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  1. It's not hard to see the attraction of the BTL. Smart tips for beating the Market: 1 buy property 2 rent it out 3 sit and wait for money 4 repeat step one
  2. Voluntary scheme for London landlords 'failing renters'A voluntary scheme aimed at improving rental standards has been criticised after only 12% of London landlords signed up in a year. Labour said the scheme was "failing renters" and the mayor's pledge to sign up 100,000 landlords by May 2016 would take decades. The standard, launched last May, offers letting agents and landlords a badge if they meet a set of criteria, including improved property conditions and quicker repairs and maintenance.
  3. Are they taking the p**s out of Tories?
  4. Greece to miss IMF payments amid fears of 'catastrophic' eurozone rupture A Greek reversion to the Drachma would be an irreversible "disaster" for the entire euro project, Yanis Varoufakis warns.Greece will be unable to find the €1.6bn (£1.1bn) sum it is due to hand the International Monetary Fund (IMF) next month, one of the country’s ministers has admitted. Nikos Voutsis, the Greek minister of the interior, said that “this money will not be given and is not there to be given.”
  5. Help from uncle Sam is coming. Senate votes to grant Obama fast-track power on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  6. Greece will not accept 'humiliating' bailout terms: Alexis TsiprasGreece is ready to accept a ``viable and long-lasting'' deal with lenders but not on ``humiliating terms,'' Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told his ruling Syriza party on Saturday.
  7. Amnesty International ukraine report Overwhelming new evidence of prisoners being tortured and killed amid conflictOverwhelming evidence of ongoing war crimes, including torture and summary killings of prisoners, serve as a stark reminder of the brutal practices being committed on a near-daily basis in eastern Ukraine’s conflict. Breaking Bodies: Torture and summary killings in eastern Ukraine provides compelling evidence of frequent and widespread prisoner abuse by a broad range of captors on both sides of the conflict. Former prisoners described being beaten until their bones broke, tortured with electric shocks, kicked, stabbed, hung from the ceiling, deprived of sleep for days, threatened with death, denied urgent medical care and subjected to mock executions. It is a war crime to torture or deliberately kill captives taken during conflict. “Pro-Kyiv and separatist forces alike must put an end to these crimes and ensure that all fighters under their control are aware of the consequences under international law of abusing prisoners amid an armed conflict. On the pro-Kyiv side, a report by a former prisoner held by Right Sector, a nationalist militia, was especially disturbing. Using an abandoned youth camp as an ad hoc prison, Right Sector has reportedly held dozens of civilian prisoners as hostages, brutally torturing them and extorting large amounts of money from them and their families. Amnesty International has alerted the Ukrainian authorities to these specific allegations but has not received a response. Amnesty International is calling on relevant UN agencies and experts to undertake an urgent mission to Ukraine to visit all detention sites for prisoners held in connection with the conflict – including unofficial places of detention.
  8. Bank of England's Haldane says UK rates to rise at some pointChief economist Andy Haldane said on Friday that the central bank would raise interest rates in the future but they would probably not return to levels as high as before the financial crisis.
  9. How to blow great bubbles. Method 1 of 3: Blowing a Basic Bubble Method 2 of 3: Blowing a Huge Bubble Method 3 of 3: Blowing Trick Bubbles
  10. Landlords rejoice as rents - up almost 5pc in a year - add to the gains made through rising property values Rents are rising nationwide at their fastest rate in five years and are up 4.6pc over the past year, according to one of Britain's biggest chains of lettings and estate agencies. As a result rents have hit an all-time high with the average, monthly rent now at £774. Mortgage rate rise would make buy-to-let 'unviable' in 7 out of 10 regions Despite the hike the average gross rental yield on a rental property in England and Wales stands steady at 5.1pc, unchanged since April 2014. But landlords' total returns, which take into account a combination of price increases and rent, are slightly down, reflecting lower levels of house price inflation in recent months. Adjusting for void periods between tenants, total annual returns on an average rental property now stand at 8.9pc over the twelve months to April 2015. This compares to 10.2pc over the twelve months to March and 11.5pc a year ago. There was more good news for landlords though, as the data shows that tenants are becoming more reliable, with the proportion with rent in arrears reducing to 7pc. Meanwhile in London, rent hikes are slower but have reached a new peak of 7.8pc. * Landlords underestimate real £8,359 cost of buy-to-let Adrian Gill, director of estate agents Reeds Rains and Your Move, which compile the buy-to-let index, warned landlords "not to get over excited". https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/rents-record-high-rising-fastest-084427843.html
  11. World swatting away Ukraine like ‘an annoying fly’Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has warned that Ukraine is falling out of the international spotlight, everyone is bored with. The world is getting tired of the Ukrainian question.“We’re not even second or third on the agenda anymore – Ukraine is being swatted away as an annoying fly.” He added that the issue of Ukraine has become mundane and the international community is not paying as much attention to it anymore. He also said that the loss of financial stability in Ukraine had led to greater economic damage than the war waged against the rebels in the east of the country. “If you lose financial stability and control over prices and money, you lose not only the capability for economic development but all other social issues,” he said.
