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  1. Boris Johnson has refused to rule out raising taxes again, three weeks before the chancellor announces the Budget. Speaking on the first day of his party's conference in Manchester, the prime minister said he was a "zealous opponent of unnecessary tax rises". But he told the BBC's Andrew Marr that the pandemic had hit the UK's economy like a "fiscal meteorite". It comes amid concerns over the cost of living, with rising energy and food prices, and shortages of fuel. BBC
  2. Brexit and Covid are killing us, says hotel owner The twin effects of Covid-19 and Brexit could shut hotels across the Highlands and Islands unless the UK and Scottish governments intervene, a hotelier has warned. Anne Gracie Gunn, who owns the Sonas Collection of boutique hotels on the Isle of Skye, said hospitality businesses faced an uncertain future after a summer of low occupancy rates and chronic staff shortages. thetimes
  3. Boris Johnson told to 'immediately' recall parliament to deal with Brexit chaos BORIS Johnson has been told to “immediately” recall Parliament in order to address spiralling crises across the UK. Ian Blackford also called on Boris Johnson to convene cross-party talks in order to address a “perfect storm” of problems caused by his Brexit deal. Blackford’s calls come after Keir Starmer issued similar demands, saying Johnson “should be taking emergency action today but yet again he’s failed to grasp the seriousness of the crisis”. Blackford said: “While Tory MPs gather for conference, businesses and households across the UK are being burdened beyond breaking point by Brexit". He added: “There can be no dodging the fact that the Tory government's extreme Brexit deal is piling on the pressure and playing a major role in the ongoing crisis facing the UK.” thenational
  4. Military to deliver petrol to UK garages from Monday Armed forces personnel will begin delivering petrol to garages across the UK from Monday, the government says. Almost 200 servicemen and women, 100 of them drivers, will provide "temporary" support to ease pressure on stations. Ministers have also announced that up to 300 overseas fuel tanker drivers will be able to work in the UK immediately until the end of March. BBC
  5. I'm sure Putin is ready to help and make a deal China-Russia east route natural gas pipeline delivers 10 billion cubic meters The China-Russia east route natural gas pipeline project has delivered a total of 10 billion cubic meters of imported Russian gas in 2021 and the amount is expected to increase to 38 billion cubic meters annually from 2024. The full China-Russia east route is a pipeline system spanning more than 8,000 kilometers. It transmits natural gas from Siberia to nine provincial-level regions in China. globaltimes
  6. Australia-EU trade talks delayed as row deepens Trade talks between Australia and the European Union have been postponed as a row with France over the so-called Aukus security partnership deepens. In solidarity with France, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has questioned whether the EU would be able to strike a trade deal with Australia. BBC
  7. It depends what is the problem, innit? "The only way Johnson can get his treasured trade deal with the US is to give away British standards and allow US multinationals to have a bonanza at the expense of people and the planet. Beneath the usual bluster and bravado, we can see Johnson clearly rattled by the scale of opposition to a US trade deal – and so he should be. Johnson can tell those who oppose a US trade deal to ‘grow up’ all he likes. But what he labels ‘mumbo-jumbo’ is not anti-American at all, it is rather a deep-seated opposition to allowing the import of meat made in atrocious conditions, GM foods, higher medicine prices, cancer-causing chemicals, and handing over vast swathes of our society to big business,” added Nick Dearden. newfoodmagazine
  8. Brexit paves the way for gene-edited crops The UK government is to relax the regulation of gene-edited crops to enable commercial growing in England. The changes are possible because the UK no longer has to follow European Union regulations, which are the strictest in the world. Dr Helen Wallace described the changes as "People won't be fooled. GM crops are GM crops." The Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments will get to decide whether to adopt or opt out of the changes. In the longer term, ministers will review England's approach to regulation covering all genetically modified organisms. This includes changes that might allow the commercial development and farming of gene-edited and genetically modified animals. BBC
  9. In contrast to the UK response, EU Council adopts a €5 billion Brexit adjustment The Council today gave its final approval to a fund designed to help member states tackle the negative impact of Brexit. The fund of five billion euros (in 2018 prices) will support the hardest hit regions, sectors and communities to cover extra costs, compensate losses or counter other adverse economic and social effects resulting directly from the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union. It will support public and private businesses facing disruption of trade flows, including new costs for custom checks and administrative procedures. Since the UK's withdrawal from the EU has created an unprecedented situation, member states will have the flexibility to decide on the best actions to take so as to counter various negative consequences. The prompt adoption of the reserve means that much needed funding will soon be made available to the worst affected European regions and companies, especially SMEs and their workers. Our goal is to help the most vulnerable navigate through a difficult period of adjustment to the aftermath of Brexit. This demonstrates solidarity by all member states with the most affected areas. europa
