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  1. In that case Ukraine doesn't even need 60 long range anti ship missiles, only 20, init? You are genius, absolutely genius, ... or big fool?
  2. Something does not add up ... More than 42m UK adults ‘will be overweight by 2040’ Poorest set to be hit hardest by obesity crisis. More than 42 million adults in the UK will be overweight or obese by 2040 and at higher risk of 13 types of cancer, an “alarming” report reveals, as health leaders accused ministers of “kicking the can down the road” when it comes to tackling the obesity crisis. Data shows that 71% of people will be overweight by 2040, a rise from 64% today. Of these, almost 36% of adults – 21 million people – will be obese. These projections should serve as a wake-up call said Michelle Mitchell. Last week, the government announced it was delaying measures to tackle unhealthy eating for 12 months. Guardian
  3. Don't be so naive, 60 long range anti ship missiles will not solve the problem but make it even worse, like a red rag to a bull. I believe you know full well, your present-days proposals are not the solution, but only pouring more fuel on the fire and makes an awful situation even worse. Don't use the kind of fallacy thinking, similar to Brexiters when they justified Brexit.
  4. US accuses Russia of holding food supplies hostage The US is accusing Russia of holding the world’s food supply hostage amid growing fears of famine in developing countries. Guardian This is like with the Brexit, you can't have it both ways and cherry pick only the benefits as brexiters did/just promised. You are not thick and I'm sure you know what I mean.
  5. US won’t agree UK trade deal if Boris Johnson ‘discards’ protocol No 10’s unilateral plan for Northern Ireland ‘deeply concerning’, says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The US Congress will not agree to a free trade deal with the UK if Boris Johnson plunges ahead with a plan to “discard” the Northern Ireland Protocol. The leader of the US House of Representatives said it was “deeply concerning” the British government was planning to unilaterally end protocol checks previously agreed with the EU. Ms Pelosi said she had previously told Mr Johnson and foreign secretary Liz Truss that if they choose to “undermine” the Good Friday Agreement, then Congress “cannot and will not support a bilateral free trade agreement with the UK”. Independent
  6. US accuses Russia of weaponising food Medvedev says Russia is ready to allow the flow of food when sanctions lift The United States has accused Russia of holding the world’s food supply hostage amid growing fears of famine in developing countries, as a former Russian president warned that the Kremlin would not release vital grain shipments without an end to western sanctions. Medvedev said there’s no logic: on the one hand, insane sanctions are being imposed against us, on the other hand, they are demanding food supplies,” Medvedev said on the messaging app Telegram. “Things don’t work like that, we’re not idiots.” Guardian
  7. Again, your deranged reaction ... Global food supply chain at risk from malicious hackers Modern 'smart' farm machinery is vulnerable to malicious hackers, leaving global supply chains exposed to risk, experts are warning. The UK government and the FBI have warned that the threat of such cyber-attacks is growing. It is feared hackers could exploit flaws in agricultural hardware used to plant and harvest crops. Smart technology is increasingly being used to make farms more efficient and productive. BBC
  8. As experts say a serious hike is now inevitable... In the 1970s stubborn inflation saw interest rates raised to historic levels, leaving many homeowners with unaffordable mortgage payments and most economists today fears rates will rise sharply again as central banks try to control soaring prices. The decade was marked by sky-high inflation that reached beyond a staggering 25 per cent in 1975, hitting the pockets of ordinary Britons. The costs of electricity, groceries and food all rose by nearly 300 per cent between 1970 and 1979, whilst denim jeans went from costing £2.50 to £15. The price of a new Mini went from £595 in 1970 to around £2,400 in 1979. By the spring of 1975, prices in the UK were rising five times faster than in Europe as inflation hit 25 per cent. Wage inflation also became rampant. Daily Mail
  9. Boris's dad Stanley Johnson - who used to be a Remainer but now says Brexit was 'probably a good idea - becomes a French citizen Boris Johnson's father is keeping ties to the EU - despite having ditched his Remainer views - by taking up French citizenship. Stanley Johnson, a former member of the European Parliament, has seen his application for French nationality approved. Daily Mail