  12. Russia says Ukraine debt repayment law amounts to defaultRussia on Wednesday demanded the timely repayment of all debts owed to it by Ukraine and accused Kiev of effectively preparing the way for default with a new law. Russia holds a $3 billion Ukrainian Eurobond whose full repayment is due by the end of the year. "To effectively announce an impending default shows a poor level of professional responsibility, all things considered," said Putin, noting that the International Monetary Fund does not lend to countries in default. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said Moscow would seek redress in international courts if Ukraine did not respect the terms of its foreign debt repayments.
  13. How many old houses were knock down and replaced by new ones?
  14. US crude settles down 3.65%, at $57.26 a barrelOil settled down 3.65 percent to $57.26 a barrel on Tuesday, with U.S. crude extending losses for a fifth straight day, as the dollar rallied amid evidence that the United States and top oil exporter Saudi Arabia were pumping more than the world needed. Goldman: Oil will drop back to 2015 low of $Crude oil will fall back to its low for the year, Goldman Sachs said in a note to clients. The investment bank acknowledged Monday that it was wrong earlier this year in calling for oil prices to remain low, but said the rally that ensued will only give producers false confidence and make the downturn that much worse. A return to the 2015 low of about $45 a barrel for WTI oil represents more than a 20 percent decline from current levels.
  15. Is this deflation or negative inflation?UK inflation has fallen into negative territory for the first time since 1960, producing quite a few winners (and lots of losers)
  16. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said inflation will likely remain at very low levels for the next few months before picking up towards the end of the year. (Adds dropped words "below zero" from first paragraph) https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/bank-englands-carney-sees-very-110139167.html
  17. Global finance chiefs urge policy makers to ward off bubble risksChief executives, chairmen and senior executives of some of the largest banks in Europe and the US have warned of the potential for unforeseen risks caused by policy makers attempting to avoid future financial crises. Big-name leaders to have put their names to a report, which conditionally backs the use of macroprudential policies to maintain the “right balance between financial stability and economic growth”. The document, developed and published by the World Economic Forum, goes on to warn of “the limits of our current knowledge of the impact” of such policies, which are used to ward off bubbles in markets such as property and equities". The group of 15 execs has argued that more research is required to ensure the tools are effective and "do not generate additional risks".
  18. A superb article by Rosamund Urwin [“Stop buy-to-let”, May 14]. She is a breath of fresh air for condemning the disgraceful buy-to-let market. We ordinary, real Londoners need people like her to highlight the outrageous greed and unethical practice of buy-to-let and the insane whooping from all the media and “investors” that accompanies astronomical price rises. http://www.standard.co.uk/comment/letters/letters-to-the-editor-buytolet-fuels-the-housing-crisis-10259414.html
  19. Tsipras said. At this stage, we seem to have found common ground with the institutions on a series of issues and so we are very close to an agreement. Of course, at the same time, some issues remain open. Some institutions insist on proposals for changes in the framework that defines the operation of an already deregulated labour market. These changes cannot be accepted. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/05/15/uk-eurozone-greece-tsipras-idUKKBN0O024I20150515
  20. Russian Q1 economic contraction less than fearedRussia's economy shrank 1.9 percent in the first quarter under pressure from low oil prices and Western sanctions, the state statistics agency said Friday, a smaller contraction than had been feared. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev last month estimated that the economy had shrunk by two percent year-on-year in the first quarter while Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev projected the contraction had reached 2.2 percent. Many economists had released even more pessimistic forecasts.
  21. Ukraine's economy contracts 17.6%Ukraine's economy contracted by a stunning 17.6 percent in the first quarter of 2015 from a year earlier as the country struggles to cope with the impact of unrest in the industrial heartland of the east. The State Statistics Agency said Friday that the rate of economic slowdown worsened in every quarter last year. Eastern Ukraine, where many major industries and coalmines are located, has been the stage of bitter fighting between government and separatist forces since last April. The bloodshed has sparked the flight of 1.5 million people and left more than 7,000 people dead. This year's budget is predicated on an anticipated 5.5 percent drop in the size of the economy. Inflation is seen hitting at least 26.7 percent, although many economists believe it will be higher.
  22. I agree with what you said. Where is the saturation point? It looks like London has reached already the read line, where landlords, FTB and tenants are stretched to maximum.
  23. Exactly, The mortgage is 75% ltv, but the first time buyers put only 5% deposit.
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