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  1. Doing the flipping obvious is hardly a masterstroke. It was widely anticipated she would make the most of Labour's current shambles and call an early election at some point. She repeatedly denied she was going to, or needed to. She will of course strengthen her hand due to the UK's laughable electoral system, but she will be viewed as an untrustworthy opportunist (which she is ) by the majority of the electorate.
  2. That website classes my constituency as an ultra safe Labour seat, when it is currently polling as likely to go to the SNP on a 21% swing.
  3. Russia and a few banks need a war in an oil producing country/region about now.
  4. Not some. All. Yes is about a democratic deficit. It's not about nationalism (or racism) per se. It's about trying to break from a political system that is not fit for use.
  5. Ironically, while Hague tells us that its OK to make economic sacrifices for causes we (he) believe(s) in, the rest of his party and most of Westminster are currently berating some Scots for wanting to cure their continuing democratic deficit, and become independent, even if it means having to make economic sacrifices.
  6. Excuse my ignorance, but how does the tax credit system work for "self employed" individual like that? Do they just declare a fantasy income, and if so, is there no requirement to submit accounts etc?
  7. And there lies the reason that private corporations cannot and should not be trusted with public utilities such as energy.
  8. Not sure where you get that from. CONDEM and last govt policy is to equalise Civil Serve Pension retirement age with that of the State Pension. You are correct that entitlement up to 2015 will be protected (so someone who to date has paid in for 20 years for a pension at age 60 will still be able to take that pension at 60 - although it will be pro rated) and the individual will need to reduce their hours in order to take the partial pension. Once this is implemented, the retirement age for most serving civil servants will have increased by 8 years (which is probably about a 25+% increase i
  9. All the city boys must be desperate for civil service jobs, the pension are so good. Sounds like the politics of envy to me. Think Tank, indeed. It's a lobbying group for the tory party and their ilk.
  10. Post industrial decline leaves those left without work no opportunity to support themselves. In other cultures/countries subsistence farming might at least be an option for individuals in that predicament, but our system of land ownership, planning regulations and land prices means thats not an option. The least we could do is create a system that permits people to (attempt to) feed themselves from the land.
  11. I dont have too much difficluty with those on 'out of work benefit's being asked to do some work. Socially oreintated work, so that the community get the benfit. But it shouldnt be for more hours than their benefit equates to in terms of minimum wage hours, and it shouldn't be or for private companies.
  12. I live in a commuter town outside Glasgow and it's prett y much the same. Builders are doing lots of part exchanges to sell their over priced new builds and are flooding the market with older stock, driving down prices. Sales of older stock seemed stalled and prices are begining to slowly come down.
  13. My wife and I dont take much more than that home. We have two kids and both work 37.5 hour weeks. This is mental! :angry:
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