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  1. Why does the Telegraph think the West has the right to be the richest part of the world forever? It's only a matter of time before wealth across the world more or less evens out. It's something to celebrate IMO. China's undervalued currency is largely to blame for global creditor imbalances. When my geriatric father came home after his hip replacement, he was freely provided with a wheel chair, blocks for the sitting chair, toilet frame,shower chair, inflatable cushions, bed raisers, bed lever, a device for reaching known as 'helping hand'. Nobody asked if he could pay for these, they were free and stupidly we are proud of that fact. As it was, my father could have easily paid for them as he was a wealthy man. Its all waste in the name of fairness. I couldn't agree with you less Byron. If your father had paid a proper rate of tax then he would be more than justified in receiving this service back from the taxpayer. Your comment has made me proud just how much we do for cancer patients. Means-testing, which you propose, takes a huge amount of administration and is where the real waste occurs.
  2. I thought the BoE were supposed to look at inflation 2 years ahead? This is there excuse when inflation goes over target - but is forgotten when they cut rates to boost the housing market. With rising oil and food prices I can't see inflation remaining this low for long. (I'm NOT a f ing troll)
  3. Am I right in thinking the assets of 113 billion represent the entire outstanding mortage payments? If this is the case then it would take 25 years for all of it to be repaid, so some savers or the government would be waiting a long time to get their money back. (btw I am not a "troll")
  4. Er, 'xcuse me folks, but haven't London asking prices fallen by the biggest amount for years? btw, why am I a troll? I've been a bear ever since joing this site, and have never been a multi user.
  5. With rising oil and food prices surely this is only a blip, or are these elements not part of "core" inflation?
  6. But if the price of cheap Eastern goods merely stops falling then it will have a huge effect on our inflation figures. It is only the declining price of this cheap tat that is keeping our supposed inflation rate at 2%.
  7. I could have written that Bilderberg review myself given a small knowledge of world affairs. Interest rates going up? Hmm, who'd have guessed....
  8. Why? Are there more people renting today than 20 years ago?
  9. Somethings gone wrong with my settings. Ignore me.
  10. I like phrases like this. I hope you haven't claimed copyright. I think I've got it right this time. Ignore the above. How do you edit posts these days?
  11. This sometimes happens in the private sector but seems almost institutionalised in the public sector. At a university where I used to work the IT manager on 40K and the general manager on 60K both left, their positions were not replaced, and nobody noticed. When I was off for a day I'd come back to 50 emails and a full intray.
  12. What they need to understand is that allowing staff and managers to keep some of the surplus is the best way to keep costs down in the long-run. I also thought now that the government allows departments to roll over surpluses to the next year. I think you are an illustration of "80% of the work is done by 20% of the staff".
  13. How is paying according to your means punishing someone? I'm already paying his wages through my taxes thank you. He shouldn't pay more for his food etc, but he should for shared services. I have no children but I don't mind paying taxes for schools, I've only been in hospital for 3 days in 30 years but don't mind funding other peoples operations. I have used the police alot through living in a crap area, so should I be billed separately for that? By the way, since when have doctors "pumped money in"? They take out of the system don't they, and a hell of a lot too.
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