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  1. From the chart it looks like they were just waiting for saving bonds to mature.
  2. TOP HEDGE funds around the world have debts of more than $1 trillion (£660m) on their balance sheets, secret data from US regulators show. The findings were released by the US Securities Exchange Commission. The watchdog collects the confidential data under new rules as part of the Dodd-Frank Act. The debts are mainly made up of securities like borrowed shares used for short selling. Link
  3. Its nice to be Spanish pensioners and receive two cheques in summer and two over the Christmas holidays paid by government. Link
  4. And for those who are in gold they are skyrocketing, 15% since last week 30% so far this year.
  5. One looks like happy homeowner, the second one investor. Both of them are losing, but the first one is still smiling.
  6. Government is doing the same with prices.
  7. Someone realize, it's too late for the party and will stay empty handed.
  8. Olli Rehn has slammed the IMF criticism of the Greek bailout accusing the organization of trying to wash its hands and throwing the dirty water on the European shoulders. Besides pointing out the inconsistency in Europe’s policymaking two years after the 2010 bailout. In the interim, private investors such as banks and hedge funds were paid off in full with bailout funds allowing them to “escape” taking losses. Rehn went even further: “I do not recall Dominique Strauss-Kahn calling for an early restructuring of Greek debt, but I do remember Christine Lagarde opposing it,” Rehn told the Financial Times on the sidelines of the event. Greece’s debt burden was eventually restructured last year, once eurozone leaders felt confident that such a step wouldn’t cause excessive turmoil in financial markets. Restructuring debt involves paying investors less than what they are owed. For Greece, however, the situation remains difficult. Its public debt is still set to rise to 175 percent of its annual output this year, while unemployment hovers around 27 percent as the country is in its sixth year of recession after pushing through painful austerity measures in return for its bailout. “Not only do they not cure the crisis, but they serve to deepen it further." Link
  9. IMF to Stop Payments To Greece After Shortfall Is Discovered In Eurozone Bailout Package IMF will suspend aid payments to Greece unless a 3 billion-euro shortfall can be plugged in Greece’s 172 billion-euro rescue package. The gap emerged after the euro zone central bank refused to roll over Greek bonds that it holds, and it comes at a time when the privatization plan is falling behind schedule in Athens. European ministers will now be forced to find alternative funding, including the possibility of a fresh bailout program near the end of the year. Ministers will meet in Luxembourg on Thursday evening to discuss the issue, but the IMF has warned that aid payments may have to be stopped in July. The national central banks refused to roll over 3.7 billion-euro Greek bond holdings when the first redemptions came due last month. This resulted in money being advanced to Greece that was supposed to be due later in the bailout program. Link
  10. It looks like George Osborne isn't one of his favorite.
  11. Inflation up and stock market doing well! Economy is fixed, nothing to worry about.
  12. President Barack Obama hinted in an interview aired on Monday that he may be looking for a new chief of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. "Well, I think Ben Bernanke's done an outstanding job, he's already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to," Obama said. He agreed to stay two years longer than he had planned and is to leave in the coming months. "He has been an outstanding partner, along with the White House, in helping us recover much stronger than, for example, our European partners, from what could have been an economic crisis of epic proportions," Obama said. Link
  13. I voted yes. I think, they will rise the interest rates by 0.25%, something like warning shot. The homeowners who are waiting and undecided, will start to panic and remortgaging. Plus all these who do not want to miss Top places on Titanic. The GDP will increase, coalition will say they fix the economy, raise interest rates again and leave the rest for the next probably labour government to sort it out.
  14. Brutal and cruel byproducts of six straight years of Greece recession. Greece's social fabric has unravelled under the weight of austerity measures that have cut the income of ordinary Greeks by 40%. Nobody knows which came first: the economic crisis tearing Greece apart or shisha, an "austerity drug" now known as the "cocaine of the poor". And at €2 or less a hit, it is one that has come to stalk Greece, the country long on the frontline of Europe's financial meltdown. The drug crisis, has put Athens's health authorities, already overwhelmed by draconian cuts, under further strain. The drug of preference for thousands of homeless Greeks forced on to the streets by poverty and despair. Shisha is described by both addicts and officials as a variant of crystal meth whose potential to send users into a state of mindless violence is underpinned by the substances with which the synthetic drug is frequently mixed: battery acid, engine oil and even shampoo. Shisha the synthetic drug designed for those who can no longer afford more expensive highs from such drugs as heroin and cocaine. It is not only readily available, but easy to make and symbolises the depredations of a crisis that has spawned record levels of destitution and unemployment. Depression, along with drug and alcohol abuse, has risen dramatically. Delinquency and crime have soared, also prostitution the easiest way of financing drug addition – has similarly skyrocketed. "Desperation is such that many women agree to engage in unprotected sex because that way they'll make more money." "Shisha has been linked to a very intense sexual drive but it attacks your ability to think straight and we're seeing a lot more pregnancies among drug addicts who engage in prostitution." In a climate of pervasive uncertainty –where suicides have also shot up and the spread of HIV infections has assumed epidemic proportions. "The crisis has created a widespread sense of pessimism." For those who might have quit drugs there is now no incentive. Instead, there's an atmosphere of misery where people knowing they won't find work are becoming a lot more self-destructive. On the streets of Athens, the breeding ground of shisha, there is rising fear that austerity not only doesn't work, it kills. The authorities are only sweeping the problem under the carpet, Just when the demand for help has never been greater, state-funded organisations such as Kethea have had their budgets slashed by a third at the request of the "troika" — the EU, ECB and IMF — keeping the debt-stricken Greek economy afloat. The cuts come despite studies showing that for every euro invested in programmes such as Kethea, the state saves about €6 in costs to the criminal justice and healthcare systems. "The cuts we have witnessed are a false economy, a huge mistake," said Poulopoulos. Link
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