  10. Brexit Panic-Buying - Europe Saying: We Told You So A rep from one of Europe’s biggest trucking unions said EU workers are in no mood to “help the U.K. out of the shit they created themselves.” Things have gotten so bad that the British government, led by the man who spearheaded the Brexit campaign, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced last week that it will beg 5,000 European drivers to come back. But, after the past five years of anti-EU rhetoric, they seem in no mood to help. And that’s where Brexit comes in. The national shortages in Britain were proof that voters were misled when they decided to leave the EU five years ago. “Every day, we see the intellectual fraud that was Brexit.” For their part, the British government has inevitably denied that Brexit is the cause of the national chaos. thedailybeast
  11. Can the fuel shortage have a knock on effect throughout the broader economy? UK fuel crisis threatens to hit essential services and industry UK medical workers and transport companies on Monday warned the fuel crisis threatened major disruption to essential services and industry as they demanded priority access to petrol and diesel following panic buying. The scale of the crisis, with the majority of the UK’s 8,000 petrol stations drained of fuel, prompted the government to put troops on standby to help with deliveries. The British Medical Association said healthcare staff reliant on cars risked being cut off from work, while taxi and courier companies said the acute fuel shortages posed significant disruption. FT
  12. Public services in Surrey consider declaring a major incident Public services in Surrey are considering declaring a major incident in response to the fuel supply crisis, according to PA Media this evening. Surrey County Council’s Conservative leader Tim Oliver said: “We have been experiencing the same problems as everyone else so we are deciding whether or not to declare a major incident which would give the forum powers to prioritise key workers. “We have got access to fuel supplies which we can designate for priority workers so social workers can be given a card which enables them to access those supplies. “We have also got our own electric vehicles so our role would be to coordinate that activity so those people who need to travel can.” Guardian
  13. UK suspends competition law to get petrol to forecourts The government is to suspend competition law to allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries at petrol stations following recent panic buying. Officials said the move would make it easier for companies to share information and prioritise parts of the country most at need. Ministers are also considering deploying the Army to deliver fuel. The option is under discussion, and could be examined at a possible cabinet meeting on Monday. BBC
  14. Could you imagine the panic next week if the UK’s second biggest oil refinery will go belly up?
  15. Stanlow oil refinery ‘on brink of collapse’ The UK’s second biggest oil refinery is locked in talks with tax officials over a deferred tax bill amid reports that it could be on the brink of collapse. Essar Energy, which owns the Stanlow oil refinery in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, is negotiating with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) over a £223m VAT payment, delayed because of the pandemic. Guardian
  16. When do you think things will go better? According Jacob Rees-Mogg we should see the benefits of Brexit is over the next 50 years.
  17. A combination of stagflation, the energy crisis, petrol shortages, rising prices, missing workers and empty shelves summon the spectre of another Winter of Discontent. It’s worth looking at the government’s list of workers we’re short of: health workers, care workers, scientists, nuclear experts, engineers, IT workers, programmers, web designers, graphic designers, cyber security specialists, economists, architects, vets and welders. We’re even short of dancers, musicians, producers, directors - and archeologists. Clearly, the pandemic has an influence - but finally we’re starting to see the truth about Brexit bite. Boris Johnson played Brexit for laugh from the get-go. heraldscotland
  18. Get a grip, how could someone prepared for this, based on Brexit promisses from 2016? Here is one: Boris promises cheaper household gas bills if Brits back Brexit Writing exclusively for the Sun, the Tory "Out" campaigners promise: "Fuel bills will be lower for everyone." BORIS Johnson and Michael Gove today promise to scrap VAT on household energy bills if Britain backs a Brexit. In the first cash sweetener of the EU Referendum campaign, they argue that leaving the EU will allow ministers to bin the "unfair and damaging" £2 billion a year tax on gas and electricity prices. Sun
  19. This excuse is not good enough and is obsolete now. Surely, you can come with something better than this and explain the UK's negotiation failures. The Brexit agreement that reaches the finish line but quickly has been falling apart during the implementation phase.
  20. A British roasting - My Secret Brexit Diary by Michel Barnier The EU’s chief negotiator found his UK counterparts bizarrely unfocused during the long haul to fix a Brexit deal – and believes they still don’t know what they’ve done. The fact is, the die was cast from the beginning. The EU set the framework and the UK was unable to escape. Michel Barnier’s new book helps explain why Britain ended up being comprehensively out-negotiated over Brexit and saddled with a flawed withdrawal agreement and a deeply disadvantageous future relationship. Five basic reasons for the EU’s success and the UK’s failure jump out of these pages, which, as a result, contain valuable lessons: First, the EU side was professional and properly prepared, whereas the UK was not. Second, Barnier says it was the unity of the 27, “so unexpected for the British, that forced them to finally agree to pay their full share”. Third, the EU knew what it wanted and stuck to it. The fourth reason for British failure was that Johnson made the disastrous tactical decision to try to provoke the EU in the hope it would be shaken, even briefing it as “the mad man strategy”. Finally, the EU used deadlines effectively to get its way, whereas the UK walked into a series of traps. Guardian
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