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  1. Western leaders scramble to respond to Russian incursion "The Ukraine incursion is a show of weakness," a senior administration official said. "They have lost the government they backed in Kiev, now they're resorting to the type of intervention that will severely distance them from the international community." Ukraine is not a NATO member, which means the United States and Europe are not obligated to come to its defense. So far, however, Ukraine's new government and the West have been powerless to counter Russia's tactics. Armed men in uniforms without insignia have moved freely about Crimea for days, occupying airports, smashing equipment at an air base and besieging a Ukrainian infantry base. His confidence is matched by the knowledge that Ukraine's 46 million people have divided loyalties. While much of western Ukraine wants closer ties with the 28-nation European Union, its eastern and southern regions like Crimea look to Russia for support.
  2. Putin calls the West's bluff on Ukraine and Cameron is silent
  3. Last time they train their reservists was about 25 years ago, most of them might be now retired.
  4. In Ukraine, the thermal clothing must be selling like hot potatoes right now.
  5. Russia is coming, Russia is coming - what we are gonna do now. Panic all over Ukraine
  6. Last year, the UK Independence Party predicted that 5% of the population of Romania and Bulgarians will pour into the UK. The invasion did not happened. A recent survey has found no change in the numbers coming from either country. In fact, Romanians and Bulgarian migrants tend to prefer other EU countries to Britain; with 96 per cent of Romanian migrants choosing destinations other than the UK.
  7. It's not the profit one would expect. Plus all the unexpected costs and expenses before the interest rates will rise.
  8. Lawmakers in Cyprus rejected a sell-off plan, putting the island's bailout programme at risk. Approval of the measure is contingent on Cyprus getting its next tranche of aid in March. The 'No' vote raises the risk the island will be plunged back into fiscal turmoil just a year after the 10 billion euro lifeline from the European Union and IMF pulled it back from the brink of default. Thursday's vote was reminiscent of a chaotic bailout a year ago. Plans to establish a framework for the sale of ports, telecoms and electricity utilities have met stiff opposition from labour unions, with hundreds protesting outside parliament on Thursday evening.
  9. Number of victims is likely to be in the "multi-thousands" and is suspected of being responsible for millions of pounds of investment fraud. Those who are targeted are usually vulnerable or have a history of share investment, particularly in privatised utilities in the 1980s and 90s. Most of them are aged 40 and over, with many in their 70s and 80s. Police say some killed themselves because of the financial problems they got into. Fraudsters cold-call their victims, applying "high-pressure sales techniques" and "confidence tricks" to persuade them to part with their money. They are offered returns of 10 to 20% per year, directed to authentic-looking websites and glossy brochures and asked to invest in bonds in well-known firms or in other companies that are officially registered. Initially, they may receive "dividends" to give them confidence their investment is paying off but never receive any more or get their money back. One of the victims, a woman in her late 70s, invested £23,000 in carbon credits. She was then persuaded by another salesman to borrow money to buy £140,000 of shares in gold. She never recovered the money. "I foolishly trusted him," she told BBC News, adding: "My generation is not very streetwise - because we never had to be." Another victim, a 72-year-old man from the Midlands, said he and his wife had been "scammed out of our entire life savings". Officers say the fraudsters spend their proceeds on Rolex watches, Armani suits, fast cars and flashy apartments.
  10. Russia brands new leaders 'mutineers and Mr Medvedev said those now in power had conducted an "armed mutiny". BBC
  11. The Nord Stream twin pipeline system through the Baltic Sea runs from Vyborg Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany and avoiding Ukraine.
  12. One immediate concern is to ensure Ukraine holds together and the mostly Russian-speaking industrial east and Black Sea coast does not break away.
  13. It will also raise borrowing rates and banks do not like it.
  14. To fill and fix the sinkhole is much cheaper, also less damage to the economy.
  15. The guidance for IR increase is moving forward.
  16. “The revised forward guidance has become even more complex and provides little clarity on the key issue of how the MPC will manage the process of raising interest rates,” said former policymaker Andrew Sentance. “If the economy continues to grow, the emergency policies put in place five years ago will become increasingly inappropriate. This policy carries the danger that when rates do rise, they will do so quite sharply.”
  17. The US treat them like an idiots! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qv7qy7jot30#t=26
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