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  1. So, what...major foreign policy decsisons affecting the lives of millions should now be based on the vague concept of how something "comes across" and knee jerk reactions? Oh, sorry, thats what we're already doing isn't it. If you'd read my article properly you'd understand that it does not make any claims as to who did or did not shoot down MH17, rather it is a caution against judging the issue on "how things come across" when there are still many unanswered (unasked, even) questions like, for example, why did air traffic control in Kiev re-route the flight north from its intended flight pla
  2. Exactly. I'm not quite sure why this journalist has resigned over what she terms as "Russian" lies: it seems to me that the lies are as likely to be coming from the West regarding who shot down MH17 as from Russia. Certainly the rush to place blame on Russia has been suspiciously quick, contrived even. In reality, if you look at the whole matter from the perspective of "cui bono," you would have to decide that it's far more likely that the US and Ukranian governments are behind the downing of the plane...theres also a whole list of other interesting but unanswered (unasked, even) questions abo
  3. McDonalds and Burger King in the States (maybe here, too) now bulk out their burgers with wood pulp (or micro-crystalline cellulose as they prefer to call it). Food price inflation is indeed alive and well, and more of it is inevitable. We're now in the final stages of the plutocrat money grab. Our economies are hollowed out shells, stock markets are a hugely over valued, rigged farce and governments are bankrupt. The only option for the One Percent to steal wholesale is now direct, unashamedly and nakedly, from ordinary people. Over the next year to to two years expect essentials like food an
  4. The idea that in the 21st century an individual should be accorded status, wealth and privilege on the basis of the fact that they were squeezed into this world from between a pair of "royal" legs is morally reprehensible. The Royals are inbred, braindead, thieving, aristocratic parasites: http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/15/
  5. I can't help but come to the conclusion that the time really has come to drag the politicians and their one percent paymasters out into the streets, strip them of everything they own, lock them up and throw away the key: I no longer see any other hope for society other than total revolution, our democracy is a farce which serves only to shuffle chairs around around the plutocrat pig trough, the "free" market has been debased into communism for the rich and civil society is being systematically deconstructed to release capital to pay for the greed, incompetence and criminality of the ruling cla
  6. But...but....Nelson Mandela was like Jesus...you can't say that, it's obviously the fault of the white people.
  7. George "I Love my Offshore Trust Fund" Osborne. What a tw*t. What "free" market would that be then? Would he be reffering to the rigged property market, the rigged banking industry, the rigged stock market, the rigged utility supply business etc etc, or would he just be reffering to communism for the rich in general? Because a little bit of Everything is always Good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
  8. Let me say this very simply and clearly for all the strange people on this site who, like spoilt children, automatically throw their toys out of the pram when somebody expresses a view that they don't aree with it: high property prices in this country are an obscenity, they distort the economy and ruin lives. BTL is a particular social evil. if I had my way I would tax BTL landlords out of existence and then string them up from the nearest lampost. That said, I will not delude myself into thinking that there is a going to be a sustained and significant fall in house prices when the enviroment
  9. Lazy groupthink. I don't agree with you. That'll make me a troll, then. Yawn. Because a little bit of Everything is always good... http://www.itsarando...com/2014/03/07/
  10. You assume you're right, you might not have taken all into account. You could be wrong. Because a little bit of Everything is always good... http://www.itsarando...com/2014/03/07/
  11. Exactly. Housing has become a commodity, an investment class: only fundamental reform and massive housebuilding will lead to sustained and sustainable falls in house prices. Because a little bit of Everything is always Good.... http://www.itsarandomworld.com
  12. Ooo...you are soooo in trouble, the HPC nasty brigade are going to eat you alive and try and get you banned!!! I agree with you myself, property prices are stupidly high but that will only be solved by building more houses, getting a handle on immigration and reform of legislation relating to rental. Whilst such things are not done any fall in property prices will be shallow and short lived as in a falling market the BTL brigade will simply move into to buy what they percieve as "bargains" so that they can further exploit those unable to buy. Wishing misfortune on others is absolutlely not goi
  13. Thats a naive viewpoint and, I'm afraid, very wrong. Whilst population growth continues and physical housing stock is restrained what you'll actually see is more property purchased by wealthy individuals and businesses for the purpose of making a profit from rental (as has been the case in the USA over the last three years). This deliberate attempt to restrict mortgage lending is simply another step in the commoditisation of the property market, it won't cause prices to fall as demand lost from FTB or second steeper purchasers will be more than made up by more BTL demand as more people are pus
  14. Do you have to be so unpleasant? Is it really neccesary? Because a little bit of Everything is always Good... http://www.itsarandomworld.com
  15. Your post of April 3 2014 does actually say: I gave up searching for houses on rightmove 2 weeks ago now. The asking prices were shooting up and it was getting ridiculous, the chances of finding anyone to sell now at a sane price looks to have passed for now, so I just gave up. That does seem to indicate pretty conclusively that you were looking for property to buy. I think the guy has got you bang to rights. Oh dear.... Because a little bit of Everything is always Good http://www.itsarandomworld.com/2014/03/24/
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