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  1. For the purposes of the LTA, DB pensions are valued at 20x the pension, so an £800k pot = £40k pension.
  2. He only kept the Debt to GDP ratio down by using off balance sheet financing. Put PFI into your figures.
  3. Now include PFI in your calculations. Brown was a fraud. Remember when he changed the definition of when the business cycle started in order to be able to fiddle his borrowing numbers?
  4. Tax on imputed rent used to be charged under schedule A for income tax. Abolished int eh 1960s I think.
  5. If your name was Nick Tart, wouldn't you leave it out as well?
  6. It was the Kaupthing office prior to the Icelandic crash and then Singer afterwards
  7. It's where the London Maypole used to be IIRC, so it's under the shaft of the maypole...
  8. It's about a mile away from Birmingham airport
  9. That's unfair. There's a lot more to it than just converting... I had to fill in a form and pay £12 for mine.
  10. It's not a boiler room scam, just a poorly mishandled placing on behalf of the company's advisers. Accidentally triggering a Rule 9 mandatory offer under the Takeover Code is quite amusing though.
  11. I think you'll find it's realistically priced. It says so on the Rightmove blurb, so it must be true.
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