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  1. Boris Johnson booed and jeered as he arrived at Hillsborough Castle British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was booed and jeered by around 200 people who gathered at the gates of Hillsborough Castle as his cavalcade drove in this afternoon. Protesters, including campaigners for the Irish language, victims campaigners and anti Brexit activists, were among the crowds who held aloft banners. Protesters held banners which read “Back off Boris. Protect The Protocol”. irishnews
  2. Brexit fury as Boris booed in Northern Ireland Boris Johnson was booed by protestors in Northern Ireland as he arrived at Hillsborough Castle ahead of talks following a clash with the European Union over post-Brexit trading rules. Express
  3. Unelected peer denies Tories have conned people over Brexit Malcolm Offord the millionaire peer said sacked civil servants would easily be able to find jobs in areas such as fishing and farming. The Tory minister insisted it made sense for the UK Government to try and seek savings when normal people are feeling the pinch – and suggested laid off staff could easily find jobs in other sectors. thenational
  4. The U.K. should show "creativity" and "determination" to solve the ongoing Brexit dispute over the NI protocol While the U.K. backed down from threats that it could introduce legislation to rip up the special Brexit deal covering Northern Ireland, it did make a veiled threat to Brussels that it could still act unilaterally. "From the very beginning, the EU has worked tirelessly to propose creative and durable solutions, showing flexibility on how the Protocol should be implemented," Šefčovič said in a statement. "We want to finalise these solutions as quickly as possible. But to do this, we need the UK government to show the same level of determination and creativity." Politico
  5. I bought my first house last year for £240,000. However, my personal circumstances have changed and I have been thinking about looking for a new job and I would probably have to relocate if I changed employer. Given the current talk of recession, I’m terrified that if I find a new job later this year or next year, my house value will have fallen. If I let it out, the rent would just cover the mortgage and the tax to pay would be quite hefty. Should I sell now and move into rented accommodation with the view to moving in the next year or so to avoid falling into negative equity? Guardian
  6. Yes good question, Ukraine has tons of them. why not to use some in propaganda photographs? If they can dupe West for long enough, they will get new weapons instead. 3 March 2014 Hundreds of rusting tanks abandoned in secret Ukrainian depot Filled with rows upon rows of slowly rusting relics, the once deadly war machines now lie dormant in a secret depot in the city of Kharkiv in the Slobozhanshchyna region of eastern Ukraine - just 20 miles from the border with Russia.
  7. Total making crossing this year nears 8,000 Nearly 8,000 people have arrived in the UK so far this year having crossed the English Channel in small boats following the latest arrivals this weekend. 167 people made the crossing in 13 boats yesterday, according to the Ministry of Defence. According to official figures 1,264 have made the crossing so far this month alone. It takes the total so far this year to 8,066 who have been detained by Border Force in 256 small boats. It is thought that they may have been hurrying to make the crossing in order to beat the cut off point before the Rwanda scheme begins. Daily Mail
  8. Ukrainian security forces have attempted to set up a second "false flag" event Russia is using a familiar tactic to blame an adversary for attacks it has not carried out - on this occasion accusing Ukrainian forces of blowing up a fertiliser storage facility. The purpose of the attack, says Russia's defence ministry, was so that the Ukrainians could then accuse Russian forces of having launched a chemical weapons attack. Russia also claims that the Ukrainian security forces have attempted to set up a second "false flag" event, by appealing for bodies to be used to "simulate a Russian air attack". BBC
  9. It sounds to me like a U-turn ... PM will urge Northern Ireland's politicians to restore their power-sharing agreement and 'get back to work' Boris Johnson will visit Belfast tomorrow for crisis talks after the DUP blocked the election of a Speaker at the Stormont assembly in protest at the Northern Ireland Protocol. Government sources said Mr Johnson will use a series of private meetings to deliver a ‘tough message’ that parties must come together to form an executive and assembly. He is expected to say that while the UK Government will ‘play its part to ensure political stability’, politicians must ‘get back to work’ so they can deliver on ‘bread and butter issues’ for voters. Daily Mail
  10. Your replies to me begin to feel like it is a broken record. Out of focus, out of talking points with personal jibe, ... what's wrong with you lately?
  11. For a moment, you gave me a fright, that you start using a common sense. But you are back to your gibberish, aren't you?
  12. You hit the nail on the head, it fits every inch to Azov neo-Nazis. Kyiv doesn't know, how not to be humiliated now. Negotiations On Evacuation Of Azov Fighters From Azovstal Ukrainian President Zelensky also fears that the foreign mercenaries who reportedly remain in the plant will be captured by Russia. Initially, the Ukrainian authorities threatened Russia with terminating negotiations if the Azov militants were destroyed. Later, when these threats had no any effect, Kyiv began to propose conditions for the release of the Azovstal fighters or their exchange for Russian prisoners of war, but it was obvious that this would not solve the problem for Kyiv. The group there is no longer militarily important, but it is a key point on the media “front”. The blocked nationalists have created an image of heroes and martyrs, and if the authorities in Kyiv abandon them, it will hurt Ukrainian propaganda. southfront
  13. Detracting from talking point and distracting with personal gibe becoming your normality ...
  14. Boris Johnson has demanded his cabinet comes up with a plan to cut about 90,000 civil service jobs to free up cash to tackle the cost of living. Sources said the PM wants staffing to return to 2016 levels in the coming years, cutting about one in five posts. Mr Johnson told the Daily Mail: "We have got to cut the cost of government to reduce the cost of living." BBC
  15. Maros Sefcovic in effect accused Boris Johnson of lying Maros Sefcovic in effect accused Boris Johnson of lying about the consequences of EU withdrawal, declaring that it was time for “honesty” about the problems created by the form of hard Brexit chosen by the UK government. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has warned that Brussels will not give in to threats or blackmail. Insisting that the 27-nation bloc was united in rejecting British demands to rewrite the controversial Northern Ireland protocol, he sent a stark message to London: “We in the EU never work with threats, we never work with blackmail, we try to work with constructive engagement and that is what I am pleading for.” Independent
  16. Unilateral action by UK over Northern Ireland protocol would be 'simply not acceptable', says EU Unilateral action, effectively disapplying an international agreement such as the protocol, is simply not acceptable. This would undermine trust between the EU and UK as well as compromise our ultimate objective – to protect the Good Friday (Belfast) agreement in all its dimensions, while ensuring legal certainty and predictability for the people and businesses in Northern Ireland. Such unilateral action will also undermine the conditions which are essential for Northern Ireland to continue to have access to the EU single market for goods. Guardian
  17. The cryptocurrency bubble bursts… More than $200billion has been wiped off the cryptocurrency market today alone. Digital currencies are plunging in value today in a so-called 'crypto winter' that has lost investors billions and is fuelling fears that it is the harbinger of a wider stock market crash. The world's second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum has joined the crash - plummeting in value by 20 per cent over the last 24 hours. They have all been sharply decreasing in value over the past few days including one currency that has lost 98% of its value as fears for the global economy spread and investors start to sell off risky assets. Daily Mail
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