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  1. Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve has different idea.
  2. It looks like it is aim on liars loans and self employed who were avoiding taxes for years.
  3. It is falling whatever it is they call it. People can't afford to borrow, if everything is so expensive now.
  4. An official says Britain's Prince Charles has bought a fourth property in Romania while on a visit. Charles has a well-documented love for Transylvania, which he visits yearly and where he owns several properties. He says he is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, the bloodthirsty 15th-century prince who inspired the Dracula novel. Some farmers paraded horses outside his estate, saying they hoped to sell them to the prince. Link
  5. Sir Mervyn's Desert Island Discs selections were: Mambo No 5 - Lou Bega Mozart's Symphony No 40 Beethoven's 7th Symphony Highway 61 - Bob Dylan Rotterdam 82 - Doug O'Brien I Remember the Wonderful Moment - Boris Gmyrya London Concerto by Hugh Watkins, played by London Symphony Orchestra My Ship from Lady in the Dark, performed by Anne-Sofie von Otter Listen to Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 at 11:45 BST on Sunday June 2 and 09:00 BST on Friday June 7
  6. From the story: The hotel is only an emergency, temporary stopgap, but one Newham family – a father with five children aged between 18 and six – have been living there since January, six people sharing two rooms. Jalo (who, like Aisha, requested that his real name should not be published to avoid any risk of complicating their housing situation) was evicted late last year for £200 rent arrears. "They send us here like animals," he said. "No one has called me or told me how long I should be here."
  7. When Aisha and her daughter was evicted from her flat in East Ham council's housing office in Stratford give her a train ticket to Birmingham. The Bailey hotel is currently home to six families from Newham, moved out of London by a council that is in the grip of a severe housing crisis. Some of them have been moved pre-emptively in advance of the forthcoming benefit cap, which will limit total welfare payments to £500 a week for families, and will be implemented this summer. Others have been moved out of London because Newham has run out of cheap accommodation within the borough. Over the past year, central London councils, themselves struggling to find affordable places to house their tenants, have been moving them to cheaper areas such as Newham, reducing the available affordable stock in that borough, so that Newham has had to start moving people farther out. Other London councils are making similar arrangements to provide homes for people outside the capital, and situation is likely to become increasingly common over the next year. MP for East Ham, said he expected to see many more of his constituents moved out of London because of the benefit cap. "This is just the beginning," he said. "We have argued consistently that it makes no sense to have the benefit cap at the same level in London as in the rest of the country, when London rents are so much higher. "The government admits that over 7,000 London households will lose over £100 when the benefit cap hits and many will be forced out of London." Government changes to the benefits policy have put Newham's private rented sector under increased pressure and restricted the number of properties available for us to house homeless families," "In addition to this, changes to the benefit system will mean some properties available now would become unaffordable in the future, to the detriment of both residents seeking help with housing and the council." Link
  8. The party will soon be over ..., because Britain called upon its overseas territories to "get their house in order. Better do what we tell you to do...... or...... did you see what happened to Cyprus.
  9. If the 85 per cent of students in England will never repay their student loans, they also don't qualify for mortgages then. Where the next generation of first time buyers will come from?
  10. New car sales across Europe rose in April for the first time in 18 months, helped by strong demand in the UK and by the early Easter break. Link
  11. Total pay from January to March was just 0.4% up year-on-year Consumer Prices Index shows cost of living is 2.8% higher Number out of work rises by 15,000 to 2.52 million
  12. ULTRA-LOW interest rates risk harming rather than helping the economy, top central bankers and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned yesterday, in stark contrast to the Bank of England’s view that loose policy is still best. The economy’s rebalancing can be undermined, inflation may be hard to get back under control, and the eventual raising of interest rates will become tougher and more dangerous, according to Jamie Caruana from the Bank of International Settlements. “Prolonged monetary accommodation gives borrowers, financial institutions and policymakers an incentive to keep kicking the can down the road, delaying necessary repair and reform,” said Caruana. And it “can produce other side effects. Monetary stimulus may find its way into asset prices and leverage before influencing goods and services price inflation. Moreover, prolonged very low rates can distort market signals.” He also warned that central bankers fought hard to cut inflation in the 1970s and 1980s, even at the cost of high unemployment because it was best for long-term growth. These are hard-earned lessons that should not be forgotten. By contrast the Bank of England has accepted above-target inflation in exchange for lower unemployment, and is expected to ease more under incoming head Mark Carney. The IMF joined BIS in warning the Bank against keeping rates very low when the economy is improving, arguing it could have damaging side effects. “Risk taking behaviour, spurred by accommodative monetary policies, could undermine financial stability,” it said. Link
  13. Can I ask you what is the item from an International company?
  14. How long can the party go on for? It can't be forever?
  15. Australia's central bank cut interest rates to a record low 2.75 percent Tuesday as investment in the Asia-driven mining sector hits its peak and the persistently high dollar squeezes local industry. The Reserve Bank of Australia's shock decision to slash 25 basis points takes the official cash rate to never-before-seen lows, and is aimed at priming those areas struggling as the economy transforms away from mining. "With the peak in the level of resources sector investment likely to occur this year, there is scope for other areas of demand to grow more strongly over the next couple of years," said RBA governor Glenn Stevens. "(The bank) judged that a further decline in the cash rate was appropriate to encourage sustainable growth in the economy, consistent with achieving the inflation target." Link
  16. You mean, banks fear that many IO borrowers will jump the ship and go for bankruptcy or disappear in a foreign country.
  17. Sorry to ask such a silly question, is the party still going on?
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