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  1. Jacob Rees Mogg has suggested it could take 50 years to recover from Brexit.
  2. It's hitting people where it hurts, there could be a post Brexit shortage of booze. Hardys wine owner warns of Christmas shortage risk Accolade, the wine giant that makes Hardys, has warned that truck driver shortages could hit the busy festive season and push up costs. Robert Foye, its boss, said the firm was being hit by external staff shortages, especially among suppliers, in distribution and delivery. Companies operating in the UK are having to deal with a shortage of lorry drivers. Mr Foye also warned that shortages could push up costs. He said: "These shortages, if they continue, could definitely impact Christmas. We are trying to get ahead of it, but it does depend on the situation for the entire transport and trucking industry in the UK." BBC
  3. The EU doesn't care what is Frost saying, it's a done deal, who is he entertaining now? UK Brexit minister warns of ‘cold mistrust’ era with EU Britain’s Brexit minister has warned of a long-term chill in relations between the U.K. and the European Union if previously agreed trading arrangements governing Northern Ireland are not resolved. “The stakes are high, the arguments can be bitter," Frost said. Frost has for months sought changes to the protocol, which he helped to craft, but the EU has repeatedly rejected opening up discussions again after years of protracted negotiations. “It’s holding back the potential for a new era of cooperation between like-minded states in a world which needs us to work together effectively," Frost said. Independent
  4. Joe Biden tells FBI to release files on 9/11 investigation Joe Biden has announced the wholesale review and declassification of files from the investigation into the 9/11 attack, in response to intense pressure from Congress and victims’ families currently suing Saudi Arabia. “As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the American people deserve to have a fuller picture of what their government knows about those attacks,” an executive order issued on Friday said. It said “information should not remain classified when the public interest in disclosure outweighs any damage to the national security”. Full record to be released over six months after review. Guardian
  5. Pigs might fly: the Tories’ social care plan Brexit, levelling up, ‘global Britain’… what could possibly go wrong with the latest offering? Guardian
  6. Weymouth prankster BOD sells 'Brexit Toast' on eBay BOD - an anonymous mischief-maker from Weymouth - has put a slice of 'Brexit' toast up for auction to highlight the current national food shortage. As Brexit-related supply chain issues made headlines this week, BOD has been entertaining Weymouth shoppers with his 'Brexit Range,' which he creates by sticking spoof product labels over food packaging before placing the items onto supermarket shelves around the town. BOD's oddities include tins of 'Hamster in White Sauce;' packets of 'Powdered Wasps,' and 'Light and fragrant House Flies - perfect to sprinkle over chips and soup'. However it is a humble slice of bread that is attracting the most attention. Toasted with a Union Jack design and bearing the logo of a national supermarket chain on its packaging, the slice has caused a flurry of activity on social media. dorsetecho
  7. Food production in the UK at risk of moving overseas Andrew Opie from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said shortages of HGV drivers and other supply chain staff meant that the sector was "just on the edge of coping" right now. Asked about the impact of driver shortages, he told the commission it was incredibly challenging for the industry, but said he was more concerned about shortages in manufacturing and food processing. Factories cannot recruit enough staff, he said, adding: "We are struggling. Despite every effort that's being made by food factories, we cannot recruit enough indigenous people here. They just do not want to do those roles for whatever reason." "We've got a very highly skilled, well run food manufacturing sector in this country at the moment which exports quite widely. It's under such strain at the moment and if we cannot recruit people and fill those vacancies, then retailers who buy those products to sell to us as consumers will need to look elsewhere and will end up offshoring some of that production into places like Europe." "I think the government faces quite a stark choice here about where it wants to put its resources, where it wants to put its immigration policy, and where it wants to put the economy, in terms of the products that are manufactured here in the UK," he added. BBC
