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  1. ugly everything! I would probably a lot of money to get that house right, so for what they're asking for it isn't worth the money or time.
  2. they think i am still buying...only sent out email to withdraw yesterday .... i do like the house but don't fancy ex-convicts as my neighbours...i know everyone deserves a chance in life and all that....but....
  3. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/26928524?search_identifier=353c5aff93ca9e6b8a1b0f808839fb7d seems abit over-valued for kings heath??? I would say by about 100k!!! Is it me or are vendors living in cloud cukoo land???
  4. You're so right!!! i have doscarded selly oak/selly park from my search even though i work at the QE for a number of reasons. Besides houses being ridiculously over-priced for the area, the traffic around those areas is traumatic!! Having a large hospital, major university, schools and lots of small colleges in the same area is mad. What do you think of the bail hostel on Portland road where the first property i mentioned is located.?? Is it a big risk to take on a property in that area?
  5. Hello, I am currently looking to buy in Birmingham...edgbaston, harborne, moseley. My budget is up to 675 K. I need a 5 b/r, with parking off road, excellent condition. I don't mind painting decorating, which is expected anyway, but I don't want a property that needs major renovation such as double glazing installation, new kitchen or baths etc. Anyway, I am surprised about the huge difference in price between edgbaston b15 and edgbaston b16...should i totally leave out b16? I liked this property in B16 and had an offer accepted at 630k. The current owners brought it at the peak for 700k. Internally it has everything I wanted in a house and was completely renovated at one point, it has all double glazing, heating, boilers etc. Unfortunately i just found out that there is a Bail hostel a few doors down and that freaks me out somewhat!! So I have pulled out of that one. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/26581814 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-36144940.html There's also this property in Moseley just off the Yardley road but it is rather dull and a new build, but it's EPC is great.So it would be cheaper to run than an old victorian like the one above. Again, it also doesn't need any work on it. I know the current owners have rejected offers around 520k for that house. How much does anyone think it's worth in the current market? http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/20519647 Anybody out there with knowledge of the Brum housing market with some advice for me??? I've been looking for 18 months now, and in my experience lots of houses don't seem to be selling as they are still too overpriced and EA's are still over-valuing properties. thanks.
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