  10. Boris Johnson risks pushing Putin towards 'tactical nuclear strike' The UK government's policy aims in the Ukraine war are pushing Vladimir Putin into a corner and could precipitate a nuclear strike, a Lord Skidelsky has claimed. He said: “British policy aims for a Russian military defeat which it will help bring about by economic sanctions and by supplying the Ukraine with necessary means of war. “It is an open secret that both France and Germany regard our hawkishness as driving up the price of peace and thus making a ceasefire more elusive. “I believe that Putin’s war aims, unlike Hitler’s, are limited and that therefore the fashionable domino theory – that if you give way here then one after another will fall – is wrong.” He added: “If it happens that Russian conventional forces were actually pushed to defeat as the prime minister and foreign secretary want, Russia might well counter with tactical nuclear weapons. Yahoo
  11. It was his father ... Declassified documents show security assurances against NATO expansion to Soviet leaders from Baker, Bush, Genscher, Kohl, Gates, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Hurd, Major, and Woerner The documents reinforce former CIA Director Robert Gates’s criticism of “pressing ahead with expansion of NATO eastward [in the 1990s], when Gorbachev and others were led to believe that wouldn’t happen.” nsarchive
  12. Don’t let people off if they steal food in desperation Kit Malthouse says police watchdog’s suggestion that cost of living will trigger more crime is ‘old-fashioned’. As inflation hit a 40-year-high of 9%, Cooke told the Guardian that officers should use their “discretion” when deciding whether to prosecute people who steal in order to eat. Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Malthouse, a longtime ally of Boris Johnson, said Cooke’s thinking was “old-fashioned”, adding: “Because people are challenged financially … that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to turn to crime.” Guardian
  13. George W. Bush is mocked for blasting Russia's 'wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of IRAQ'... In what some are calling an epic 'Freudian slip,' former President George W. Bush accidentally called the invasion of Iraq 'wholly unjustified and brutal' while speaking about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Bush made the embarrassing gaffe in a speech at his presidential center in Dallas, where he spoke about the importance of fair elections. 'The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq,' Bush said, before shaking his head and correcting himself. 'I mean, of Ukraine.' Daily Mail 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
  14. You're already beginning to sound like a crypto-geek, adrenalin-fuelled "get rich quick" brigade, init?
  15. Russia successfully tests new laser weapon that can 'blind' satellites and destroy drones Yury Borisov, the man in charge of military development in Putin's government, said that the Peresvet system was already being deployed, and had been tested on Tuesday - burning up a drone 3 miles (5km) away. The system is said by Russia to be able to blind satellites up to 932 miles (1,500km) above Earth. Little is known about what exactly the laser weapon, named Peresvet after a medieval Orthodox warrior monk Alexander Peresvet who perished in mortal combat, does. Borisov said today: 'It is already being mass-supplied to the (missile) troops, and it can blind all satellite reconnaissance systems of a likely enemy in orbits of up to 1,500 km, disabling them during flight due to the use of laser radiation.' Borisov's remarks indicate that Russia has made significant progress with Peresvet, and other yet to be unannounced successors, a trend of considerable interest to other nuclear powers. Daily Mail
  16. Putin unleashes the Terminators Vladimir Putin has finally deployed his 'Terminator' military vehicles in battle in Ukraine. The much-vaunted armoured vehicles, which are designed to support infantry units fighting in urban areas, in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. The deployment of the BMPT Terminator comes as Russia's invasion of Ukraine has taken a heavy toll on Putin's main army tanks - the T-90M tank. The T-90 is supposed to be one of the best tanks in the world, and has upgraded armour and missile protection systems compared to the T-72 which make it harder to destroy. Daily Mail
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