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  1. Middlesbrough has become incredibly run down of late. It's a very deprived area. Krusty Allslop really kicked them while they were down honouring them with that Britain's worst town award. She should stick to what she does best: pushing people into indirect slavery by buying up homes she doesn't need & extorting rent out of them. My girlfriend was in James Cook hospital a few months back & I went for a stroll into the town during her operation. The only area I felt truly safe in (near the centre) was the large block around the woodlands road/ Southfield road area, where a growing population of Asians seem to have set up a thriving community. Very friendly they were. The other side of Linthorpe Road, on the other hand, is getting quite scary. The people in M'bro, are great, though. Like in most towns in the North.
  2. The Guardian seems to be the only mainstream media source to have highlighted this swizz: Government house price data 'flawed'
  3. Wow, it's amazing when you read the threads just how many of Molyneux's followers are broke. Do they really think that just by taking the state out of state capitalism they'll be better off financially?
  4. The following videos might give you an idea about life in Hartlepool: &
  5. Hope they don't bring another scrappage scheme back in. The price of second hand cars soared.
  6. But didn't Proudhon prove back in 1840 that waste was absolutely necessary for profit to exist? Profit is impossible without waste because the capitalists pay the workers less than their labour value & as such they can't fully afford the products they make unless they make more than they require.
  7. What date do they usually release the house price index pdf? I'm dying to see if prices are still plummeting up north.
  8. According to the euromillions own website you have a miserable 1 in 116,531,800 chance of winning. Link. Even though I'm a fairly creative right-brain thinker, the rational/logical left side of my brain just won't allow such fantasies to render with such low chances of actual materialisation.
  9. He seems to have beaten the capitalists at their own game.
  10. Haven't they announced that they will give £140 pension to mothers/housewives(?) who stay at home? Will this be the start of a propaganda war to get women out of the workforce & back into the home again?
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