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  1. A Russian humanitarian aid convoy has arrived in the Donetsk Region. Its 10th since August, which will deliver New Year presents among other items.
  2. And hundreds' more UK troops to be sent to Iraq http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-30464272
  3. The knock-on effects of oil shock is unfolding. And the next few months before election, along with the new Greek-driven European crisis will be interesting to watch.
  4. Ukraine find money for US weapons supplies. Gas price for population to be raised up to 5-fold in Ukrainehttp://www.focus-fen.net/news/2014/12/13/357189/gas-price-for-population-to-be-raised-up-to-5-fold-in-ukraine-naftogaz-ceo.html
  5. European Commission has received an official confirmation from Moscow that the South Stream gas pipeline project has been cancelled, the EC press service said on Thursday. The confirmation was given to EU Deputy Commissioner for Energy, Maros Sevcovic, by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. http://itar-tass.com/en/economy/766554
  6. California Shale Oil Bonanza Suffers Major Setback The U.S. government says it has overestimated--by 96 percent--the amount of recoverable shale oil California has. In the 2013 Outlook, EIA figured California's Monterey Shale formation had 13.7 billion barrels recoverable with today's technology. The new Outlook thinks the state has 600 million barr The news has invigorated the state's opponents to fracking, the process for extracting shale oil. The revision, says Kassie Siegel, director of the Climate Law Institute, shows "there is no gigantic treasure trove that can be recovered any time soon. It underscores how little is known about these new and ever more damaging forms of fossil fuel extraction." The easy money and jobs that had been promised to California by fracking advocates, "have now been proved a myth." http://abcnews.go.com/Business/california-shale-oil-estimate-off-96-percent/story?id=23828490
  7. Miracle' tech turns water into fuel German cleantech company Sunfire GmbH has unveiled a machine that converts water and carbon dioxide into synthetic petroleum-based fuels. http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/miracle-tech-turns-water-into-fuel/
  8. While crude oil plummets, the price of olive oil is skyrocketing. Too little rain and a nasty fruit fly are doing heavy damage to the world’s olive crop. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/while-crude-oil-plummets-the-price-of-olive-oil-is-skyrocketing-2014-12-10
  9. Does US still want to start exporting oil next year? Healthy competition and oversupply.
  10. Damik you are the king of all trolls on these forums.
  11. Canada's oil sand producers under fire after an unexpected drop in Chinese imports added to fears that crude demand from the world's second largest economy could weaken further. http://www.ft.com/fastft/247571/post-247571
  12. Vladimir Putin has proven time and again, don't mess with Russia.
  13. More like the new Ucraine Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko ex-U.S, trying quick magic, before the IMF Kiev mission Dec. 9 to 18 coming for talks with the new government regarding a $17 billion bailout programme and to determine just how much extra aid they need.
  14. The debt is the difference! We will see who put one's house in order and who will have the last laugh?
  15. Putin guest of honour 15 years after NATO bomb yugoslavia http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-29641642
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