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  1. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said there is a “preliminary” agreement to resume peace talks in Minsk, Belarus, on Dec. 9. Peace talks postponed!
  2. François Hollande meets Vladimir Putin in Moscow
  3. 4,520 new well permits were approved last month, down from 7,227 in October.
  4. Financial Reporting Council said auditors needed to work harder. Next year will be another inspection to ensure appropriate actions have been taken.
  5. Orders need to be followed to increase money discipline.
  6. I was thinking about the knock-on effects of tumbling oil prices and how many pension funds have the highly successful oil companys shares on their books?
  7. Why not to call it a war, when it does not suit US interest.
  8. I think you secretly admire him. And you do the opposite, because no one cares about you unless you do something.
  9. You are like old scratched vinyl record going round and round that stack on the same idea and unable to move on.
  10. Because your narrow-minded and limited thinking, you can't see outside the box . It's also called black and white thinking. That's the reason why you are easy to manipulate and take on board only one side of argument and reject the other.
  11. You describe yourself very well. That's exactly how I see you. Narrow minded person, without your own opinion randomly copying nonsense from internet.
  12. Damik are you one of the illuminati servant blindly following yours masters and obey whatever they tell you?
  13. Why costly wars, antagonize Arabs and lie to everyone else? Give them a loans. Friendly, quick and cost-effective.
  14. US and EU want to make sure the money they are sending will not vanish.
  15. No! It's because Ukraine gas stocks is down 14 percent since start of heating season.
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