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  1. Narcotics are found in the lavatories of parliament, in Her Majesty’s prisons and in virtually every pub and nightclub in Britain. The British market, reputedly worth £9.4bn, is effectively fully deregulated. Nothing in Johnson’s proposals indicates any attempt to curb, let alone license and tax, this market. He is the dealers’ fairy godmother. Guardian
  2. Boris Johnson reported to police over No 10 parties The UK prime minister has been reported to the police by Labour MPs over allegations there were at least two parties in Downing Street during lockdown restrictions last year. At the time, there were lockdown restrictions in place preventing socialising. After sending the letter, Coyle said: “I believe they broke the law. Most of my constituents followed the rules; those that didn’t faced penalties. Johnson is not above the law, despite his bloated self-entitlement.” Guardian
  3. The Daily Mirror headlines with a "message to the Tories", stating that they should "make up your mind up on Christmas". The paper reports that there is confusion and chaos over how people are expected to behave during the Christmas holidays. This confusion, the paper claims, is due to ministers contradicting each other over party advice. BBC
  4. And there is still plenty of room to go lower. Latest long-term global growth projections to 2050 for 32 of the largest economies in the world. UK could be down to 10th place by 2050 pwc
  5. Smugglers net millions per kilometer The price to cross the English Channel varies according to the network of smugglers, between 3,000 and 7,000 euros though there are rumors of discounts. Often, the fee also includes a very short-term tent rental in the windy dunes of northern France and food cooked over fires. Sometimes, but not always, it includes a life vest and fuel for the outboard motor. And the people who collect the money — up to 300,000 euros per boat that makes it across the narrows of the Channel — are not the ones arrested in the periodic raids along the coastline. They are just what French police call “the little hands.” At a minimum, then, smuggling organizations this year have netted 69 million euros for the crossing — that’s 2 million euros per kilometer. Between coronavirus and Brexit, this is a golden age for the smugglers and organized crime because the countries are in disarray. apnews
  6. Gangs use Brexit to lure passengers People smugglers are telling migrants and asylum seekers that Brexit rule changes will prevent them from being returned to other European countries. People who arrived on dinghies this week said that smugglers had promised them they could not be transferred back to other countries where they may have tried to apply for asylum or been intercepted by the police. thetimes
  7. The Sicilian town where the Covid vaccination rate hit 104% While European governments weigh up new mandates and measures to boost the uptake of Covid jabs there is on the slopes of Sicily’s Monte delle Rose a village with a vaccination rate that defies mathematics: 104%. Guardian
  8. Is France smelling a rat? All the headlines around illegal immigrants are convenient distraction from other issues right now.
  9. This mean about 250 000 non EU migrants ... U.K. Lost 200,000 EU Nationals as Brexit and the Pandemic Struck More than 200,000 European Union citizens left the U.K. last year, driven away by Brexit and the deepest economic slump in three centuries. There were 3.5 million EU nationals living in the country compared with 3.7 million in 2019, Office for National Statistics figures published Friday show. The loss helps to explain why Britain is experiencing labor shortages that are leading to empty shelves at stores, pushing up prices and threatening the recovery from the pandemic recession. Sectors such as retail and hospitality rely heavily on EU workers, and it’s unclear how many of those who left the country will return. bloomberg
  10. 'Worst speech ever!' Boris Johnson as he loses notes in car crash address on live TV PRIME Minister Boris Johnson desperately scrambled while at the podium of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) as he lost his place in his notes then began ranting about his trip to Peppa Pig World. Express
  11. Business leaders and Conservative MPs criticise speech in which PM extensively praised Peppa Pig World and imitated car. The prime minister’s sprawling address to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) was accused of lacking seriousness and professionalism. Some hoped the speech would be a chance for Johnson to announce proper policy in the pursuit of his “levelling up” agenda. One of Johnson’s lengthier tangents was about his recent trip to Hampshire’s “I loved it. Peppa Pig World is very much my kind of place. It has very safe streets, discipline in schools, heavy emphasis on new mass transit systems. Even if they’re a bit stereotypical about Daddy Pig.” Guardian
  12. First-time buyers have seen the gap between their wages and house prices grow in the vast majority of councils in England and Wales, casting doubt on Boris Johnson’s promise to “turn generation rent into generation buy”. Just over a decade ago, the prime minister said he wanted to give people “the fundamental life-affirming power of home ownership” and “spread that opportunity to every part of the country”. In the run-up to the 2019 election, the party said: “For the UK to unleash its potential, young people need the security of knowing that home ownership is within their reach.” Guardian
  13. Boris Johnson urged to stop MPs cutting tax bills on second jobs Critics have urged BJ to restrict MPs using personal companies to skirt tax bills under the planned new rules on second jobs, as the Conservative sleaze row continues to dominate Westminster. Using a personal company to accept payments for consultancy work can provide benefits such as avoiding income tax of up to 45% at source on the earnings, with an investigation by the Times finding multiple MPs were paid in total about £1m via the arrangements. “This is completely outrageous,” Margaret Hodge, Labour MP and former head of the public accounts committee, told the newspaper. “We, as MPs, determine the tax everyone has to pay and for some in our midst to choose to use personal service companies in this way is particularly scandalous.” Guardian
  14. Priti Patel failing over small boat Channel crossings Priti Patel's "incompetence" in dealing with small boats crossing the Channel is "dangerous", Labour has said. More than 24,700 people have made the crossing from France to the UK by boat so far this year to seek asylum or to immigrate - almost three times the total of 8,500 in 2020. Shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds accused the government of "comprehensive failure" on the issue. Tory MPs are warning the issue is costing the Conservative Party in the polls. Home Secretary Ms Patel has promised tougher action, but the numbers have continued to rise. For a party that promised to take back control after Brexit, they argue this shows the opposite. BBC
  15. 77% Tory voters not happy with approach to migrant crisis ...
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