely you think it is that these things will happen. Because a little bit of Everything is always good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/07
  14. Do you have to be so unpleasant? Is it really neccesary? Because a little bit of Everything is always Good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com
  15. Your post of April 3 2014 does actually say: I gave up searching for houses on rightmove 2 weeks ago now. The asking prices were shooting up and it was getting ridiculous, the chances of finding anyone to sell now at a sane price looks to have passed for now, so I just gave up. That does seem to indicate pretty conclusively that you were looking for property to buy. I think the guy has got you bang to rights. Oh dear.... Because a little bit of Everything is always Good http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  16. I'm not quite sure why the thought that somebody making the entirely rational decison that they want more security in their accomodation situation so that they can raise a family should inspire you to such depths of hatred and bitterness, but I guess you have your own issues. Personally, considering the OP has a healthy deposit, isn't taking on a massive mortgage and has a good income, I wish him all the best. Yes, the property market is an obscenity, yes house prices are ridiculously high but not all of us want, or even can, sit around waiting for an HPC that may or may not come, everybody has the right to make thier own decision in this matter and should be able to do so without being subjected to silly, childish and hysterical abuse. BTW, of all the things I maybe (and they could be many) I'm most definitely not an estate agent. Once again, to the OP, your figures are good, you're mortgageable, all you need do is find yourself a decent mortgage broker. Please don't let bitter and strange people stop you moving forward with your life, because it's just that, your life, not thiers. Because a bit of Everything is always Good.... http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  17. If you had read my post instead of reflexively spouting bile as soon as you come across someone not adopting HPC groupthink, you'd have seen that my post is based around an "all other things being equal" principle. If the facts in the OP are correct, if his credit record is relatively clean then given his 50% deposit and income then, even under the new rules and with his emplyment history, he is very mortgageable. He may have a very expensive hobby, as you say, but I think that's unlikely. It would appear to me that the only thing he's lacking is a competent mortgage broker. It may gall you that people can get mortgages and can buy property but I personally have no issue with that: if they can afford the repayments without stretching themselves and they're are looking for a home and not investment then why shouldn't they buy? Because a little bit of Everything is always Good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com
  18. Complete and absolute nonsense. Joint income £52.5k, 50% deposit (i.e. £100k to put down), mortgage repayments would be sub £450pm (assuming 25 years and a reasonable rate). As long as your credit file is relatively clean, you are extremely mortgageable, even given the work history. Find a half competent mortgage broker and he'll sort you out in a shot. Don't listen to the HPC Cassandra's, if you want some stability in your living arrangements so you can start a family and you can buy a property that will be affordable for you, then that (not will house prices go up or down in x months/years) should be your priority. Because a little bit of Everything is always Good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com
  19. I wrote this a while back, sums it all up, I think... Wayne Rooney, Shrek and how to earn £42,857 a day. To me, football (besides being really boring and, like, totally gay) is a wonderful analogy for the state of the economy, i.e vast amounts of money being creamed off the top of an economic system that is already bankrupt. Look at Wayne Rooney. Wayne is remarkable for 4 things: 1. He is (people tell me) a very good footballer 2. He looks remarkably like Shrek. 3. He had very little hair and then, quite suddenly, had loads of the stuff. 4. Manchester United are now paying him £300,000 per week. Lets just examine that £300k figure a moment. It’s equivalent o £15.6 million per year, or £42,857 per day. That compares to the UK national average daily wage which comes out at £73.86 per day. So Wayne earns as much in a day as 580.25 ordinary people. Is Wayne really worth £42,857/580.25 ordinary people? Personally I’m not sure he, or anyone, is worth that kind of money. Okay, we live in a free market system (actually, it’s completely rigged, not free, but that’s another story..) and if you accept that you have to accept that some people will earn more than others. But surely a wage differential of £42,783 and 14 pee a day is pushing things just a teensy-weentsy bit too far? Could it not perhaps be perceived as being just a little bit unjust?….what do I know? It’s just a thought. And before I go, let’s have a quick look at Man United, the financial powerhouse that can afford to pay one player nearly £16m a year. Man United was bought in 2005 by the Glazer family, they borrowed £525m to do it and then, in a deal which would delight the black heart of the slimiest of banksters, that debt was promptly dumped on to Man U’s books. Brilliant. Get the business to buy itself on your behalf! Perfick! As of June 2013 Man U’s debt mountain was £389 million. Since the 2005 take over the club has spent £605 million on debt servicing costs. Good economic fundamentals there, then. Finally, Manchester United PLC, the commercial vehicle which owns the club, is so rooted in its community that it’s registered in….the Cayman Islands! People tell me that I'm slightly Odd... http://www.itsarandomworld.com
  20. Spot on analysis. +1 People tell me that I'm slightly Odd.... http://itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  21. Oh dear, I seem to have fallen foul of the "nasty party" element of HPC. If you could just think a little bit more deeply and read a little bit more closely, you'd understand that I'm entirely in agreement with the first part of your post. Where we differ is I think you're niave to belive that UKIP offer any kind of credible alternative. Beyond a rather capable frontman (Farage) the party really is made up of some very strange people with some very strange ideas. If, by some incredible chance, they ever did attain a position of power they would very quickly start serving the interests of plutocracy just like every other political party. I very much hope, and believe, that there is an alternative social/political movement out there somewhere that will eventually pull us out of the quagmire we are in. But I promise you, it's not UKIP. Oh, by the way, people are alllowed to disagree with you, you know, try not to get so upset about it when it happens.
  22. I think that's a question you could answer much better than me, so I'll pass it back to you.... People tell me that I'm slightly Odd.... http://itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  23. I'm not sure what your point is. Why should I not take an interest in the world around me? People tell me that I'm slightly Odd.... http://itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  24. Presuming you're foolish enough to still believe that voting for any political party will result in any kind of change, then this question would have relevance. As the political system has long since been compromised and captured by the big business and the wealthy and serves only their interests the answer has to be that voting Tory or UKIP is equally pointless. People tell me that I'm slightly Odd.... http://itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  25. Quite. I'm really not sure why anyone in thier right mind would even consider voting UKIP. They are nothing more than the spittle-flecked, swivel-eyed, carpet-chewing, nutjob wing of the Tory party. People tell me that I'm slightly Odd.... http://itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
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