  8. You are now more than century away from Brexit, bring yourself back into reality.
  9. Nigel Farage quote about Brexit not leading to ‘food shortages’ has aged terribly In a 2019 interview on ITV’s Peston, Peston mentions the government’s Yellowhammer report on the “worst-case scenarios” for a no-deal Brexit which included “foods running out, medicines running out, chaos for British people living on the continent.” He asks Farage: “Why on Earth would people vote for that?” To which Farage responded: “I’ve never seen such utter tosh in my entire life. Unlike these civil servants sitting in Whitehall, I spent 20 years in international trade, buying and selling goods and shipping them all over the world.” Except, Farage would be incorrect to call this “utter tosh” as even with a Brexit deal, this worst-case scenario is now the reality after industry leaders have warned food shortages “could cancel Christmas” and continue in 2022. indy100
  10. Rules for moving goods from NI to GB delayed Unfettered access for Northern Ireland goods was a central Brexit promise from the UK government. Prime Minister Boris Johnson famously told Northern Ireland businesses that if anyone asked them to fill in a form for moving goods to GB they should throw it in a bin. In November 2019, he said: "There will be no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind - you will have unfettered access." They were due to have been implemented by the end of this year but the government says that will not now happen. New post-Brexit rules for moving goods from Northern Ireland to the rest of the UK have been delayed. BBC
  11. Wetherspoons faces beer shortages as Brexit impacts on supply chains Shortages are now affecting Wetherspoons, run by Brexiteer Tim Martin. The company chairman was a keen campaigner for leaving the EU and even printed out beer mats calling on punters to “take back control” ahead of the 2016 referendum. Wetherspoons is facing a shortage of some beer brands amid a UK-wide shortage of HGV drivers linked to Brexit. Images on social media showed signs in one pub warning there was no Carling, Coors or Bud Light “due to supply issues regards to lack of lorry drivers and strike action which are out of our control”. "We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused." The pub chain is the latest company to struggle with shortages caused by the lack of lorry drivers after workers returned to their home countries after Brexit – the UK is about 100,000 short. thenational
  12. Good point, there is shortage of Lorry Drivers in the EU. They can earn now good money at home, no need for them to drive or move to the UK. And I'm sure they are not missing post Brexit hassles and bureaucracy.
  13. Rishi Sunak should blame Brexit for ditching the pensions triple lock The government is tying itself up in knots on how to wriggle out of the ‘triple lock’. Not many of the dire warnings about the consequences of leaving the European Union have actually come to pass. There is, however, one group that looks likely to be hit, even if no one quite predicted it. The pensioners. It looks certain to cost them the ‘triple lock’ on their pensions: although since many of them voted for Brexit, they can hardly complain. Although it might cause a brief storm, if the Chancellor Rishi Sunak simply explains the triple lock is collateral damage from Brexit, many pensioners will probably be quite happy with that. spectator
  14. Food is produced locally that is not a problem. The problem is what to do with the production as there is post-Brexit shortage of staff now.
  15. How Brexit Made Jack Grealish, Jadon Sancho And Ben White Worth $300 Million Brexit has finally hit the Premier League. Following the United Kingdom’s official departure from the European Union on 1 January 2021, the changes to transfer strategies many expected finally came. Half of the top ten transfers this summer involved English players. Three of the top five highest value deals featured Englishmen. Manchester City spent $140 million on Jack Grealish, Manchester United took Jadon Sancho for $100 million and Ben White was Arsenal’s for $60 million. Soccer finances are poor globally and, with the ever-increasing wage inflation continually pushing up costs, it’s increasingly difficult to run a club sustainably. Forbes
  16. In the absence initially, an alternative Brexit solutions are coming. Hire UK workers to drive lorries Businesses have been told to prioritise hiring UK-based workers rather than relying on labour from abroad to fix a shortage of lorry drivers. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng rejected calls from firms to loosen immigration rules, saying it would be a "short-term temporary solution". Companies should look to those facing an "uncertain future" when the furlough scheme ends next month, he said. The Road Haulage Association has previously estimated there is a shortage of more than 100,000 drivers in the UK, out of a pre-pandemic total of about 600,000. BBC
  17. You are just being silly right now, aren't you? Post - Brexit and post - Covid - the UK's population is decreasing, you can sleep well tonight. The UK is not any more as popular destination for migrants as once used to be.
  18. Not sure what is your point right now. Time to go back to UK population, the UK's population growth rate in the year to mid-2020 dropped to 0.47%.
  19. What is the real figure for UK population? Coronavirus vaccine numbers: 42.2M - Fully vaccinated = 63.4% - % of population fully vaccinated 66.56M - 100% of population But I think the real figure for UK population after many EU citizens left UK would be less than 66 million.
  20. The processing facilities had been closed. "It is with deep regret that not everyone has been able to be evacuated during this process," Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said. Some people would be left behind but the operation was "a remarkable achievement". The UK has entered the final stages of its Kabul evacuation and no more people will be called to the airport to leave. The MoD said processing facilities at the Baron Hotel, outside the airport in Kabul, had been closed. If eligible people were able to get to other countries, the UK could process them there. BBC
  21. Just hold your hat, it's coming. Data policy that will deliver a Brexit dividend Dowden said: “Now that we have left the EU I’m determined to seize the opportunity by developing a world-leading data policy that will deliver a Brexit dividend for individuals and businesses across the UK. Culture secretary says move could lead to an end to irritating cookie popups and consent requests online. Britain will attempt to move away from European data protection regulations as it overhauls its privacy rules after Brexit. The regulation imposes strict restrictions on what data controllers can do with individuals’ personal data. It has been criticised by many for its over-reliance on consent-based permissions. Guardian
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